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A very warm welcome to the final Stuff of 2020 and the final word on tech this year – because yes, this is our eagerly anticipated Stuff Awards issue. To give you an idea of the sheer number of new gadgets, games and gear that have come our way in the last 12 months, we’ve had to expand things to a whopping 25 categories and we probably could have gone further. The thing is, being acutely aware there’s only so much sickeningly good news you guys can handle, we had to cap it somewhere. The category count carries a certain amount of significance too, as we turn 25 next year – yes, Stuff is the same age as the Motorola StarTAC. Anyway, enough sentimental nonsense. Aside from our awards roundup there’s plenty…

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hot stuff

HOT FIVE #1 MAX OUT THE CREDIT CARD Apple AirPods Max When Apple unveiled the original AirPods, everybody laughed. Nobody’s going to be seen dead with those toothbrush heads stuck in their ears, we scoffed. But who’s laughing now? Everywhere you look these days there’s a pair of those telltale white stalks – so while the over-ear AirPods Max are a bit of an acquired taste, it’s probably wise to stifle your chuckles. With active noise-cancellation and an H1 chip in each earcup for Adaptive EQ and Atmos-esque spatial audio, you’re not going to be wearing these on your weekly 5K; but Apple does claim their knitted mesh canopy, telescopic arms and acoustically engineered memory foam will offer an ‘uncompromising fit’, which sounds almost menacing. Battery life is a decent 20 hours, there’s a…

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one zepp beyond zepp z

€350 / Zepp is a partner brand of Amazfit and a sub-brand of Huami, which is itself part-owned by Xiaomi. Not confusing at all. So what’s its Z got to offer? •Skip to the blood bit Six months ago nobody cared how much oxygen was in their blood; but after Apple made such a song and dance about it, if you release a smartwatch that can’t measure SpO2 now, nobody will give it a second look. So while the Oppo Watch basically cloned the Apple Watch design, Zepp has chosen to copy its features instead by offering SpO2 tracking. Everything is displayed on what appears to be a lovely 1.39in always-on AMOLED touchscreen with GPS and built-in Alexa. •I can ski clearly now The Z is made from a single piece of polished titanium…

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Servant If it’s a creepy new year you’re after, look no further: M Night Shyamalan’s claustrophobic psychological thriller series is returning for a second season. A couple hire a nanny to care for their infant son… but not only is the nanny not all she seems – the baby is actually a realistic doll created to replace the couple’s dead child. S2 / Apple TV+, 15 January Bridgerton Landing on Christmas Day to be binged on by those who’ve fallen onto the sofa in a turkey-induced fugue state, Netflix’s sumptuous period drama is helmed by Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes and based on Julia Quinn’s novels. Expect intrigue, romance and gossip among the debutantes and grandees of Regency London. S1 / Netflix, 25 December Bill & Ted Face the Music Finally, the third Bill & Ted film…

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nike air jordan xi adapt

YOU CAN TWEAK THE FIT THROUGH NIKE’S APP OR VIA THE BUTTONS ON THE MIDSOLE $500 / Nice sneaks. Hold on, no laces? No requirement here, because while Nike has used its Adapt auto-lacing technology on a number of trainers now, this is the first time it’s found its way onto a pair of Air Jordans. With this updated version of the classic Jordan XI basketball shoe, the wearer can now electronically engage wires to tweak the fit through Nike’s Adapt app or by pressing buttons on the midsole… although you might want to wait until half-time, or the end of a quarter, or a time out, or that bit when blokes on trampolines come out, to avoid any unfortunate mid-game madness. Surely the Air Jordan purists are hating on this? When did you…

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?wtf is amazon sidewalk?

Er, don’t they mean pavement? Normally we’d agree… but as Amazon’s misdemeanours go, using an Americanism is fairly minor – especially considering it’s a US company and the feature in question is currently only available to American users. Sidewalk is a new wireless tech that could turn a street full of separate smart homes into a more unified smart neighbourhood – and if you’ve bought yourself a new spherical Echo or 10in Echo Show, you’ve already got what you need to make the most of it. OK, but what does it actually do? It’s designed to fill in the gap between your Wi-Fiand a cellular network like 4G. It uses a fairly old-fashioned chunk of the radio spectrum, which has been reserved in the past for walkie-talkies and pagers, to share a tiny…