The Big Issue Issue 296 2021

High quality, varied and entertaining content for readers across age, culture, religion, gender and other demographics. Stories include reporting on local and international happenings with a ‘bigger issue’ about an individual, and unusual news or events that impact us all. The Big Issue shares in-depth interviews with local and international celebrities, artists, change-makers and thought leaders. It also focuses on local people or organisations committed to making positive changes in society – intent on finding innovative ways to effect change.

South Africa
Mikateko Media
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ed’s letter

As the pandemic has rudely reminded us, there is a beginning and an end to all things. And a phase for the fresh and new. With this sentiment, the team bids a heartfelt adieu to our former editor, Alicia English. I am delighted to take the reigns once again after a stint in 2018. We aim to grow the brand to align with our international counterparts and work with our vendors – upholding the truest principles of journalism and creativity. Here’s to many richly imagined pages, as we pioneer through the digital age. That said, imagine the honour it is to introduce our guest editor this issue – none other than the international and multi-award-winning author (30 or more), Marita van der Vyver. Marita lives in France, but her roots are proudly South…

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guest ed’s letter

Dear Big Issue readers You would hopefully notice two things as you page through the magazine in your hands. It is a bookish issue, with some brilliant short stories and literary contributions; and they are all written by women. The literary slant is easy to explain. I would have gladly agreed to be Guest Editor of this admirable magazine – even if I wasn’t specifically asked to solicit stories from some of my favourite authors. The idea of sharing the words of writers I love with such a wide readership made the offer absolutely irresistible. And the female slant? Well, this is still mainly a man’s world, as James Brown sang, and women’s writing is still too often relegated to women’s magazines or ‘women’s novels’. So an issue that showcases a few exceptional…

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have your say

YOUR FACEBOOK POSTS Zubeida Toefy – “Just read, for first time, some articles in this month’s Big Issue. I’m very impressed.” Shona Randall Salver – “Such a great read! Always so well written. And helps the vendors so much.” Hilary Gilbert - “I am a big supporter of The Big Issue! “It’s so important to buy their magazine, which is a really good read. I give more than the price as they are there in all weathers!” Lingie Ramsamy – “Well done. The Big Issue vendors are entrepreneurs waiting to achieve. Please support. I was a vendor for 10 years.” Luu Bayi – Me and Ntokozo Makaula were selling #TheBigIssue magazine [at] the same robots … we became buddies. In 2005 and 2006 we even went overseas to Sweden and Scotland through The Big Issue (Homeless…

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find a friendly vendor

Standing for long periods of time in traffic is challenging. The pandemic and a move to digital media has made our vendors’ lives extremely gruelling. But each and every one has a personal story, and a life that matters. And each has tenacity, perseverance and mental strength that is noteworthy. Who? Buzelwa Mafongonyana has been a vendor since 2017 and lives in Delft. Find her where? Corner Newlands and Bowwood Roads. Hopes and dreams. In the future she would like to have her own small business selling clothes. Who? Nozuko Mabohlo lives in Delft. Find her where? Corner Kildare and Protea Roads. Education. To graduate as a sangoma and help people. Who? Jacob Makhawule has been a vendor since 2002 and is from Crossroads, Nyanga. Find him where? Corner Struben Road and the M3. Business. Jacob has a meat…

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words, words, words

My darling daughter Some bedtime stories Ma had to tell again and again, like Little Red Riding Hood, with its rhythmic question-and-answer ritual that me and my siblings could never get enough of. “What big eyes you have, Grandma!”... “All the better to see you with, my dear!” We drew out the pleasure of the questions for as long as we could. Grandma’s nose, hands, feet, everything we could think of, was questioned, and if Ma hadn’t stopped us, we would probably have strayed underneath Grandma’s nightgown as well. (“But Grandma, what big boobies you have. But Grandma, what a big bottom you have.”) Until at last, giddy with joy and quivering with fear, we got to Grandma’s mouth. “All the better to eat you with, my dear!” And the next night we…

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inside the secret reading society

Here are a few excerpts of recent reviews from the page with a big thank you to all our readers for making this possible. Without you, there is no page. The Artist Vanishes by Terry Westby-Nunn – reviewed by Paige Nick A cleverly told mystery thriller, one of the best I’ve read. The novel runs in two parallel threads: ‘then’ and ‘now’. ‘Then’ tells Sophie’s story. She starts out a struggling artist who creates powerful pieces that prod society. After a massive grant from big pharma on a testicle project, Sophie hits the big time, until a new project goes horribly wrong and she disappears without a trace, but with lots of suspects. ‘Now’ tells James’ story. He is a washed-up alcoholic documentary film maker who is driven to create a doccie about…