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Wildfowl April/May 2019

Wildfowl Magazine is the best magazine out there for the serious goose and duck hunters. Loaded with useful information on guns & loads, decoys & calls, boats & blinds, retriever training, gear & gadgets, Canadian reports and conservation. Join us in the blind each issue!

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rounding the corner

THE MIXED FLOCK of plumed-out late season gadwall and wigeon swung for the last time, cupped, dropping into the deep trench of the seep ditch. We started knocking down birds, dropping four clean. The water was tight but the deep brush vast; I knew there would be a hunt after the hunt in the thick willows studded with pointed beaver-cut punji sticks waiting to stab feet. Wind-blown tumbleweeds filled the rest of the ditch Velcro-tight. The sides were 20-plus feet of vertical. I looked for a way to climb down the other side to help Luna, my yearling Lab. But she was already at the bottom, bulldozing around. She brought the first two all the way to hand, and plunged back. I assumed the youngster would need help and skidded down…

5 min.
short-term hard times for the atlantic flyway

IT WAS NOTHING short of devastating. What was once an annual $40 million injection into Maryland’s economy came to an abrupt end in 1995 when the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service closed goose hunting in much of the Atlantic Flyway. The moratorium lasted four years and changed the Eastern Shore’s hunting culture for good. “Most of the outfitters on the Eastern Shore went out of business,” says Tyler Johnson, president of the Maryland Outfitters and Guides Association. “It was rough. A few of us switched to ducks or deer and some others got back into it when the season was re-opened, but a lot of people just found something else to do. Motels, restaurants, gas stations, they were all hurt by the closure.” The Chesapeake region was reduced to one bird because…

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fifth flyway

PUBLIC-LAND BATTLES It looks like famed canvasback mecca Catahoula Lake will become off-limits to public duck hunters and fishermen. In 2006, Steve and Era Crooks (emphasis on “crook”), took the state of Louisiana to court over ownership of the lake. An initial ruling deemed Catahoula a private river and ordered the state to pay landowners millions in damages. That ruling was upheld in December by an appellate court. The state can take the case to Louisiana’s Supreme Court as a last resort, but no word on that yet. UK E-COLLAR CONTROVERSY The Brits are trying to ban e-collars, citing cruelty to dogs and cats—apparently kittens make retrieves in jolly ol’ England. Environmental Secretary Michael Gove and an animal rights group lead the charge. The tree-hugging wimps say e-collars deliver 6,000 volts of electricity,…

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pass shots

CULL THE FISH-EATERS Ontario officials are considering a season on double-crested cormorants. The season would from March 15 to Dec. 31, with a 50-bird daily bag limit, aimed at reducing the birds’ growing numbers, which are having a negative impact on sport fishing and to trees where the birds roost. FARM BILL DELIVERS Programs like CRP, the Regional Conservation Partnership and the Agricultural Conservation Easement ($2 billion over the next 10 years) all received more funding thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill. Land enrolled under the Working Lands program will also see beneficial changes. FLYWAYS SHIFTING A popular waterfowl website has moved. The information on will now be found on the USFWS migratory bird program website. was the primary clearinghouse for waterfowl hunting-related data, including harvest reports, banding data, duck counts and other…

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farming for fowl

MANAGING A PROPERTY for wildfowl is a labor of love, and that’s a good thing because proper land management is a year-round task. With the arrival of spring, migrating birds are headed back north to raise their broods and the time has come for duck hunters to start cultivating their land with crops to draw in and hold birds for the fall. By properly managing water levels in your impoundment and planting productive seed blends, you’ll be on track for a fantastic hunting season, but making mistakes during your spring drawdown and planting routine will cost time, money, and effort and can spoil your dreams of building a duck paradise. FLASH FLOODS If you do not have the ability to manipulate the water level in your duck pond, you’re facing a steep…

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canine brains

WHEN WE PUPPY shop, we look for quality genetics that should produce athletic, physically healthy dogs with drive to spare. When it comes to duck dogs, there is always a heavy emphasis on prey drive and the ability to work from dark to dark in the harshest conditions as it pertains to puppy choice. But what about a dog’s problem-solving skills, or ability to learn? Canine intelligence is something we think of in blanket terms, like dalmatians are dumb or border collies are smart. When it comes to duck dogs, most of us have the attitude that we’ll take our retrievers how they come intelligence-wise, wherever they may fall on the brainy spectrum. Here’s the thing, though, in addition to quality training we can foster better brain development and actually enhance our puppy’s…