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You know this state of presence by its feeling: aligned, connected and in flow. Sometimes our physical environment enables us to cultivate this sense of balance, ease and calm, which is why we intuitively turn to nature and other grounding environments to relax and reconnect with ourselves and the world. But, other times, if you adjust your internal landscape — your perspective on a situation — you can rediscover your presence, find more ease in moments of unease and surrender to the freedom of balance. Transitioning from a place of doing and into a state of being is at the core of this magazine, Being.

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what’s your dosha?

01 Kapha Kapha derives from the elements of earth and water. Translating as “that which sticks”, you might think of kapha like an essential type of cement for the body and mind. The qualities of kapha are moist, cold, heavy, dull, soft, sticky and static, and a kapha individual will display physical and mental characteristics that reflect these qualities — in positive (balanced) and negative (unbalanced) ways. Kapha types generally have strong frames and are naturally athletic, with a tendency to gain weight. Innately stable, compassionate and loyal, they thrive off routine and regularity. When imbalanced, they can become unmotivated, stubborn and complacent. 02 Pitta Pitta comes from the fire and water elements, translating as “that which cooks”. This domination of the fire element makes pitta types innately strong, intense and, when unbalanced,…

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freedom with your fitness

Q: How did your experiences with cystic acne and a love for exercise enable you to create Fitcover? A: As a fitness lover and busy mum, I’ve always struggled to find the right makeup to suit my active lifestyle. I knew exactly what I needed: makeup that would double as skincare, stay put through the toughest workouts and make me look (and feel) flawless all day, every day. Plus, it had to be cruelty-free, vegan, easy to apply and made from nourishing, natural ingredients. I wasn’t ready to settle for less. So, I created exactly that: skincare, disguised as makeup, designed for fitness lovers. Q: How important is it to feel comfortable in your own skin when it comes to any form of movement or exercise? A: Important is an understatement. It is…

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Inspiration is a force to be reckoned with. It often strikes unexpectedly and, if you’re courageous enough to follow its breadcrumbs, it can take you down an extraordinary path. Like a fire ignited in your belly, feeling inspired is what gets you out of bed in the morning to chase your dreams and live out your purpose. As Roy T Bennett, author of The Light in the Heart famously said, “Believe in your heart that you’re meant to live a life full of passion, purpose, magic and miracles.” Photography Hasan Albari, unsplash.com…

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how to practise mindful eating

01 Formalise eating Try eating while sitting at the table and use cutlery when practical. (I know, who wants to eat pizza with a knife and fork.) 02 When you eat, eat The next time you eat, try doing just that: eating. (Turning technology off helps.) See what you observe. Be curious about any discomfort that may arise. Pause to ask yourself throughout: I am eating, but am I tasting? 03 Engage with the five senses From start to finish, try paying attention to the different senses (smell, sight, sound, touch and taste) before and while you eat. Notice with curiosity if this changes your experience of eating. Acknowledge and gently let go of any judgements (positive, negative or neutral) that may arise. Try describing what you observe, eg “This apple tastes…

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a piece of presence

In our busy world, multitasking is often how humans survive. My typical day usually begins with snoozing my alarm, getting ready for work in a rush, speeding down the stairs into the kitchen to pack my lunch and racing out the door with a cup of peppermint tea after a quick brekkie. Towards the end of the week (when the fridge is nearing empty), I sometimes stop at the bakery on my way to work and set myself the task of mindfully enjoying my baked good while driving (note to self: this doesn’t work). I usually snack on the go while at work for morning and afternoon tea, and my 30-minute lunchbreak regularly rolls into 10 minutes of clock watching as I go over my mental to-do list and chat…

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an adventure of the soul

For my entire life, adventure has conjured up images of vast mountain ranges and the depths of the jungle — wild and unexplored places that require dangerous and arduous journeys to reach and activities that push you to the edge of your physicality and endurance. The word adventure has taken me all over the world. It’s had me skiing in the mountains of California, hitchhiking through rural New Zealand and breaking down in the Canadian wilderness. Recently, my definition of adventure has begun to shift. After being introduced to meditation and self-exploration three years ago, my sense of adventure has now broadened. Mountains and jungles still feature, and I still find myself in far-flung places having incredible and tough experiences, but alongside these more traditional ideas, I find adventure in the…