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Time Magazine International Edition April 6, 2020

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coming together

WE BEGAN PLANNING THIS SPECIAL ISSUE of TIME before any of us had heard the phrase flatten the curve, much less contemplated our own roles in the flattening. Its theme—getting out of silos and coming together as communities—is one we’ve been thinking about a lot here over the past few years. The world we cover is increasingly tribal and polarized—some studies suggest that empathy itself is in decline—and yet so many of the challenges we face require us to act together. And none more so than this pandemic that is testing our collective strength even in isolation. What does it take to get us to see beyond ourselves, beyond our divisions, and look out for one another? I started as TIME’s editor in 2017, right after a one-two punch of tragedy…

3 min.

LEADING FROM THE FRONT RE “JACINDA ARDERN’S Next Big Test” [March 2–9]: I was highly impressed with your article on New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. The prose was elegant, the insights about international politics and leadership were thought-provoking and highly accurate, and the information about the work of her Cabinet in recent years was well researched and easy to understand—truly a rare gem of an article in today’s flood of emotional and poorly researched tabloid feeds. Sophie Wong,HONG KONG ON SEEING ARDERN’S photo on your cover, I was so moved that my eye welled up. In today’s world of indifferent politics, she is the face of true humanity. Thank you for portraying her shining story of hope. Shams Mir,BURSCOUGH, ENGLAND AMERICA’S FIGHT RE “EQUALITY NOW” [March 2–9]: Having come of age in the years just…

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for the record

‘WE ARE NOT OWED OUR DREAMS.’ALLYSON FELIX, sprinter and six-time Olympic gold medalist, in a TIME op-ed on coming to terms with disappointment after the 2020 Olympics were postponed on March 24 in the name of public health‘We who don’t belong to a risk group have an enormous responsibility, our actions can be the difference between life and death for many others.’GRETA THUNBERG, climate activist, announcing on Instagram on March 24 that it’s “extremely likely” she had COVID-19 150,000 New jobs Walmart, the U.S.’s largest employer, said on March 19 it will need to fill because of COVID-19; as states across the country shut down nonessential businesses, retailers like Walmart have seen major increases in demand ‘Yes, I’m Asian. And yes, I have coronavirus. But I did not get it from China. I…

5 min.
a medical system on life support

WHEN DR. MARK LEWIS HAS TO GIVE A cancer patient bad news, he usually offers a hug or a hand to hold. The idea of doing so by phone felt heartbreakingly impersonal, he says. But in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Salt Lake City–based gastrointestinal oncologist has had to do many things that make his “conscience weigh heavy.” He’s delivered tough prognoses virtually, to limit the chance of spreading the virus. He’s delayed chemotherapy for patients who—he hopes—can wait, knowing the treatment would wipe out their immune system. He’s made the opposite choice for patients with cancer spreading faster than coronavirus. All he can do is hope he’s gambled well. Welcome to medicine in the age of COVID-19. The novel coronavirus has upended the U.S. medical system—and not just…

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we’re online more than ever right now. can the internet keep up?

AS MILLIONS OF PEOPLE GO ONLINE TO stay productive and connected while trying to “flatten the curve” of the COVID-19 pandemic, they’re putting the Internet itself under enormous pressure. A home or neighborhood Internet connection is like a highway: the more traffic being sent back and forth, the longer it takes for data to get where it needs to go—and traffic worldwide is up 35% in the past two weeks, says networking firm CenturyLink. As the offline world seems to grind to a halt, is there enough bandwidth to go around? Demand is highest in the evening right now, says CenturyLink CTO Andrew Dugan. That suggests that while people may be shifting their typical workplace Internet use to the home, they’re also online more than usual after hours, watching movies and…

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how covid-19 affects pregnancy

Pregnancy can be an uncertain time even without a pandemic. Now researchers are rapidly trying to figure out the risks of COVID-19 to pregnant women and newborns. U.S. experts say that for now, pregnant women should follow general guidelines, including handwashing, and continue to attend their prenatal checkups. The World Health Organization agrees, saying there is “no evidence” that pregnant women are at higher risk from COVID-19 but that because of changes in their bodies and immune systems, they can be badly affected by respiratory infections. So far, there is no data suggesting an increased risk of miscarriage or that the virus can pass on to a developing fetus. Although a newborn baby in London tested positive for the virus in mid-March, it’s unclear whether the virus was transmitted in the womb…