Total Girl

Total Girl

November 2020

Total Girl is Australia’s number one tween girls’ glossy magazine. Does your 6 to 13-year-old love fashion, celebrities, music and posters? Total Girl has it all – from things to make and do, to glam tips, style shoots and movie magic. She’ll be reading and having fun all month long with the latest buzz, heaps of activities and laugh-out-loud stories. Amazing competitions and perf posters make each jam-packed issue a great-value offering for your tween. Don’t miss out, subscribe now!

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1 min.
hey tgs!

Hip, hip hooray! Hip, hip hooray! This month we’re celebrating Total Girl’s very special 18th birthday. Can you believe this magazine has been around for that long?! We’re the same age as Maddie Ziegler. LOL! This month, we’re also getting into the spooky spirit with lots of fun DIY ideas, puzzles and activities. Plus what’s a spooky issue without a little magic! Turn to page 26 to check out our new Shine like A Star competition, you could WIN awesome Harry Potter x Pandora prizes! Good luck and may your month be ~ Mysteriously Spooky ~ . XO Rosie and Team TG…

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tg hq

Aaron Daniel Radcliffe. I’ve heard he’s super nice. I could get him to tell stories about his time on the Harry Potter sets. All my guests would be like, “Wow, Aaron, your friend Daniel is really cool.” Sandra I’d throw an over-the-top EPIC party with Katy Perry! Imagine all the cool costumes she would bring. OMG! Rosie Zendaya! If I met her in person, I’d probably cry. Or I’d have Shawn Mendes as a surprise musical act! Rebekah Beyoncé ’coz then the party would be a massive dance party! Or the Jonas Brothers, hehe. Jim Daisy Ridley. She would have so many cool stories about working on Star Wars! If you could invite any celeb to your party, who would it be?…

2 min.
girl talk

G’day TG! My name is Emily and I am 10 years old. I’ve been collecting your mags for over two years and the minute I put my nose in them, I was obsessed! I like to play netball, practise my violin, and read your mags (obviously)! My fave band is Pentatonix. I really enjoy reading Eragon, Harry Potter, and all of Raina Telgemeier’s books. Every issue puts a smile on my face, so NEVER, EVER, EVER stop! You guys ROCK and keep on ROCKING!!! Love, Emily G’day Emily, Wow, you sound like you’re always on the go with those cool hobbies! Keep on reading, and keep on rocking, we hope you enjoy this issue! Love, Team TG x Hi Team TG, My name is Lucy and I turned 10 in September. My favourite part of your mag…

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totally now

18 YEARS OF TG! throwback Behold… pictured ! Recognise on the our left favourite , is one witch of the on very the first 2002 issues cover of ? Total That was Girl the magazine same year and Harry OM Potter TG, what and athe Chamber of Secrets was released. Crazy! For more birthday fun, turn to page 40! MINI MASTERS Ok, we LOVE food and as far as cooking goes, we’re pretty pro at making grilled cheese sandwiches. LOL! These kids however, are the best and brightest young cooks from around the country, and they’ll be putting their culinary skills to the test for the chance to win the Junior MasterChef Australia 2020 title – plus $25,000 in prize money. We’re sah excited! Premieres October 11 at 7.30pm and continues Mondays and…

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totes lol

SPOOKTACULAR! WHEN YOUR COSTUME MAKES YOU HUNGRY… *HEARS HARRY STYLES MIGHT BE PLAYING PRINCE ERIC* WELL CALL ME THE LITTLE MERMAID DRESS UP FOR HALLOWEEN , THEY SAID… IT’LL BE FUN, THEY SAID JOKES Q: What is a zombie’s fave bean? A: A kidney bean! Q: What do you call a skeleton who watches TV and sleeps all day? A: Lazy bones. Q: Where do ghosts go on holiday? A: Boo-ndi Beach. Q: How do you open a door on Halloween night? A: Use a spoo-key! WHAT DO YOU MEME? ME: YAY SPOOKY SEASON IS HERE ALSO ME: BABY SHARK DOO-DOO-DOO-DOO READER CORNER Q: What did the traffic light say to the car? A: Don’t look, I’m about to change! From TG reader Amy Want to see your reader funny in Total Girl? Send us your fave joke via email to totalgirl@nextmedia.com.au with the…

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totally embarrassing

Points for trying? We had a sports day at school and we were playing hockey. The score was tied with the other team. I was playing with people a year older than me and I really wanted to get a point so I ran after the hockey puck and scored a goal! I was jumping up and down; my team had WON! I started smack-talking to the other team, but then a girl came over and told me I had scored in the wrong goal! OMG, it was totally embarrassing! Grace Don’t rain on my parade! One time in Year 1, we had to dress up as a book character. At the parade we had to stand up and walk around in front of 500 kids and parents. It was my turn and I…