The Complete iPhone 12 GuideBook

The Complete iPhone 12 GuideBook

Apple’s new 2020 5G iPhone 12 is here! Thinking of upgrading or have you already taken the plunge? Discover everything you need to know about this amazing device and iOS 14 which powers it, in this 100% independent publication. From our expert’s view of the hardware to the fantastic apps that will define your user experience, this is the user manual you are looking for and more…

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the new iphones unleashed

On 13th October 2020, Apple CEO Tim Cook took to the stage in the Steve Jobs Theater once more for an important Apple keynote. Yet the seats were empty. Due to restrictions imposed because of the coronavirus epidemic, there was no live audience to watch the unveiling of the new iPhone, no whoops and cheers whenever a new feature was announced and no extended round of applause at the end. Instead, we all sat at home in front of our Macs, iPads and iPhones, watching as the event was streamed live around the world. “We’re once again pushing the boundaries… photography advancements, Super Retina XDR displays, new Ceramic Shield front cover, a new level in a new form factor that’s as beautiful as it is durable…”Greg Joswiak, Apple’s senior vice president…

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meet the iphone 12!

On 13th October 2020, Apple lifted the lid on the new 12-series iPhones, including the go-to model, the iPhone 12. Featuring a beautiful new design and packed with innovative features such as the A14 Bionic processor, an advanced dual-camera system and a Super Retina XDR display with the Ceramic Shield front cover, it takes Apple’s smartphone range to the next level. Throw in 5G compatibility, MagSafe wireless charging and an awesome range of colours, and you have a very desirable product indeed. Across the next few pages, we take an in-depth look at the iPhone 12 and its stunning new features. Getting Into Shape. The iPhone 12 features a return to the straightedged, flat-screen format last seen on the iPhone 5s. This allows the aluminium frame and glass to stay flush front…

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5g arrives!

What is 5G? 5G is the latest standard for getting onto the Internet with your smartphone. It follows previous standards 3G and 4G. Most major mobile phone networks offer 5G services, and if you’re somewhere where there isn’t 5G coverage, your iPhone can still use older 3G and 4G networks too. The new 5G standard is much faster than previous cellular technologies, making downloads faster, video streaming more reliable and online gaming snappier. It’s also much better at coping when there are lots of devices close by, all accessing cellular data networks at once. We’ve all had problems going online with mobile devices when in a crowd, right? With 5G, this is much less of a problem. “The arrival of 5G marks the beginning of a new era for iPhone, and we’re thrilled…

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new dual camera system

You’d expect the iPhone 12, and its smaller stable mate the iPhone 12 mini, to have good cameras. They’re iPhones, after all. Even so, some of the advances made by the new advanced dual camera system took us by surprise. Harnessing the camera’s dual lens system and the computational power of the A14 Bionic chip, with the latest iPhones excellent photos are within anyone’s range. Dual Cameras The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini have two cameras. The upper-most camera is a 12MP Ultra Wide device, featuring an ƒ/2.4 aperture, a five-element lens, 13 mm focal length and a 120-degree field of view. Below it is the new Wide camera with an ƒ/1.6 aperture, seven-element lens, 26 mm focal length and more. It’s the fastest camera yet on the iPhone, allowing around…

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the screen

Apple has certainly worked hard on the screen for the 12-series iPhones. The company’s key display technology, Super Retina XDR screens, was developed for the monitor that goes with the latest Mac Pro, but now it’s found its way into the iPhones. It’s this that has allowed Apple to reduce the size of the bezel, allowing a bigger screen without enlarging the phone’s footprint. “Our new custom Apple OLED [Organic Light Emitting Diode] has many advantages over LCD [Liquid Crystal Display],” explained Kaiann Drance, VP, iPhone Product Marketing. “Each OLED pixel has its own light which can be individually controlled, giving us pixel-precision brightness, rich colours and an amazing two million-to-one contrast ratio.” All iPhone 12-series models feature an immersive HDR viewing experience for high-definition video, photos with more detail, and nearly…

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the power within

The 12-series iPhones are powered by a great new Apple-designed processor that’s streets ahead of its rivals. A14 Bionic is the first chip in the smartphone industry built on the five-nanometer process, making its transistors thinner and smaller than ever before. But why does this matter? According to Hope Giles, Apple’s Vice President of Engineering Program Management, Hardware Technologies, “The reduction in transistor size enables us to add features and increase performance, all while improving energy efficiency.” Apple’s engineering team has certainly been hard at work on the design. The A14 Bionic chip contains an incredible 11.8 billion transistors, an increase of almost 40 percent over the previous generation of chips. Its CPU (Central Processing Unit) has six cores, that is, six individual processors that can each work on specific tasks. Two…