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WellBeing Being Issue 3

You know this state of presence by its feeling: aligned, connected and in flow. Sometimes our physical environment enables us to cultivate this sense of balance, ease and calm, which is why we intuitively turn to nature and other grounding environments to relax and reconnect with ourselves and the world. But, other times, if you adjust your internal landscape — your perspective on a situation — you can rediscover your presence, find more ease in moments of unease and surrender to the freedom of balance. Transitioning from a place of doing and into a state of being is at the core of this magazine, Being.

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“Books are a uniquely portable magic.” Stephen King For balance Simply Living Well: A Guide to Creating a Natural, Low-Waste Home by Julia Watkins Hardie Grant We all know we should be reducing waste, yet it can feel overwhelming to even get started. You don’t have to look far in Simply Living Well for tips on easy swaps to make, with the opening pages of the book containing a list of items we could choose instead of the common items we reach for (beeswax wraps over single-use foils or wraps, newspaper bin liners instead of plastic bags, etc). There are easy-to-follow instructions on how to make many of these items yourself, as well as lots of food, medicinal and cleaning product recipes, storage tips and sensible pieces of advice on how to live…

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Tibetan Buddhist Pema Chödrön once said, “You are the sky. Everything else — it’s just the weather.” The sky, just like your presence, is always there, but that doesn’t mean it’s always clear; storms can strike at any point. Your internal storms can feel just as intense as thunder, lightning or hail but the sky — like your presence — is always above (or underneath) the storm, patiently waiting for you to reconnect with it. Perhaps the most important thing to remember in life is the simple truth that you are the sky; your unwavering state of presence is a constant among the transient nature of weather.…

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relax into your natural state of being

OCCI O SLEEPWEAR MADE FROM 100% BREATHABLE ORGANIC COTTON Occi O is an Australian sleepwear label ethically produced in beautiful Sri Lanka. Each piece is thoughtfully designed with both the wearer and environment in mind and crafted to make you feel comfortable as you sleep. 6 issues of Being magazine RRP $72 plus bonus Occi O Sleepwear set of pyjamas RRP $89.95 Only $60 To receive this offer call 1300 303 414 and quote the code C/WBB03, or visit universalshop.com.au. HURRY! Offer ends 27th August, 2020…

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the intersect

We need the yin to be able to sustain the yang just as much as we need the yang to appreciate and fully savour the yin. Busy is just a natural state of life as is kicking back and waiting with intention. It’s the inclusiveness of both states, and everything between, which makes life so beautiful. What does “balance” mean to you? Have you ever achieved it and, if you have, have you managed to sustain it? I liken the notion of balance to perfectionism in the sense that it’s just another form of control; holding a state of balance is impossible if we’re living in the moment because the moment often calls for us to swing into “doing” mode — and with vigour — just like the moment can call…

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parenting across the globe

The proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child” is a widespread sentiment throughout African cultures. Though there are many variations of the phrase, they all point to one philosophy: having an abundance of parental figures and influences is essential for raising happy and healthy kids. Let’s be honest, no matter where in the globe you reside, parenting can be a tough gig. I would know — I’m a hands-on aunty to two wild little boys. I’ve been called “Mama Jess” more times than I can count and I’ve spent more hours than I’d like to admit hanging my head in my hands, post toddler-tantrum, poring over where I went wrong. I’m intimately aware that parenting is simultaneously rewarding and thankless; equally terrifying, boring, exhausting and exhilarating. And that’s just…

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how you’re being

Sol Cleanse Sol Cleanse offers a transformational whole-being juice cleanse to service the deepest parts of you with organic nourishment, daily meditations, rituals, guided mindfulness activity workbooks and movement. Reset not just your relationship with food, but also your relationship with your whole being. W: solcleanse.com Nature Care College transforming lives since 1973 Whether you’re looking to grow or after a rewarding career, Nature Care offers a diverse range of courses in holistic nutrition, wellness coaching, natural health, herbal medicine, meditation, massage, reflexology, aromatherapy and energetic health with on-campus and on-learning options. W: naturecare.com.au B.O.D By Finch Apparel Rug up this winter with the new Mantra knit. Designed for post-practice comfort, this knit features wide-sleeve detail and a stylish crew neck. Available in three colours, this knit is perfect for your morning walk or lounging around at…