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The Mac Book

The Mac Book

Volume 13

The newest volume of The Mac Book is your ultimate guide to everything Mac, featuring the best tutorials, guides and resources for your Apple device - no matter what model of Mac you own. Covering everything in OS X El Capitan, including the latest updates to the system, the best features to the home creative and productivity apps and much more! Featuring: Master OS X El Capitan - Unleash the power of the latest update today! Master your Mac - Discover how to get more out of your favourite Mac apps and OS X. Create, edit and share - Enhance your productivity with iLife and iWork apps such as Photos, GarageBand and more. Discover 100 essential Mac apps - Navigate the Mac App Store and find apps that suit all your computing needs.

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the mac book

OS X is the beating heart inside every Mac, whether it’s the extremely portable Macbook Air or the powerhouse of processing that is the Mac Pro. OS X El Capitan builds on the ground-breaking features and luscious design introduced in OS X Yosemite, refining the experience and improving performance. This new volume of The Mac Book will help you navigate all the far-flung functions and processes of OS X. We cover all the standard OS X apps and guide you through the process of customising your user experience. Next, learn about the features that will shape your productivity with Keynote, iMovie, GarageBand and more. Then discover how to enhance your Mac experience with creative programs such as Final Cut and Logic Pro. Once you have soaked up that wealth of…

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101 ways to secure your mac

We all know that Apple is super-serious about privacy and security when it come to their products, so much so that it’s willing to take on the US Government in order to keep your info under lock and key. Macs are also incredibly virus-resistant but that doesn’t mean you can just relax. Goldfinger, Mission Impossible and Ocean’s Eleven have all shown us that even the most secure locations aren’t completely impenetrable, so we’ve gathered together over 101 expert tips, tricks, secrets and apps to make sure that your Mac is locked up tighter than Harry Houdini’s piggy bank. When you think about computer safety your mind probably heads directly to viruses and rightly so, because they are certainly the most frustrating things to deal with. But there are many other things…

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el capitan power tips

El Capitan might not be new now, but there’s still plenty left to explore. With Apple’s Keynotes getting increasingly busy, there is less and less time devoted to OS X, which means that there are still hidden features to find and tips and tricks to master, long after the dust has settled on the App Store. With so many headline features like Split View and Metal dedicated to the power users, you’d be forgiven for thinking that this update is designed to make your Mac more powerful than ever. Unfortunately, there are plenty of cases where the opposite is true. System Integrity Protection, a new security feature, is putting a stop to a number of hacks and customisation apps and even simple things like securely emptying the Trash are now hidden…

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ultimate mail guide

Whether you’re sitting down with your first ever Mac or you’ve simply spent years managing your email via an online, browser-based inbox, Mail is worth knowing about. Apple’s email app has been around since the beginning of OS X and remains one of the most powerful ways to take control of every email account you own. If you’ve switched from a PC and are used to Microsoft’s Outlook, Mail’s interface may feel at least a little familiar, if a lot more simple and focussed. Don’t let this straightforward look fool you, though; there are plenty of powerful tools and features under the hood designed to make managing your email easier than ever. In this guide, we’ll run you through from the very beginning. You’ll learn how to set up and add…

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top 10 hidden el capitan secret features

So, El Capitan is here and everybody should be happily upgraded to OS X’s shiny new iteration. On the face of things though, not a whole load of obvious stuff has changed and it’s only once you start digging that a substantial collection of new features are unearthed. Although Apple has focused on performance tweaks, subtle cosmetic revisions and functional features are there to enhance the experience. So rather than leave new users to their own devices, we have rounded up ten of the top ‘hidden’ secrets. Whether it’s Disk Utility, Safari, Mail, Photos or general desktop stuff, there’s much to discover. Armed with these essential tips, anyone can conquer El Capitan from base to summit in minutes! Swipe Mail Taking direct inspiration from its iOS counterpart, Mail now adds gesturebased actions.…

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calibrate your mac’s display

If there’s one thing that defines Mac computing, it’s digital creativity. As the platform of choice for designers, publishers, and photographers, Macs are founded on a proud integrity for visual apps. Critical to this is accurately interpreting colour data and translating that into an output for your display. The idea is that whatever you view on one Mac should look the same on another, while also avoiding surprises when it comes to printing. Thankfully OS X lets users select standardised colour profiles or generate new ones, specific to the machine. El Capitan continues to offer a Display Calibrator Assistant under System Preferences, so in this guide we’ll walk through the various options. System Preferences Achieve perfect calibration 1. Display Calibrate Open System Preferences and choose the second icon, second row for Displays. From…