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What’s your favourite app? Apple keeps snapping up mine. First it was the song identification service Shazam, and then the intuitive weather forecaster Dark Sky. If that trend continues and they take over Sky Go, WhatsApp and, er, Go Green Taxis, we really will have a story on our hands. Anyway, the fact is smartphones, smartwatches and tablets are amazing things that can open up a whole world of possibilities, yet we rarely unlock their real potential. The easiest and often cheapest way to do this is by downloading excellent apps and games. So in this issue, app expert Craig Grannell (with a wee bit of Wear OS assistance from Andrew Williams) has amassed a comprehensive list of 100 of them – covering all the main platforms – to take your…

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hot five #1

LENSES WORKING OVERTIME Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G Last year was a toughie for smartphone shutterbugs. While the cameras on offer were better than ever, there’s only so much use you can get out of one when you have to spend 95% of your time stuck indoors. With any luck, 2021 will give us more than just our cats and dinners to take pictures of… and when it does, Samsung’s Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G will make sure you’re ready to get the best shot. As well as a completely new 108MP main sensor, there’s a 12MP ultrawide one that doubles as a macro lens when you get close enough, and dual 10MP telephoto lenses with optical zoom (one 10x, one 3x). And even if you can’t get outside, the 100x Space Zoom will…

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hot five #2

BUILDING A FRIDGE TO YOUR HEART LG Furniture Concept Appliances There’s no getting away from the fact that kitchen appliances tend to be pretty boring. But do you know what doesn’t help that? The fact that they’re pretty much always white. Sure, you occasionally get a grey or black one, but that’s hardly being spoiled for choice, is it? Well, LG has finally had enough of the monochrome life. Its new range of Furniture Concept Appliances, which includes a fridge-freezer, microwave, dishwasher and more, comes in various colours and finishes (admittedly still on the understated side – this is your kitchen, not the set of Nina and the Neurons) including stainless steel, glass and something called Fenix, which is durable and resistant to fingerprints. Our favourite is probably the InstaView Door-in-Door Fridge, which you…

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hot five #3

MI FIRST AND THE XIAOMI XIAOMIS Xiaomi Mi 11 This time last year there was only one thing from China making the headlines – and it wasn’t something anybody wanted to pick up. What a difference 12 months make, because here’s something we’d be more than happy to give a good lick. Xiaomi’s Mi 11 is the first phone anywhere to use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 chipset, which you can expect to find in almost all the other flagship phones that’ll emerge throughout the rest of 2021. Paired with up to 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage plus a 4600mAh battery and an Adreno 660 GPU, it powers a 6.81in 2K AMOLED screen and a 108MP 8K main camera. The 123° ultrawide and 50mm telephoto macro lenses offer decent flexibility when it comes to…

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hot five #4

DO YOU REMEMBER THE BURST TIME? Leica SL2-S There are lots of great quotes in Top Gun: “You can be my wingman any time”, “It’s time to buzz the tower” and “Take me to bed or lose me forever.” But the one that Leica most likely had blown up on the wall while it was working on the SL2-S is the most famous of all: “I feel the need… the need for speed.” If that sounds like your approach to photography (and you’ve got a spare four grand to offload), this full-frame 24MP BSI-CMOS speedster has a Maestro III processor with 4GB buffer memory, so it can burst-shoot at up to 25fps at full resolution, with back-side illumination offering a higher ISO range (up to 100,000) and better low-light performance than the standard…

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hot five #5

I CAN FEEL IT HUMMING IN THE CHAIR TONIGHT Bodyfriend Quantum Audio Speakers by Bang & Olufsen We’ve all done more than our fair share of sitting in the past 12 months. Chances are you’ve decided you quite like doing it – the bald patch your cheeks have worn into the sofa certainly suggests so. Then why not make 2021 the year you upgrade your sitting apparatus? As posterior plinths go, you’ll struggle to find anything more luxurious than Bodyfriend’s new Quantum massage chair – which, as the slightly clunky full name suggests, comes with speakers supplied by B&O. Combined with an articulating 10.1in high-def tablet, it gives you even less reason to get up and check that your legs haven’t turned to jelly. There’s no built-in doughnut dispenser but it does have a…