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Windows 10 For Beginners

Windows 10 For Beginners Windows 10 For Beginners 4th Edition

After the radical redesign of its predecessor, Windows 10 has been lauded as a return to form, blending classic elements of Microsoft’s operating system with some significant new features. The Start menu has made a welcome return, and it’s now more useful than ever thanks to the inclusion of live tiles and Cortana – your very own voice-activated personal assistant. In this new edition of Windows 10 for Beginners we’ll walk you through these features and much more besides. From installing Windows 10 and tweaking your settings, to browsing the web and emailing friends, the tutorials in this bookazine will help you on your way to becoming an accomplished user. We’ll also break down how to get the most out of Microsoft Office, as well as showcasing some of the best apps available to download from the Windows Store. Featuring: Setting up - Upgrade to Windows 10 and go through the process of setting up your device. Getting started - Get to know your way around Windows 10 and test the waters with the built-in apps. The next step - Once you’ve got to grips with Windows 10, you can start tweaking the OS to suit your needs. Essential Windows apps - Discover the very best downloads available from the Windows Store.

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welcome to windows 10 for beginners

Windows 8 was a radical departure from any Windows operating system we had seen in recent times. The Start menu was gone and it mostly worked using a tiled-based system rather than the desktop. There was an outcry from users who were adverse to change, but Microsoft listened, and Windows 10 sees the return of a system we all know and love. The Start menu is back, but the tiled system isn’t redundant. It has been integrated into the Start menu, and you can view your apps in a Start screen manner if you want to. Windows 10 also sees the introduction of your own voicepowered personal assistant, Cortana. Not only that, but Microsoft has retired Internet Explorer and introduced Microsoft Edge, which includes the ability to annotate web pages,…

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the ultimate guide to windows 10

Incredibly, it’s been more than 30 years since the first commercial release of Microsoft’s Windows. Through a myriad of ground-breaking iterations, the operating system continues to redefine how users interact with not just PCs but tablets, smartphones and even games consoles too. Apt then that in this anniversary year we welcome the latest release since Windows 8 almost three years prior. Windows 10 promises a unified experience across modern devices, unveiling a raft of new features alongside some old favourites. Fans will be heartened to find classic desktop staples, most notably the iconic Start menu, returned in versatile style. This time, users are encouraged to customise Windows to blend popular aspects of Vista and Windows 7 with the touch-screen optimisation of Windows 8. The Start screen is banished to let…

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start menu

Windows 8’s removal of the Start menu in favour of the Start screen was a bugbear for veteran users. The lingering expectation for clicking that familiar Windows icon to launch popular programs made losing this popular feature jarring for some. Happily though, Windows 10 not only places the Start Menu back into the left corner of the desktop taskbar, it also offers greater flexibility over its function and behaviour. By default, the ’new’ Start menu accommodates not only typical desktop apps and places, but also Live Tiles for Windows 8-style favourites. Crucially though, the Windows 10 Start menu allows Live Tile functionality to be switched off completely, along with unpinning Metro apps such as Mail, Weather, Store and so on. Alternatively, users can opt to view the Start menu full-screen,…

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windows store

Windows 8 ushered in a new way to download and install apps on your PC and supported devices: the Windows Store. For the launch of Windows 10, the Windows Store was given a Beta facelift, which was made accessible as part of the OS’s technical preview. So, although the new design is subject to ongoing changes, when you click that shopping bag taskbar button or Start menu tile, we think you will be pleasantly surprised. Most notably, the general layout from the ’Home’ page throughout is much cleaner and more organised, with a carousel of latest and featured apps along the top. Here you will also find links to core Apps, Games, Music and Music & TV categories, as well as quick access to download queues, your account profile and the…

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If you asked veteran Windows users about where to find the most crucial settings for their system, most would say Control Panel. This was always the traditional home for configuring every aspect of the OS, offering several layers of complexity based on how advanced and deep users wanted to go. Control Panel still exists in Windows 10, but it is tucked away in favour of a new ’Settings’ app that can be found on the left-hand side of the new Start menu. Offering a more streamlined top-level view, icons relating to System, Devices and Network & Internet can all be located here. Beyond popular preferences on power management, displays, peripherals and Wi-Fi, users can then personalise how Windows 10 looks and general accessibility or privacy levels. Designed universally for devices beyond merely…

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keyboard shortcuts

The rise of Windows in the formative years of mainstream home computing really went hand in glove with the mouse. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) and its Windows, Icon, Mouse and Pointer (WIMP) paradigm liberated users a little from their keyboards. However, both peripherals very much remain standard for desktop PCs and even in virtual form on touch devices. With Windows 10 harnessing next-gen forms of input alongside predominantly the pointer, lest we forget the usefulness of the keyboard for system shortcuts. These quick key combinations still represent the fastest form of performing interface actions for most, with Windows 10 ensuring its myriad of new features can be accessed this way. In this section we delve deep into the many available, and focus on those that users will want to learn…