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Woman & Home South Africa September 2019

Woman & Home puts the reader at the centre of everything they do, never pigeonholing, always believing it’s attitude not age that matters, always with a positive tone that connects to the reader, giving her confidence, glamour and inspiration to try new experiences. woman&home has a brand new attitude and offers irresistible inspiration each and every month.

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welcome to spring

As our world refreshes and renews itself with the arrival of spring, what better time for us to look at new possibilities for achieving a calmer, more meaningful life? Although we can't always change everything about the complex world we find ourselves in, the experts in our Life Tools article on page 14 advise that we can change the way we live in it. 'Here's to a month lived more lightly, with exciting new possibilities for us all' Often, the clutter of all the things we have piled up to do in our daily lives keeps us from the things we should be doing to reach our full potential. So, with the advent of warmer weather and longer, sunnier days, this issue has a whole lot of ways for you to clear…

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meet our contributors

We catch up with actress QUINNE BROWN on page 36. ✔ Have you ever torn up the rule book? I’ve never been one for convention. From choosing acting over going to university, to marrying an American and having a home birth with my daughter, I’ve always followed my gut. ✔ What’s your feel-good song? Tilted by Christine and the Queens. It’s the kind of song that gives you permission to be who you are, and you can’t help but move to it. Stage actress TARYN BENNETT shares what she’s watching, reading, and more on page 152. ✔ Have you ever torn up the rule book? Deciding to be an actress was a scary career choice. But I had talent and a desire to learn more, and eventually it didn’t seem like such an impossible…

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the magical life of liv

‘My greatest goal was to have a family and create a stable home for my kids’ Ethereal, enigmatic, and a busy mom of four, Liv Tyler, 43, is enjoying every moment. Born in New York to her single mom Bebe Buell, Liv’s start in life was a little unconventional. Although she saw her mom’s boyfriend, musician Todd Rundgren, as her father, it was only when she attended an Aerosmith concert at the age of nine that she met her real dad, singer Steven Tyler. From then, he was a part of her life, there as she chased a modelling career before trying her hand at acting. She’s best known for her role as Arwen in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and recently for playing Meg Abbott in The Leftovers .…

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mistress of minimalism (not!)

‘What my massive spring clean taught me’ Moving house last month meant I did the Mother of All Spring Cleans. Here was a chance to cast off the stuff I had been lugging around for half my adult life like one of those peasant women you see in a Bruegel painting pulling an ox-cart through a lake of mud. I was looking forward to releasing my inner Marie Kondo after my friend Claire gave me a tour of her own bedroom. Claire’s wardrobe rail was hung with a few well-chosen pieces, unlike mine, which was so crowded that multiple garments shared a single hanger and I could never find what I was looking for. I particularly liked the drawer in which Claire’s recently Kondoed pants were rolled up small and cute,…

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how a simple life makes you happy

How often have you come back from holiday feeling recharged, only to lose that benefit the moment you return to reality? Do you find yourself saying “I need a break” or “I want time to myself”? We live in complex times and we can’t change the world, only the way we live in it. You don’t need to be a hermit to feel Zen-like – tiny shifts in your routine can lead to a more carefree existence. 1 Start the day with a clear mind Imagine you’re in the middle of tidying up or ploughing through a long to-do list on the computer when your friend calls to suggest a walk in the park. Your instant response may be to say “I’m too busy”, but every time we declare “I don’t have…

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new for you

SO SLEEK, SO CHIC Zara’s new spin on the military look makes it one of our go-to labels for chic urban-wear this spring. Utility-style shirts, parkas, coats and jumpsuits have been given a feminine overhaul in soft pinks and nudes, with colourblocking adding an on-trend edge. MINIMALIST TIME Epitomising contemporary elegance, the latest additions to Ebel’s Wave watch collection showcase textured faces in a variety of colours. Top of our most-wanted list this season! From a selection BAGS OF STYLE We’re lusting after the new-season bag offerings from Aldo. Staying true to the brand’s bold character, the pieces are inspired by the trends of the moment – faux snake skin and sports-luxe trim detail – and celebrate the essence of a vibrant spring/ summer 2019. From R899 each MODERN PEARLS Spring sees a new take on these…