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The Picture Issue 1913

The Picture is an Australian men’s magazine aimed at the average bloke. It’s full of local stories, nude women, puzzles, prizes and jokes.

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what a whopper!

OH NO! It looks like hamburger hottie Charlotte McKinney couldn’t figure out how the buttons on her cardigan worked and had a tragic NIP SLIP. The 25-year-old model and actor, who rose to prominence with her ‘naked’ burger commercial during that big Seppo footy game a few years ago, was on a modelling assignment in LA when those BASTARD BUTTONS got her all flummoxed. Next thing ya know, Mr Nubbin was poppin’ out to say “hello!” Tipped by some to be the new Kate Upton, Chaz certainly has the credentials to back it up. And by credentials, we mean REALLY BIG TITS – F-cup, if you must know. Taking them into consideration, now that Kate doesn’t seem to be around much anymore we’re happy to see Chaz coming off the reserves bench to get…

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mighty! mel!

FOR around 10 years, Melissa Debling has been evolving into one of the hottest Pommy models ever to walk this crusty little rock we call Earth. From her double F-cup fuck pillows to her perfect, you-could-eat-your-dinner off it arse – everything about Mel is designed to make you yell YIPPEE! So fucken YIPPEE, eh readers? Now at the ripe old age of 30, Mel is still hotter than that $10 iPhone you bought in the pub carpark, and she shows no signs of cooling down. If you wanna get all scientifical, we’d have a guess and say she’s probably the main cause of global warming, not all that BEAUT AUSSIE COAL. You may not have known that her name means “honey bee” in Greek, and the ORIGINAL Melissa was one of the sexy mythological chicks…

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wobbly world

MAJORCA! From back-up dancer for Destiny’s Child to getting her norks out for Pommy mags Nuts and Loaded, Nicole Neal is a women of many parts. Here’s one of them. BULGARIA! Kelsey Berneray is from Houston,Texas, so what the 21-year-old big-tit model is doing hiding her H-cup hooters in the bushes in Bulgaria is anyone’s guess. SAN FRANCISCO! Seppo porn star Ella Knox knows that fruit is one of the conerstones of a good diet, so she’s offering a selection – apple, orange or nork? They’re all nice and juicy! SPLIT! Latvian norks-out model Sabine Jemeljanova was in the classy 2012 horror flick Strippers vs Werewolves. And guess what, readers? She didn’t play a werewolf. MALTA! While on holiday in Malta Seppo Alison Angel likes to keep up with the news the old-school way, by reading the papers over…

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news flash

HOT TO TROT A YOUNG Canadian driver came up with one of the best excuses for fangin’ it we’ve ever heard. Pulled over in Manitoba for doing 170kph in a 100 zone, the crafty Canuck said his excuse for putting on the AFTERBURNERS was that he’d eaten too many spicy chicken wings and was racing to find a BRASCO to unload. It didn’t wash with the cops, but – the itchy-arsed culprit was fined $966 for speeding and $203 for driving unsupervised. What’s the bet he really DID shit himself then! SIZE MATTERS IT MUST have been a slow day in Brechin, Scotland – why else would Zoe Archibald, 34, cram herself into a kiddie’s toy plastic car at a family get-together and get so wedged in there she wound up having to…

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chubby champions!

IF YOU thought being a sporting hero was all about washboard abs, low heart rate and flexy pecs, think again. The new world heavyweight boxing champion is the flab-tastic Mexican Andy Ruiz Jnr, who loves a Snickers between rounds and weighs 121kg. So here’s a bunch of other winners from a wide range of sports who prove that having a spare tyre is no barrier to kicking arse. 127KG JOHN DALEY (GOLF) The 1991 PGA Championship champion and 1995 British Open champion could hit a golf ball 300 metres, and chug a bottle of whisky in a session. 130KG GEORGE ROSE (RUGBY LEAGUE) Played 154 games for the Roosters, Manly, the Storm and the Dragons between 2004 and 2015. “I’ve never been an athlete,” he reckons. “I just play footy.” 197KG ANDY FORDHAM (DARTS) The 2004 World Champion was…

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flash fest!

SINCE reporting on this unique new craze of women flashing their bits in public back in #1480, we’ve been FLOODED with pics of CHAMPION CHICKS slipping out their SUCKBAGS or flashing their FLANGE in CURIOUS places. We’ve seen women walking their dogs at the park REVEAL THEIR RUG, POP OUT A PUMPKIN in the veggie aisle at Coles and babes at the beach BUST OUT THEIR BOOZIES brazenly. Public nudity is something THE PICTURE will always endorse, although we’d just prefer if it happened somewhere local, with comfortable seating and a full bar. But hey, that’s just us.…