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Time Magazine International Edition April 27, 2020

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finding hope

NOT LONG AGO, I ASKED A TIME 100 honoree if he had enjoyed the TIME 100 gala. Jennifer Lopez had performed, and members of Congress mingled with Oscar winners, astronauts with activists, CEOs with artists. “I had a great time,” he said. “But you have all these influential people. That’s an extraordinary opportunity. What are you going to do with it?” The answer to that question became one of the most important initiatives we’ve launched over the past year, expanding the TIME 100 franchise from an annual list of the world’s most influential people into a global leadership community. We reached out to hundreds of TIME 100 alumni from across the years and around the world, inviting them to find ways to collaborate. Last fall, for the first-ever TIME 100 Health…

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100 WOMEN OF THE YEAR THIS INCREDIBLY IMPORtant issue recognizing influential women of the past century should be required reading for every teenage girl and boy [March 16–23]. Each commentary was wonderfully written and provided a unique perspective on the role of women internationally. As an older woman, I have been aware of many of these individuals, but the collective challenges faced and their achievements are truly amazing. Sharing this issue with my daughters and granddaughter will provide hours of discussion. Mary Abbott Hess,CHICAGO THIS IS THE MOST DISTURBing, shocking, disappointing, embarrassing, enlightening, educational and poignant topic of the year, decade and maybe century. And I say that as an American man. James See,TELFORD, PA. THIS ISSUE FINALLY revealed one small silver lining to the dark cloud of a coronavirus self-quarantine: the chance to…

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for the record

‘OUR COUNTRY’S FUTURE HANGS ON THIS ELECTION.’BARACK OBAMA, former U.S. President, endorsing his Vice President, Joe Biden, for the presidency in 2020, in a video released on April 14—a day after Biden was endorsed by Bernie Sanders, his former rival for the Democratic nomination‘The crisis we are facing should not make us forget the many other crises that bring suffering to so many people.’POPE FRANCIS, in his April 12 Easter Mass, in which he spoke of spreading a “contagion of hope” 69% Increase in volume of Sprint MMS messaging over the month ending April 9, the company said, amid a broad increase in network traffic attributed to stay-at-home orders ‘How you treat our citizens is more important to us than even how you treat the ambassador.’FEMI GBAJABIAMILA, Speaker of Nigeria’s House of Representatives,…

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eviction stalks struggling renter

MILLIONS OF PEOPLE IN THE U.S. ARE under shelter-in-place orders requiring them to stay home when possible, but a growing number don’t have that luxury. Their landlords are kicking them out for not paying the rent, despite moratoriums on evictions in dozens of cities and states. Robert Stephenson’s lawyer says an illegal eviction put the 49-year-old diabetic veteran on the street. When COVID-19 hit, Stephenson had been living for four months in a New Orleans guesthouse with his girlfriend, Jade Gribanov, who is known locally as Jade the Tarot Reader from Jackson Square. Gribanov’s income disappeared as tourism stopped, and Stephenson was still in the process of applying for disability benefits. When the couple’s savings ran out, the guesthouse told them to leave, despite the city’s suspension on evictions. They were…

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south korea’s coronavirus election may offer a road map for protecting voters

SOUTH KOREA’S ELECTIONS ON APRIL 15 marked the first nationwide vote in a country with a major coronavirus outbreak since the pandemic began. South Korea has more than 10,500 confirmed COVID-19 cases, but officials have flattened the curve through aggressive contact tracing, prolific testing and travel restrictions. To protect people heading to the polls, the government enacted a similarly rigorous plan. If it works, South Korea may offer other countries, including the U.S., a model to follow. PROTECTING VOTERS Across South Korea, polling stations were disinfected regularly, wearing a mask was mandatory, and voters were given hand sanitizer and plastic gloves. People waiting in line were asked to stand at least 3 ft. apart. Those with COVID-19 could send in ballots by mail or vote early at special polling stations. Timothy…

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news ticker

Chernobyl narrowly avoids fires Ukrainian authorities said April 14 that rainfall had helped 400 firefighters control wildfires that spread to the exclusion zone around Chernobyl, site of history’s worst nuclear disaster. The flames came within a few miles of the defunct nuclear reactor and a radioactive-waste-storage facility. Biden allegations in spotlight Tara Reade, a former Senate aide to Joe Biden, filed a police report on April 9 alleging she was sexually assaulted in 1993. In subsequently published pieces in the New York Times and Washington Post, Reade said it was about the former Vice President. He denies the allegation. COVID-19 hits crisis-stricken Yemen Yemen, which is suffering the world’s worst humanitarian crisis amid a five-year civil war, confirmed its first case of COVID-19 on April 10, a day after the start of a declared cease-fire…