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Woman & Home South Africa January 2020

Woman & Home puts the reader at the centre of everything they do, never pigeonholing, always believing it’s attitude not age that matters, always with a positive tone that connects to the reader, giving her confidence, glamour and inspiration to try new experiences. woman&home has a brand new attitude and offers irresistible inspiration each and every month.

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glorious summer

It's that time of year when we can stop dashing around and start unwinding and reconnecting with ourselves; that blessed period of time when the world slows down and we get to experience the instant relaxation of our stressed minds. I hope that, as you're reading this, you're stretched out on a lounger soaking up the peace, or are lost in the pages of our free holiday read bagged with this issue. This holiday lull is also the ideal time to check in with yourself – to evaluate where you're at and what you'd like for yourself in the new year; to assess which parts of 2019 you want to take forward with you, and which ones you'd do well to shake off and leave behind. Rejuvenation is, in part, about…

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meet our contributors

SA author and chef MARLENE VAN DER WESTHUIZEN talks to us on page 48. * How do you make your holiday mood last? It’s impossible! I hit the ground running after any break. So, when I’m on leave, I turn my cell phone off and just unwind. * The one thing I need to relax is... a well-stocked kitchen with a good stove. * My dream getaway is... spending time with friends on a boat, exploring the Balearic Islands off the coast of Spain. On page 148, actress KATE NORMINGTON tells us what she’ll be doing this month. * How do you make your holiday mood last? I read. As long as I have a couple of good books to keep my mind active, it’ll always be my favourite escape. * My dream getaway is... anywhere…

5 min.
‘i finally feel brave again’

‘Now, at 50, I have my energy back. I feel like anything is possible’ Sitting down with Andrea McLean is like catching up with an old friend. She’s warm, open and funny: nothing is off limits. After announcing in 2016 that she’d be taking time off to have a hysterectomy – which triggered early menopause – she was inundated with messages from women asking for information and advice. She couldn’t respond to every query so, with the help of a menopause expert, she penned a bestselling book, Confessions of a Menopausal Woman . “My experience hasn’t been brilliant, but women don’t need to accept that this is how it is; there is help,” she says. Andrea has two kids, Finlay, 18, and Amy, 13, and is married to Nick. She says she feels “full…

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ask me anything

Who was your teenage heart-throb? Bryan Adams and Morten Harket – I had an eclectic mix! How about now? Ryan Reynolds. It’s his funniness I really like. He’s so sarcastic and brilliant. What’s the wildest thing you’ve done? I once tried to get on Jon Bon Jovi’s tour bus. I went to see him in concert and got very drunk on cider with a friend of mine, and we somehow managed to get backstage and tried to get on his bus. What is your biggest addiction? At the moment it’s Nashville [TV show]. I’m really late to the party, but I love it, it’s my way to de-stress. What is your life mantra? Just keep going! What are you terriÿed of? Spiders. I’m so ridiculously scared of them that I once slept in the spare room because Finlay and I were…

4 min.
set yourself free

We can all relate to Freddie Mercury blasting out I Want to Break Free – who doesn't want to shake off their shackles and soar to a world without limits? Somehow, it just isn’t that easy. We put it down to circumstances, our past, or other people, but the truth is, all that’s holding us back is the voice in our head. Happily, we have the power to shut that nagging old parrot up and listen to something kinder instead. Follow these ideas to make a start. 1 STOP SABOTAGING YOURSELF Do you sometimes feel you’re your own worst enemy? Perhaps you buy that bag you can’t really afford, eat doughnuts after a workout at the gym, or put off saying yes to a potentially exciting date. Coach Kim Morgan says self-sabotaging…

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new for you

THE FLORAL EDGE With botanicals centre stage this season, Witchery’s new floral range will see you through summer in style. Known for classy yet fashion-forward collections, this one is no exception. Keep your cool in beautifully tailored pieces with an air of the exotic about them. Dress, R999; shorts, R699, 4 to 14 THE FINE DETAILS A smart bag or slick wallet will set your style status. Oak Leather’s accessories are made from the finest leather and hand-stitched in their Clarens studio for superior craftsmanship. Select a finish, then add your own flourish by having your initials engraved onto your item. RAFFIA REFRESH A plain straw shopper just won’t cut it this season. Look out for colour-pop pom-poms and tassels. And don’t be afraid to play with shapes, too – the more structured the better! FUN…