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Ball ball ball, footie footie footie, ball ball ball, football! Plus cricket, golf, cycling, tennis and, well, anything goes in the Olympics these days – although the IOC did refuse to acknowledge our art editor’s calls for PCR testing to be included in Tokyo, opting for skateboarding instead. Yes, if you hadn’t guessed it by the headline slapped across the front of this issue, we’ve gone sports-mad at Stuff HQ, with a summer packed full of major tournaments to keep you glued to the shiny new TV our cover story is going to convince you to buy. Fancy twatting some balls yourself? We’ve matched every event with a selection of top training equipment, and some sports sim games, to give you your own shot at glory – virtual or otherwise –…

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toy steery

Since long before Woody, Buzz and co first appeared on cinema screens in 1995, kids have dreamed of their toys coming to life… and the Little Car Company has finally made that dream a reality. Its new Wild One Max is a fully driveable version of Tamiya’s much-loved off-road RC car from 1985, with a 5.5bhp electric motor that’ll propel it at speeds of 30mph with a range of around 25 miles. Measuring 3.5m long and weighing around 250kg, it’s 8/10th scale compared to the original’s 1/10th, but it doesn’t come with a massive RC controller – you’ll need to be sitting behind the steering wheel. There are three different driving modes – Novice, Eco and Race – and for full authenticity you can choose to build yours at home, with…

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reasons to be cheerful, part 3d

Ah, the dream of glasses-free 3D that came and went with Nintendo handhelds and Toshiba TVs. Well, the flame hasn’t been completely extinguished if Acer’s 3D laptop is anything to go by. Part of the company’s ConceptD line for designers and arty types, the SpatialLabs laptop uses a 15.6in 4K 2D display with a liquid crystal lenticular lens on top to form a screen that can be switched between 2D and 3D views. This is combined with a stereoscopic camera to track your head and eyes, allowing creators to examine their work in real time and 360° without the need for twatty specs. Why ‘creators’? Well, this laptop’s target market is niche at best (animators, CAD designers and game designers), which is why Acer has announced a developer programme for Unreal Engine…

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cow, sweet it is to be shoved by you

Always fantasised about the cowboy life but hail from Weston-Super-Mare rather than Wyoming? Instead of riding a horse down the seafront and trying to lasso passing seagulls with your belt, consider Cowboy’s latest electric bike – it’s a far more suitable steed for life in England’s very own wild west. The C4’s 250W motor and 360Wh battery combine to propel you at up to 15mph, while that battery also provides power for the built-in lights and a handlebar phone dock that doubles as a 15W wireless charger (although you’ll need to supply your own Quad Lock case). There are no gears or throttle control here – the C4 automatically adjusts the assistance provided by the motor based on how hard you’re pedalling – but a range of 70km should get you to…

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immersey mercy me

Having ‘former Apple designer’ on your CV isn’t a guarantee that you’ve got the magic touch, but it can be a pretty good sign. First there was Tony Fadell, who invented the iPod and then went on to create Nest, and now another Cupertino alumnus has decided to go it alone. The Syng Cell Alpha is a 360° spherical speaker from Christopher Stringer – one of the brains behind everything from the PowerBook to the HomePod. It’s billed as the world’s first ‘triphonic speaker’, with three mid-range drivers, two subwoofers and a trio of mics inside that combine to perform neat spatial audio tricks, including the ability to mimic a full 7.1 setup if you stick three of them together. You can hook it up to your TV (via the Syng…

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big dug

While modern consoles have all the design flair of a wireless router, the glory days of gaming were quite different. Cartridge slots and controller ports gave early consoles that bit more personality – and while from the wrong angle Evercade’s VS does look a bit like a printer, its plug-in carts and wired controllers will be a welcome hit of nostalgia in most living rooms. Compatible with all existing Evercade games – which means you get access to classics like Worms, California Games and Speedball 2 – the VS comes with a new telly-optimised interface that lets you quickly browse plugged-in games and choose from a selection of screen filters (including, presumably, one for those fiends who insist on stretching classic games to fill a widescreen display). Progress is saved to the…