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Time Magazine International Edition March 30, 2020

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to our time family

SEVENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO, ON THE HEELS OF AN ALTOGETHER different kind of war than the one we are now facing, TIME published a letter from a reader in California: “No one else has caught so well our sense of this still moment when we balance on the edge of the abyss and try to apprehend the heights which must be scaled.” Today, we find ourselves caught in another still moment, isolated and yet deeply connected to one another by a biothreat scientists are racing to understand. For all of us at TIME, it is in moments like this that we feel our greatest sense of responsibility to provide trusted information and guidance to our audience of more than 100 million people around the world. And so on Jan. 21, China correspondent…

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for the record

17,700 Number of hand-sanitizer bottles hoarded by two Tennessee brothers in a failed resale effort; they gave their stash away, much of it to a local church, on March 15 after attracting national scorn ‘I’LL BE A VERY HAPPY MAN.’ANDREW YANG, former Democratic presidential candidate, on the chance that he’ll have played a role in getting the U.S. to embrace a universal basic income; the Trump Administration has discussed using cash payments to cushion the economic blow from the coronavirus outbreak 2036 Year Russian President Vladimir Putin would have to step down under a new law he signed on March 14, which is pending approval by a nationwide vote; Putin would by 83 by then ‘I hope the sentence sends a clear message that times have changed.’TARALE WULFF, who testified that she was sexually assaulted…

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welcome to the coronavirus campaign

AN EON AGO, ON SUPER TUESDAY, JOE BIDEN, flanked by his wife and sister, gave a victory speech to a cheering crowd. Two weeks later, on March 17, he delivered another, on a night when he swept primaries in Arizona, Florida and Illinois. It should have been a triumphant moment: Biden has racked up eight victories in 10 states and territories since his commanding performance on Super Tuesday, all but clinching the Democratic presidential nomination. Yet this time Biden was totally alone. Speaking from his home in Wilmington, Del., the former Vice President was flanked this time by two American flags. Gone was his stump speech, in which Biden talks about the threat posed by President Donald Trump and the “battle for the soul of the nation.” Instead he focused on…

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CHOSEN A challenger to form Israel’s new government Step toward unity ISRAEL HAS SUFFERED CRIPPLING POLITICAL DEADLOCK FOR months. Now the COVID-19 outbreak might succeed in doing what three elections in a year could not: forming a government. On March 15, Israeli political parties backed the centrist opposition leader, Benny Gantz of the Blue and White Party, to form a governing coalition. It was a blow to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s longest-serving leader, who won more seats in the March 2 elections but fell short of a majority. Now Gantz, a former Israel Defense Forces chief of staff, has received a narrow majority of nominations in Israel’s parliament, including from Arab-Israeli dominated parties. The wrangling comes at a tricky time. As of March 17, Israel had recorded 304 COVID-19 infections, but its transitional government…

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her cromwell trilogy complete, hilary mantel also has thoughts on modern royals and pols

IN LONDON, THE GHOSTS OF HISTORY ARE NEVER far away. The past lies close to the surface of its narrow streets and the walls of its churches. At Gray’s Inn, the cluster of stately brick buildings where lawyers have studied and practiced for more than 600 years, it occasionally pierces through into the present. Hilary Mantel would know. The author has spent the past 15 years imagining the people who occupied the city’s historic haunts for her epic Wolf Hall trilogy, a fictionalization of the life of Thomas Cromwell, aide to King Henry VIII. Mantel completes her series with the feverishly awaited publication of The Mirror and the Light. The third installment is even more epic in scale than its predecessors: a sweeping narrative encompassing four years of royal births, marriages…

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the story the census tells

Across the U.S., people are filling out their Census forms, providing detailed information about who they are and how they live in 2020. The answers matter for short-term political decisions, but they will also be invaluable for genealogists, who rely on the Census to piece together the narratives of American families. “The Census is the master key,” explains genealogist Rich Venezia. “Its importance to American genealogy can’t be overstated. It can be somewhat basic in the information it provides while also distilling American history on a single page.” Like a series of flip-book drawings, the Census is at once static and dynamic. Begun in 1790, with responses available to the public through 1940, its records are a repository of granular information about American households. Each dry data point it tracks—birthplaces and marital…