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Woman & Home South Africa August 2019

Woman & Home puts the reader at the centre of everything they do, never pigeonholing, always believing it’s attitude not age that matters, always with a positive tone that connects to the reader, giving her confidence, glamour and inspiration to try new experiences. woman&home has a brand new attitude and offers irresistible inspiration each and every month.

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find joy in your life

Remember when you were a little girl and you dreamt of what you'd be one day? 'Our mantra is meant to encourage all women to live their best lives and ÿnd the thing that makes them happy' Ballerinas, singers, actresses, doctors, those kind of 'hero' or idealistic jobs were bound to be top of the list, the kind that represented the best version of ourselves. The wonderful thing is, we didn't doubt for a second, back then, that we could be those things, did we? This issue is about that kind of ethos. You may not want to be a ballerina any more or, for that matter, completely change direction in your life, but is there anything you would love to try, any experience that you dream of having? "Yes, you can!"…

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meet our contributors

On page 32, SA music icon YVONNE CHAKA CHAKA gives insight into her life and career. ✢ The bravest decision I ever made was... to pursue music when my mom wanted me to become a lawyer. I've never looked back. ✢ My dream goal... is to get my fund, Backing Vocalists and Session Musicians, off the ground. I want to keep helping musicians and make their voices heard. ✢ In another life, I’d be... one of Oprah’s dogs! They must have fantastic lives. Turn to page 83 to see which beauty products Dr Judey Pretorius, CEO of Biomedical Emporium, swears by. ✢ The bravest decision I ever made was... to resign from a secure job to start my own business venture. I had a vision and a dream to formulate my own beauty line, which…

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i’ve learnt to look after myself

‘You’ve got to fight for the life you want’ Actress Uma Thurman, 49, shot into the spotlight at a very young age. She followed in her model mother’s footsteps and landed her first modelling gig at the age of 16. Then, she broke into the movie industry playing Laura in the 1987 thriller Kiss Daddy Goodnight . She’s probably best known as director Quentin Tarantino’s golden girl for her roles in Pulp Fiction and the two Kill Bill films. She took a break from the screen for a while to focus on being a mom, but recently starred in fantasy drama Down A Dark Hall , and is making her return to TV screens as the grieving mother in Netflix psychological drama Chambers . She has two grown-up kids, Maya and…

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uma in real life...

Eat cake For Uma’s 49th birthday this year, her daughter Maya threw a special party with friends, family, and cake! Italiano! Uma channels her inner madonna on a trip to Rome earlier this year. The family Three generations of love. Here, Uma gathers with her dad Robert and her three children, Maya, Levon and Luna. Fancy pals Out celebrating with Roger Federer, Natalie Portman and Kate Moss. Go, girls! Uma, one of the executive producers (left), and the writer (right) wait to watch the first screening of Chambers. PHOTOGRAPHS MARK ABRAHAMS/TRUNK ARCHIVE; @UMATHURMAN…

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confidence with age

‘Why I feel lucky to be the age I am right now’ My daughter just turned 23 and she’s beautiful. OK, I’m biased, obviously, but so much that we call beauty comes as a free gift with youth. When Evie complains that her bum is too low-slung to look right in jeans, I see an enviably pert backside that fills out denim a treat. When she laments the fact that she’s short (actually, she’s the average height for women), I quote my own mother, “Good things come in small packages.” Can she not even take pleasure in her huge hazel eyes? Nope. Don’t be ridiculous, Mom! Her eyes are “hooded”, apparently, or so she informed me the other day. It never stops, does it, this business of young women finding fault with…

5 min.
yes you can achieve your goals!

Just imagine the scenario. You have a presentation to give at work. The big day comes and your mind goes blank. You get through it, but only just. You vow “never again”. You’re no good at public speaking. That speech you were planning to give at your husband’s big birthday? Forget it. But what if you handled the fallout differently? What if you said, “That didn’t go so well, but next time it will”? Or, instead of hiding away, you bought a book on public speaking – comedienne Viv Groskop’s How to Own the Room would be a good place to start – and had another go? And that, according to psychologist Ian Price, is the key to achieving your goals. Whether you want to make a speech, write a novel,…