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glamping \ glam·ping \ noun A trendy way to do outdoor nuptials that combines glam amenities (think: tricked-out décor) with more traditional camping elements.…

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REAL WEDDINGS get inspired Browse weddings from across New Jersey, including Kelly and David’s vintage ceremony. They incorporated whimsical, old-world vibes into their décor with the help of assorted antiques, including romantic crystal vases, wine barrels and decanters. Even the weather added to the dreamy atmosphere. “I know it sounds cheesy, but the rain made our ceremony more intimate,” Kelly says. BEST OF WEDDINGS Ready to assemble your pro squad? Discover the top-rated wedding vendors in your area and find out why couples love them at GO LOCAL connect with pros and find tips Gather your dream team of local wedding vendors with the help of our Ultimate Wedding Guides at You can connect with planners, photographers and other vendors by searching by region and price in our local Marketplace. Your state directory has everything…

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When it comes to weddings today, the rules are simple: There are no rules! You can get married on a campground (p. 224), wear a colorful suit or dress (p. 56), or host a brunch celebration complete with cereal décor and everyone’s fave breakfast bites (p. 182). In other words, the options are truly endless. For all of the brides and grooms out there looking for a rule book ( hi there), the thought of “anything goes” could feel overwhelming—and you may not know where to start. Whoever you are, and whatever celebration you’re throwing, begin by downloading The Knot app—it will help you determine your style, customize to-do lists and find vendors in your area. The next step? Look to your relationship for inspiration. Consider activities you like to do…

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FIND YOUR WEDDING STYLE We know—you’re probably figuring out where you should even start. We’ve got you covered. Once you download the app, the first thing you’ll do is swipe, swipe, swipe on images in our Style Quiz. It’s a fun way to help zero in on your wedding vibe. Once complete, you’ll have your very own Wedding Vision (more on that on the next page). KEEP ORGANIZED Not sure what to do when? No sweat—we’ve put together a checklist for you, and it’s totally customizable. So if Uncle Jeff is officiating, we’ll take “find an officiant” off your list. Plus, our budgeter will help you track your overall spending and how much you’ve put toward each detail. COMPILE YOUR TEAM After sharing all your info (budget, location, guest count) we’ll help you assemble your…

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Not sure how to define your style and theme? That’s okay! Download The Knot Wedding Planner app and take our Style Quiz to get your personalized Wedding Vision. ON THE APP LOOK FOR THIS ICON Throughout the issue we’ve included more ways the app can help you plan, like creating your wedding website and setting up the ultimate registry. PROP STYLING: PAM MORRIS; VISION BOARD AND VENUES: DANA CUBBAGE WEDDINGS (6); VISION ICON: CASEY SPEER/THE NOUN PROJECT; SHARE ICON: LOGAN/THE NOUN PROJECT; IPHONE ICON: NIKITA KOZIN/THE NOUN PROJECT; CHECK ICON: KIMMI STUDIO/THE NOUN PROJECT; RECOMMENDATION ICON: PRESENTTAS/THE NOUN PROJECT; PALETTE ICON: ALEX AUDA SAMORA/THE NOUN PROJECT; STYLE ICON: CHRIS HOMAN/THE NOUN PROJECT…

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THE CREW TRAVEL What should we put in the welcome bags for our island destination wedding? HARMONY WALTON: For tropical vows, definitely include some sun essentials. Travel-size sunscreen and after-sun care, like aloe and moisturizing lotion, are both useful items for guests. Then, throw in some beach-themed gifts to give everyone a peek into the fun to come. Sunglasses (even better if they’re emblazoned with your hashtag), flip-flops, tote bags and anything local you can source, like island rum cake or a voucher for a water activity such as paddleboarding, all do the trick. FASHION I love the idea of navy bridesmaid dresses, but I’m worried they’ll clash next to black tuxes on the groomsmen. Is this color combo a no-no? CARLEY RONEY: This rule has gone the way of “no white after Labor Day”—so don’t…