Woman's Weekly 500 calorie Issue 1 - 2018

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welcome to your new look 5:2 diet guide!

Whether you’re a 5:2 fan or giving Intermittent Fasting a go for the first time, it’s never been easier to lose weight this way! Using the latest research on fasting diets we’ve made it easier to eat more calories than before, on your twice-weekly fast days, but still lose weight! We’ve also added a wider range of more flexible recipes so you choose how many calories you eat at each meal. So whether you prefer grazing on small 150-cal dishes all day long, or saving yourself for a super-filling supper, there’s something for everyone. We’ve even got juices, super low-cal desserts and some suggestions of on the go food for when you’ve not time to cook. Fasting days have never been so easy – or tasty! GOOD LUCK WITH THE DIET!…

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how to do 5:2

Known for its celebrity followers and the impressive results it can achieve, 5:2 is one of the most popular and effective fasting diets around. Get started now and you will soon see and feel the results. You won’t find an easier plan to follow. Cut your calorie intake on two days and eat normally for the other five days. Simple! Plus 5:2 is now more flexible than ever. THE NEW RULES 1. YOU CAN EAT MORE You can now eat up to 800 calories a day on fast days (up from 500 for women and 600 for men). The diet’s originator, Dr Michael Mosley, says you can still achieve the weight loss and health benefits associated with the plan with a more sustainable calorie intake. This meal planner features meals from 150 cals to…

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some examples of 5:2 days

WHAT TO EAT ON YOUR NORMAL DAYS: • For the five days you are not fasting you can eat as normal. We recommend consuming around 2,000 calories a day but there is no need to worry if you have a blowout dinner or a couple of drinks. When choosing your meals, it is important to ensure they are balanced and that you are getting all the necessary vitamins and nutrients. • If you’re on medication, or have any ongoing medical condition, consult your GP before starting this diet plan. • For many people, the 5:2 fast is one of the easiest to follow because it only involves dieting for two days. You get to enjoy the foods you want, within reason, for the rest of the week and don’t have to worry about…

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150 calories & under

KEFIR FRUIT & BRAN BOWL SERVES 1, READY IN 5 MINS • 50g hulled strawberries, sliced• 30g peeled kiwi, sliced• 75g kefir (1.5% fat, such as Lowicz Kefir Yoghurt Drink from Tesco)• 20g pomegranate seeds• 5g All-Bran) METHOD 1 Arrange the prepared strawberries and sliced kiwi in the base of a small serving dish. 2 Spoon over the kefir, covering the fruit, and then scatter with the pomegranate seeds and All-Bran flakes. Serve immediately. Fresh herb omelette with spinach SERVES 1, READY IN 5 MINS • 1 medium egg• 1tbsp chopped fresh herbs, such as parsley, dill and chervil• Salt and pepper• Frylight Olive Oil spray• 15g baby spinach leaves, to serve METHOD 1 Whisk the egg with the chopped herbs and a pinch of salt and pepper. 2 Spray a small non-stick frying pan with 2-3 squirts of oil and…

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200 calories & under

VANILLA PORRIDGE SERVES 1, READY IN 5 MINS • 20g gluten-free jumbo oats• 100ml almond milk• A pinch each cinnamon, ginger and turmeric• 1tsp vanilla essence• 1tsp maple syrup or honey• 1 apple• 1tsp raisins• 1tsp coconut yogurt METHOD 1 Put the jumbo oats into a large microwave-safe bowl with the almond milk and spices. Stir in the vanilla essence and maple syrup or honey. Microwave for 2 mins. 2 Use a julienne peeler or coarsely grate the apple. Serve on top of the porridge with the raisins and yogurt. Brunch toastie SERVES 4, READY IN 20 MINS • 125g half-fat mozzarella, quartered• 1tbsp thyme leaves, chopped• 8 slices Parma ham• 2tbsp sunflower oil• 350g asparagus, trimmed• 4 small bunches cherry tomatoes on the vine• 4 thick slices wholemeal bread• 1 garlic clove, halved• Balsamic vinegar, to drizzle METHOD 1…

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250 calories & under

YOGURT WITH MAPLE SYRUP & OATS SERVES 1. READY IN 10 MINS • 15g gluten-free rolled oats• 1tbsp maple syrup• 30g blueberries, lightly crushed• 200g fat-free natural yogurt METHOD 1 Toast the oats in a small, dry frying pan over a medium heat, stirring frequently, for 6-8 mins until pale, golden and crisp. Tip on to a plate to cool. 2 Drizzle 1/2tbsp maple syrup into a small glass, then add the yogurt. Quickly fold most of the blueberries into the yogurt. Sprinkle oats and the remaining blueberries on top, then drizzle with the rest of the maple syrup. Berry & coconut porridge SERVES 1. READY IN 10 MINS • 25g gluten-free jumbo oats• 4tbsp coconut water• 2tbsp dairy-free coconut yogurt• 50g frozen mixed berries• ½ banana, sliced• 1tsp chia seeds• 1tsp cocoa nibs METHOD 1 Put the oats in…