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Woman & Home South Africa

Woman & Home South Africa November 2019

Woman & Home puts the reader at the centre of everything they do, never pigeonholing, always believing it’s attitude not age that matters, always with a positive tone that connects to the reader, giving her confidence, glamour and inspiration to try new experiences. woman&home has a brand new attitude and offers irresistible inspiration each and every month.

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find joy in your life

'Celebrating heart-warming stories about women from all walks of life is at the heart of woman&home' There's a certain excitement that takes hold of me whenever we start working on the November issue. Each month has its own delights, but November has a particular joy to it. Perhaps it's the excitement of knowing that Christmas and the end-of-year holidays are just around the corner, but I think it probably has more to do with the frisson of knowing we've entered the party season; we've made it through another year and can now lap up the pleasures of a happy summer ahead. To that end, a magical buzz runs right through this issue, from making sure you look party perfect, to stylish decor and food ideas for a season of entertaining. In this month's…

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meet our contributors

Find out what actress CAROLYN STEYN loves the most on page 39. * How would your friends describe you? I’d like to think they’d say loyal and generous. * My girlfriends and I often... have dinner at a restaurant or go line dancing. Once a year we’re on a beach, sipping pina coladas. Heaven! * Which celeb would you love to be besties with? Dame Julie Andrews! The Sound of Music is my favourite movie of all time; I’ve grown up feeling like I know her. On page 40, SA author SALLY ANDREW chats about her magical escape to the bushveld. * How would your friends describe you? They’d probably use the adjectives kind, brave, cheeky, creative, bossy, crazy... * My girlfriends and I often... go hiking, camping, or picnicking. We also love our moonlit dinners…

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‘women need to focus on themselves, we do so much for everybody else!’

‘My outlook on life changed when I turned 40 – I found my groove’ With her energy and sunny smile, Anita Rani epitomises summer magic at the w&h photo shoot. The 41-year-old presenter and once Strictly Come Dancing semi-finalist has an infectious zest for life. She’s a confident and natural performer, so it’s no surprise when we sit down to chat that she says her life is about dreams. “I want to be Beyoncé! I don’t think I’ve lost that nine-year-old in me who just wants to be on stage. It’s important to have dreams – it doesn’t matter how silly they are, they’re yours.” This year, Anita has already achieved one of her big dreams – climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania for Comic Relief, something she describes as an “amazing” experience. “My life is…

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you’ve got a friend in me author allison pearson on real, meaningful friendship

The other day, my friend Karen turned down an invitation to lunch with a neighbour. The woman had lived across the road for years and, although they were chatty, they’d never got close. Recently, the woman started messaging daily, suggesting they meet up. “She wants a divorce and knows I’ve been through it, so she thinks I can help,” Karen sighed. “Well, darling,” I said, “you are the best free counsellor I know.” “But I don’t want to do it,” Karen said firmly. “It would take time and emotional investment, and would be hell. I know I’d end up supporting her through it, which would be exhausting. I’d do it for you if you were getting divorced, Alli, as I love you. I haven’t got the energy to be a friend to…

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the power of thank you

We all love to moan – and not just about politics. Popular topics include traffic, the weather, potholes and – unsurprisingly – other people. Yet by switching our mindset and introducing a little gratitude into our lives, we can focus on what we do have, rather than what we don’t. Gratitude reduces stress, improves sleep, boosts spirits and makes us powerful because it’s the glue that keeps communities together. When our parents taught us to say “thank you”, it wasn’t for good manners alone. Follow these seven pointers to help you learn to harness happiness and the healing power that comes from being thankful. 1 ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR LOVED ONES DOING SOMETHING GOOD People aren’t mind readers, so you need to spell it out for them that they matter. Studies show that appreciation strengthens…

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new for you

WORK MIX Hats off to H&M for beautiful fashion-forward workwear. The new H&M Studio Collection is a strong yet feminine range that mixes the classic and the avant-garde, with versatile shapes, timeless cuts, and playful prints – perfect for confident, empowered women. A STYLISH STORY Swarovski’s new Tarot Magic Collection weaves symbols of light, positivity and protection into beautifully intricate pieces that allow you to create your own style story. In this bracelet, chic gold tones, sparkling crystals, and rich colours are offset by two clasping hands, which symbolise protection. ANIMAL MAGNETISM Animal print is here to stay, with snakeskin, zebra stripes, and leopard spots becoming this season’s new style icons. Gianna – part of the Tread + Miller brand – has just released the perfect shoes to elegantly showcase the trend. R999 a pair,…