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Vietnam June 2019

Vietnam Magazine Presents the full & true stories from America’s most controversial & divisive war. Vietnam is the only magazine exclusively devoted to telling the full story of the Vietnam war, with gripping firsthand accounts and carefully researched articles by Vietnam war veterans of the conflict and top military historians.

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revisiting my lai

Autrefois, les bodybuilders de compétition avaient l’habitude de prolonger leur entraînement en exécutant quelques poses. C’est une excellente manière d’effectuer une contraction musculaire isométrique, qui gorge la zone de sang riche en nutriments. En accentuant ainsi la congestion, on permet au processus de récupération de démarrer. Consacrez cinq minutes à contracter les muscles que vous venez de faire travailler. Scott Anderson Green Valley, Ariz. Cunningham’s “My Lai’s Ghostly Footprints” reminded Vietnam veterans once again of America’s most documented atrocity of the Vietnam War. Calley’s infantry platoon entered the hamlet of My Lai, rounded up between 300 and 500 unarmed civilians, put them in a ditch and gunned them down. It is the only reported American atrocity of the Vietnam War, and Calley’s name is most remembered of all infantry officers who served in-country. Cunningham…

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BLUE WATER NAVY VETS WIN AGENT ORANGE BENEFITS CASE A federal appeals court in Washington, D.C., ruled in a 9-2 vote on Jan. 29 that tens of thousands of “blue water” sailors are eligible for benefits linked to exposure to Agent Orange, sprayed across South Vietnam to kill vegetation that fed or hid communist troops and a source of serious health problems for many veterans. Troops who served on the ground or on inland “brown water” rivers are presumed to have been in contact with Agent Orange in terms of eligibility for disability benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs to cover related illnesses and don’t have to prove exposure. Navy veterans who served on “blue water” oceangoing ships claim they also deserve that presumption because sailors on ships anchored offshore in the…

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Charles S. Kettles, a helicopter pilot who received the Medal of Honor for saving the lives of 40 soldiers and four of his own crew members, died at age 89 on Jan. 21 in Ypsilanti, Michigan. He originally received the Distinguished Service Cross for his actions in South Vietnam on May 15, 1967, but the commendation was upgraded in 2016 and presented to him by President Barack Obama. Kettles led a flight of six UH-1D Iroquois “Huey” helicopters to evacuate wounded troops from an American position during a battle at Duc Pho in the northern part of South Vietnam. Kettles was drafted at 21 and attended Officer Candidate School. After receiving his commission, he completed the Army Aviation School and did tours in Korea, Japan and Thailand. He continued his…

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walking the hill they died on

In September 2014 I made the first of three trips to Vietnam. I was writing a book to tell the story of Americans who fought in the war. I had interviewed many veterans who served, and now I wanted to walk some of the ground marked by major American combat. Traveling with a small group along the canals and waterways of the Mekong Delta, I began to understand what men meant when they called it a scary place. We also spent several days in what had been called I Corps, the military’s designation for South Vietnam’s northern region, where we visited battle sites at obscure places like Needlepoint, The Rockpile and Mutter’s Ridge, as well as the more wellknown Khe Sanh and Hue. Then four of us set out from Hue for…

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may-june 1969

May 5 The Boston Celtics squeak by the Los Angeles Lakers 108-106 to grab the NBA championship in Game 7 of the Finals. Lakers’ guard Jerry West, who averaged 38 points a game, netted the first MVP award presented in the Finals, the only time it has gone to the losing team. May 18 NASA launches Apollo 10, testing all the components and procedures necessary for the planned moon landing. As John Young orbited the moon in the command module, Thomas Stafford and Eugene Cernan flew the lunar module to within 10 miles of the surface. May 25 Midnight Cowboy premiers with John Voight as a cowboy who goes to New York to be a male prostitute and Dustin Hoffman as a sickly streetwise swindler who befriends him. Adult themes and homosexual…