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The Picture Issue 1916

The Picture is an Australian men’s magazine aimed at the average bloke. It’s full of local stories, nude women, puzzles, prizes and jokes.

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get it india!

HOT topless models on TV? Yeah, baby, that’s what we could do with more of! So we’re overjoyed to hear that one of our favourite LARGE-TITTED POMMY SPUNKS India Reynolds has chucked herself headfirst into the FETID STINK that is the British reality TV show Love Island. India has signed on to bring a bit of class into the SQUALID TV GROPEFEST, class born of 10 years of getting her tits out in mags and newspapers across Pomgolia. Whether her COSMIC SPUNKINESS will be enough to drag this slimy ooze-a-thon of a show from the gutter remains to be seen, but we might have to watch just to make sure she gets a FAIR GO. And you never know, she may just get her tits out.…

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the complete package

IT WAS fate. There was knock-out California girl Bailey Rose, with all that blonde hair, and that tan – it was only right she went out and got the tits to match. Next thing ya know, there she is, decked out with her brand new E-cup norks to complete the look. It really works, hey. What with the tits, the hair, the tan, the legs the, er, hips… the… whatever. Anyway, the one-time Playboy pin-up and accomplished pouter looks the whole package and all she needs to do is lie around soaking up that sun to keep her tan topped up. Oh, and take the occasional ride on her beloved mountain bike to keep those long legs in good trim. The tits should look after themselves, but. All Bailey needs is to whip ‘em…

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wobbly world

LAS VEGAS! They say what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. We hope that ain’t so, or we’d never get to see what Aussie porn legend Angela White gets up to when she’s there! ALBUQUERQUE! This city in the US state of New Mexico is now a tourist hot spot due to Breaking Bad. Besides Walter White’s house, the other big local atttraction is Lisa’s rack. THE MALL! Model Paisley Osiris wants to know where the nearest fancy lingerie shop is. The poor girl is all out of clean undies and really needs directions. Any volunteers? LONDON! Inspired by Wimbledon, Rosie Jones and Lissy Cunnignham got their racquets out and belted a few balls around. When their fellas objected, they played tennis instead. LOS ANGELES! Lena Paul gets so so excited shooting her pornos that even between takes she…

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news flash

COME OUT WITH YOUR ARSE UP A POLICE force in the US is warning crims to HOLD IN THEIR FARTS. The Liberty Police Department, in Missouri, claims they nabbed a bad guy recently because the stinky bugger LET ONE RIP while he was hiding from them. They didn’t say whether it was the PONG or the PRAAAP noise that tipped them off, but one way or another, his ARSE gave him away. They made it clear, though, that if the man – wanted on drugs charges – hadn’t STEPPED ON A DUCK, they never would have found him. SCHWING! AMUMSY babe chucked a heartie MID-ORGY at the Swingfields festival – Europe’s biggest swinger FUCK FEST. The 52-year-old GOER began gasping for breath and clutching at her TITTIES when she was “overdoing it during…

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solid gold

ARABELLA DURKIN What can we say about Arabella’s tits we haven’t said before? How about: “Arrrrghjaysusfuggenchrist onafuggingpogostick!” BROOKE LITTLE This busty Pom has always been a bit of a loner because no-one can get close to her, thanks to those mammoth chesticles! LEAH FRANCIS Here’s a rare photo of this busty bombshell in a life-threatening postition: ON HER BACK. Let’s hope she can get back up on her feet. MARKETA PECHOVA Marketa is from the Czech Republic. She weighs 50kg. Her FUCK UDDERS are natural and we’d marry her if we knew where to find her. KENDRA SUNDERLAND If you don’t remember Kendra from when she visited our office last year, you’ve been LOBOTOMIZED. Since then the porn star’s norks have seen more jizz than the inside of your BALLBAG! ZUZANNA DRABINOVA Built like a brick tithouse, Zuzanna has starred in…

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a star is born

IT TOOK no time at all after an 18-year-old mega-spunk from Austin, Texas, started posting anonymous amateur nude pics of herself on the internet that everyone realised they were in the presence of greatness. Tens of thousands of fans FLOGGED – sorry, LOGGED – onto Gabbie Carter’s Reddit account to get a look at the blue-eyed, big-titted blonde without even knowing who she was. She was hot property from the word go. “People were interested in my panties, for some reason,” she reckons. “The most I’ve gotten for them is $300 and I was like, ‘God, that’s really crazy!’” Maybe not. Three ton for a pair of Gabbie’s undies might turn out to be a very good investment, ’cos she’s tipped to become the hugest thing in porn EVER. After only four months shooting…