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Wildfowl August 2019 - Equipment Annual Rel #1

Wildfowl Magazine is the best magazine out there for the serious goose and duck hunters. Loaded with useful information on guns & loads, decoys & calls, boats & blinds, retriever training, gear & gadgets, Canadian reports and conservation. Join us in the blind each issue!

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EDITORIAL STAFF EDITOR Skip Knowles ASSOCIATE EDITOR Joe Genzel ART DIRECTOR Chuck Beasley PRODUCTION MANAGER Kathryn McGlothlen PRODUCTION COORDINATOR Jenny Kaeb ENDEMIC AD SALES NATIONAL ENDEMIC SALES MANAGER Jim McConville | (440) 791-7017 jim.mcconville@outdoorsg.com ADVERTISING SALES MANAGER Mark Thiffault | (720) 630-9863 WESTERN REGION Hutch Looney hutch@hlooney.com NATIONAL AD SALES ACCOUNT DIRECTOR — DETROIT OFFICE Kevin Donley | (248) 798-4458 NATIONAL ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE — CHICAGO OFFICE Carl Benson | (312) 955-0496 DIRECT RESPONSE ADVERTISING/NON-ENDEMIC Anthony Smyth | (914) 693-8700…

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for the love of "others"

CHAMPAGNE SPARKLES floated in the dry, frigid air under a hard blue sky, cold that made you reflex cough and things in your nose crackle on the inhale. The mallards had pumped their way up the Wyoming river, where we’d ambushed them at eye level from high on the bank. Three fell, one floated off. My buddy said, “we’ll get him, they always drift to the same spot.” We found that drake soon after on an ice floe, already frozen over like a fossil stuck in a Christmas snow globe. With that kind of cold, I thought the birds should be clearing out. But these red-legged beauties were just arriving. Mallards are a cold, cold, cold-tolerant bird, known to stay in Canada so long sometimes they starve to death if caught by a…

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the missing mallards

THERE IS NO other way to put it: Last season was tough throughout most of duck country. Hunters often stared at empty skies and wondered when, or if, the birds would show. In many regions, they never did. Mallards in particular were absent in places that normally hold plenty of greenheads. Although the numbers were not available by press time, it’s a safe bet the harvest will reflect the overall mood that was so persistent among hunters last season. But the mallard harvest wasn’t just down last season. It has been falling in recent years. At the same, however, mallard breeding populations have been at or near record highs for a decade. As recently as 2016, there were an estimated 11.8 million mallards on the spring breeding grounds. But nationwide, hunters…

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pass shots

PROJECT DELTA A contractor was chosen for a massive Mississippi Delta restoration project that will allow sediment to flow back into the coastal marshes and restore lost habitat. The Mid-Breton Sediment Diversion Project is expected to restore 16,000 acres of marshland to the benefit of wintering waterfowl. SEA DUCKS UNDER THE MICROSCOPE Scientists at the University of Ottawa are using core samples to determine historic sea duck populations on Arctic nesting grounds. The samples include layers of eider droppings and even the remnants of dead birds, allowing researchers to estimate populations by year. The data can go back hundreds or even thousands of years. The findings helped researchers conclude increased subsistence hunting in the early 20th century led to population declines. WHY HUNTING MATTERS Excise taxes on hunting, shooting and fishing equipment will provide $1…

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fifth flyway

CHILD’S PLAY When we were boys, our fathers would tell us children were meant to listen, not speak. That philosophy applies to countless adults, including Maryland lawmaker Johnny Mautz, who said he didn’t understand why his state’s Canada goose limit is being reduced to one bird, but other Atlantic Flyway states will be at two. Eh, John, the Eastern Shore has more hunters, thus more dead geese, so the limit went to one bird. Other states like Pennsylvania and New York have fewer goose hunters, so they don’t need as much restriction. Simple as that. IT PLAYED IN PEORIA We have to do a little bragging on our hometown of Peoria, Illinois. Last spring, one of the most extensive—and expensive—decoy collections ever compiled was on display at the Riverfront Museum. Carvings from legends…

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boat-friendly property

GRANITE-COLORED TREES passed on both sides of the boat as guide Jackie Van Cleave navigated through the pre-dawn darkness of Reelfoot Lake in Tennessee. Reelfoot is no place for a novice captain because a host of submerged limbs, cypress knees and stumps lay just below the surface waiting to eviscerate an errant boat that veers off course. But, like so many areas of the country, accessing the very best duck hunting on Reelfoot requires an early-morning boat ride. Duck boats aren’t just reserved for big, public-water hunters, though. If you own a duck impoundment there are advantages to making your property boat-friendly. Adding a ramp increases the value of your property, makes off-season chores much simpler, and you’ll access areas that simply cannot be reached by land—especially if you hunt swampland…