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Web Designer is the premier magazine for aspiring online creatives and industry professionals. The monthly title offers cutting-edge practical projects spanning XHTML, CSS, Flash and WordPress as well as hosting features and interviews with the web community’s most influential people. Each issue also has a dedicated Industry section covering news and views from the trade, website showcases featuring the finest design talent. Web Designer: Defining the Internet through beautiful design… Please note: Digital versions of the magazines do not include the covermount items or supplements that you would find on printed editions.

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welcome to the issue

THE WEB DESIGNER MISSION To be the most accessible and inspiring voice for the industry, offering cutting-edge features and techniques vital to building future-proof online content Follow us on Twitter for all the news & conversation @WebDesignerMag Visit our blog for opinion, freebies & more www.creativebloq.com We all like shiny and new JavaScript is no stranger to web designers and developers. But, like pretty much everything on the web, it is always moving forward. The core language itself is constantly on the march, which means the surrounding ecosystem of tools, APIs, libraries and frameworks will all be following in its footsteps. “APIs are programming interfaces which let you offload jobs to a server or browser module provided by a third party” We were just remembering when jQuery was all shiny and new. But, while its legacy…

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this issue’s panel of experts

Tam Hanna Tam is a veteran programmer/developer and writer who simply loves to tinker with code and the latest tools. For this issue, he focuses on JavaScript, giving an insight into classic and contemporary libraries, tools, APIs, and frameworks that every developer needs so they can up their game. Page 46 “Re-inventing the wheel is unproductive. Libraries provide a set of well-tested JavaScript functions, which solve commonly-faced issues” Nicolas Copeland Nicolas is head of Lush UK’s social media output, and you can find him over on Instagram, documenting his love for food and travel. This issue, he demonstrates how to use the popular platforms to get yourself and your brand noticed. Page 84 Mark Shufflebottom Mark is a professor of Interaction Design at Sheridan College near Toronto. In this issue, Mark is tackling the idea of…

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what’s new in the world of wev dev?

Just as you have mastered the intricacies of your favourite framework, library or tool you can guarantee that an update has been introduced. This usually means there is more to learn. Hopefully, the update will provide a new, improved version that will improve your workflow and productivity to get an end result quicker. We know that this is not the opinion of everyone, but if you are going to continue using a specific framework, library or tool, you really need to take a look at the latest version. So, who’s been busy tweaking and tuning up? In the major release stakes, it is Angular that has been grabbing the headlines. Updates to version 8 span right across the board, including the framework, Angular Material, and the CLI. A post on the…

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sites of the month

01. Color of the year https://color-of-the-year.com Simple and straightforward with a big block of ever-changing colour and a well-known name to keep the user focused 02. Belazor Technologies http://belazortech.com Beautiful illustrations with smooth curved transitions, scaling backgrounds and subtle but effective animations 03. Anton Chalov’s Portfolio http://chalovak.tv A portfolio that grabs the attention wth its retro style, ceefax graphics and the smartphone remote that controls the desktop site 04. Bornfight https://ascc.bornfight.com Smart headline text animations that grab the users attention and make them want to engage further Graphics Evil Animals https://bit.ly/2wLhCGQ Great artwork, great fonts, great video, great soundtrack. Check out Airton Groba’s work Colour picker wwpB https://bit.ly/2XzmhqX Typesetter Cheddar Gothic Rough https://bit.ly/2R2clnE An all-caps condensed font with a hand-drawn, textured style. Great for branding and packaging with a green/organic theme WordPress Sann https://sann.edge-themes.com A contemporary and creative collection of themes (15 in total). Ideal for agencies looking for awesomeness…

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fail, fail, then fail some more

“‘Going again’ often leads to better, more considered ideas. Let’s face it, those initial creative answers MIGHT be brilliant — but they might also be a little bit off-brief” Most designers are in the ideas business. This means that our hunger for the daring, disruptive and different is insatiable — and every day, a whole industry of magazines, blogs, awards schemes and Insta-feeds relentlessly pump out shiny, perfectly-formed ideas that are eye-candy for us. Yet despite all this apparent success, no-one really talks about the failure and f**k-ups that precede the fanfare. The 20 or 30 so-so thoughts that came before the killer idea. The ‘genius move’ that the client just didn’t get. Or — dare I say it — the brief that wasn’t quite cracked? I honestly belief that failure is…

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top 5 web conferences july 2019

Brighton Ruby https://brightonruby.com This conference is described as a ‘friendly, single day, single track event for Rubyists and the Ruby-curious.’ And the speakers are ace. Agile on the Beach https://agileonthebeach.com Connect, learn and share (and eat) in Cornwall. Two days include sessions from over 50 speakers, across five different tracks. UX Bristol http://2018.uxbristol.org.uk UXBristol 2018 by the Bristol Usability Group Community Interest Company and brings 12 workshops, presented in three spaces. An Event Apart https://aneventapart.com/event/washington-dc-2019 An Event Apart DC is a three-day conference with some of the biggest names in web design and development. Chain React https://infinite.red/ChainReactConf Chain React is a full two-day conference dedicated to React Native. It boasts over 20 speakers, and is based in Portland, Oregon.…