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Woman & Home Feel Good You September 2019

woman&home Feel Good You is the only wellbeing and fitness title on the market that offers women of any age, any shape, any fitness level, particularly women over 40, the inspiration to feel fabulous every day. Simple changes that fit real life are the prescription to make the most of their looks, feel younger, fitter, slimmer, reduce stress, increase vitality and live a healthier life. The magazine is divided into sections focusing on wellbeing, beauty, diet, fitness, health and ‘inner you’ and is packed with tips, expert advice and best buys.

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welcome to feel good you!

Hopefully as you read this you’re basking in the last rays of summer – it’s a time of year I love. The weather is still great but as we get back into our day-to-day post-holiday routine, it’s also the perfect time to devote to your own wellbeing. And in this issue that means enjoying the great outdoors while you still can – check out our feature on page 24 to discover why that’s the best thing you can do this month. And turn to p76 for outdoor kit that will look stylish whatever the weather! If you’ve no time to leave the house, then on p78 we’ve got a fantastic at-home workout that will help you tone up without wrecking your joints. Sticking with the indoor theme, on p122 Senior Writer…

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feel good fast

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what’s healthy right now?

Looking for an addictive podcast? Every Wednesday, Lovehoney’s ‘pleasure experts’ release new shows, where they talk openly about relationship issues, and help listeners with their sex dilemmas – all aimed with your happiness in mind; lovehoney.co.uk/sexual-happiness-podcast. For more sex tips, turn to p122. SAUTÉ YOURSELF SLIMMER Could your new weight loss secret be as simple as switching your saucepan? The Copper Chef range uses a special coating to stop the pan from burning, so you don’t need to use any calorific fat or oil. And, with 1tbsp of olive oil containing around 120 cals, this can soon add up to extra lbs. From £19.99, highstreettv.com Brain-boosting power plant Its name – Eleutherococcus senticosus – might be tough to pronounce, but this Asian plant packs a punch when it comes to health benefits. Not only is…

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is it time youdid nothing?

As the summer comes to an end and life gets back into a routine, it’s all too easy to find yourself back on a treadmill of constant work, family and social commitments. But what if you just did nothing for a change? When did you last take a moment that was truly to yourself, with no distractions? Some of our favourite wellbeing experts reveal their tricks for injecting some much-needed laziness into our hectic lives… Why are we so busy? These days people seem to wear their busyness as a badge of honour, but where have we developed this habit? From generation to generation, we have been passed these thoughts that date back to wartime,’ says Lisa Hawkyard, mindset expert and coach (lisahawkyard.com). ‘We are praised for keeping going when in fact this can…

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relax your way

WORK WONDERS While most are snoozing their alarms, you’re ready for another goal-achieving day. However, work doesn’t have to be your only focus. ‘Volunteering will give similarly purposeful feelings, and provide health benefits – a Carnegie Mellon University study revealed volunteers have lower blood pressure and a longer lifespan,’ says Marie. SOCIAL BUTTERFLIES You’re extroverted by nature, so you get a boost from being around others. However, you should avoid being sapped by others’ moods. Around 70% of our energy is emotional, so if a friend is down, build distraction amid the deep chats with a dance class, or watch a comedy to help lift the spirits. FITNESS FIENDS Whether it’s a long walk or a gym class, you need a regular session to feel happy. But what kind depends on if you’re an introvert…

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unleash the power of posture

Are you sitting bolt upright while reading this? Give yourself a pat on the back. Posture problems are on the rise with excessive device use and our increasingly inactive lifestyles, leaving many of us slumped, slouched and hunched – with alarming health consequences as a result. In 2017/2018, over 6.6 million working days were lost due to musculoskeletal disorders, and 65% of people are experiencing neck and back pain at least once a month. It’s time to focus on our form… Good foundations It goes without saying that carrying yourself well looks good – tweaking your body position can give you grace and elegance – but adopting a straight stance has huge health advantages too. Back pain relief, better breathing and improved digestion are just some of the physical benefits that experts…