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3 min.
back in the game

Well, I for one have never been quite so excited about the prospect of a Big Air event held in grey, stormy, insanely unphotogenic conditions somewhere in deepest darkest Denmark… But when we heard about the Cold Hawaii Games Big Air event, there was a collective sigh of relief from the whole crew here at TheKiteMag. Finally a comp. We enjoy watching any kite content of course and to be honest, although we have seen a dip in output from pro riders and brands over the last few months, there is still plenty to keep us entertained. But the fact is that events are FUN and it’s always great to gauge where the sport and riders are at. And with less events happening (i.e. none) this one seemed to take…

6 min.

TKM: F-ONE couldn’t undertake their usual Indian Ocean mega-trip this year and had to stick a bit closer to home… Corsica doesn’t look so bad though does it?! Here’s Liam Whaley checking out the local topography. TW: Living on Maui, light wind days are rare. Most of my days are filled with 30 mph+ winds and stomping new tricks. I love the feeling that rushes over me as I pull up to the beach for a kite foil session on the new and versatile 810 Kite Wing – exploring Maui’s North Shore coast and riding with friends is an epic experience CH: As I don’t yet have the full quiver of Ocean Rodeo A-Series kites, they’re not normally my kite of choice for sessions – I prefer to train with the kites…

8 min.
max blom tangled lines legends

TKM You get to ride with a lot of the top riders, who is most fun to ride with and pushes hardest?! They all push hard so you learn from everyone you ride with. I was lucky enough to start working with the brand at an early age. Because of that I have spent a lot of time with the pros. In the early days, I was still riding a twintip and doing megaloops, mostly with Ruben, Youri and Bruna. Over the years I have fallen in love with wave riding because I really like to surf as well. I spent three months in southern Brazil in 2014 and spent a lot of time with Guilly Brandão. He is an amazing rider and really pushed me in decent sized waves. I have…

4 min.
on the list akyaka, turkey

Akyaka is a picturesque seaside town located in southwestern Turkey. A town with a laid-back and easy-going vibe, full of cute restaurants, small hotels, bars, and intriguing shops, and best of all, it has Gökova Bay located just a short drive away. It is here that you will find a perfect sandy bay, full of kite schools and beach bars, and a great kiteboarding vibe. Through my work with the Kiteboarding World Tour I have been fortunate enough to visit Akyaka for several years running. Akyaka hosted a tour stop for two years running, and it was one of the most successful events on the calendar due to the reliable wind and the flat water near to the shore which made it an optimal freestyle spot. It is also one of…

5 min.
naish traverse

2019 Kite Park League and 2017 Triple-S champion Ewan Jaspan was stoked to contribute to the development of his first signature pro board with Naish. The Traverse Ewan Jaspan Pro is a bold variation from the ubiquitous twintip formula and draws inspiration from various board sports to offer something delightfully different… It was great to be involved in the development of this board. I am very passionate about R&D, keen to gain more knowledge, try more equipment and strive for the best possible product. Working with the team at Naish is great because they really take on board feedback and love collaborating with the team riders to improve the product line. The longer I have been with them, the more involved with the gear I have become, and it is something…

4 min.
bora bora french polynesia

WHAT ARE YOUR FIRST RECOLLECTIONS OF THE BEACH? I remember arriving there for the first time and being surprised because I didn’t know there was such a great spot like this on Bora Bora. The spot is located on a ‘motu’ (little island) so you need a boat to reach it. It was sunny and the wind was a bit light so I just enjoyed the moment with my friends but I couldn’t wait to have a perfect session there. CAN YOU REMEMBER ANY OF YOUR FIRST SESSIONS? Yes, the next time we went there the wind was still a bit light, so I decided to take my foil out. It was a bit sketchy because the flat-water zone is really small, and close to this you have some coral rocks, so you…