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Woman's Weekly 21-Jul-2020

Published by TI Media Limited Loved and trusted in equal measure, Woman's Weekly has been the market-leading womens weekly magazine since it was launched 100 years ago.Packed full of inspiring, helpful and useful ideas and information for women who are the heart of their homes and families, it offers a unique mix of practical, compelling and up-to-the minute content.

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Welcome back When I was a child, the tiny osprey population in Scotland caused much concern. This impressive bird of prey had recolonised the UK after a long absence, but for many years they were only just hanging on around Loch Garten. However, fast-forward to the present and ospreys are thriving, with probably over 500 birds, not just in Scotland but also England and Wales, plus there are now over 200 white-tailed eagles, another reintroduced species. So could the next wildlife success be the beaver, absent from our shores since the 16th century and now taking tentative steps at a return, in Devon, Scotland and soon Wales? Find out more on page 10.…

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Wild day out We’ve all missed family days out, so it’s great to see major attractions opening up again. Among them is Longleat Safari Park, star of the BBC show Animal Park. It’s home to over 500 animals, including lions, giant otters, gorillas and sea lions. You’ll need to pre-book online and the 50p booking fee will be donated to good causes by the park. Visit longleat.co.uk POPPIES AND POLLINATORS Wild flowers are springing up around us, from deep-red poppies to the beautiful bee orchid with its furry petals. But they still need our support. If you have wild flowers like buttercups in your garden, don’t be too hasty to pull them up as weeds – they’re often the most popular with pollinators. The RSPB has advice on rspb.org.uk about how to create…

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Letter of the week ICONIC THROW Since lockdown began, I have taken up crocheting as a form of mindfulness and the feeling of producing something worthwhile. Here’s a throw I’ve made using wool that has the same colours of the NHS rainbow, which is now an iconic image of our current situation. I’ve named it my enfys throw (enfys is Welsh for rainbow). Jayne Murphy, Pontyclun Top tip! I always store tinned foods, such as beans, upside down, then you don’t get the liquid splattering all over you on opening. Carole Gasan, Devon Where I read mine Here I am reading my Woman’s Weekly last year in Spain while on holiday. Whenever I visit my nan, I read her copy before it gets passed along to my cousins. I love the fashion pages, especially ‘What you’re wearing’, as…

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what you’re wearing

CLARE LEE, 64 Tell us about your look I saw this dress hidden on a rail at my friend’s shop in Barbados – I loved the colour and the swing of the fabric. I teamed it with matching feather and crystal earrings, and a string of green agate stone, which was a present from my god-daughter. And the best bit of your body? My hair. CELINE COOP, 53 Tell us about your look Smart casual has definitely been my favourite lockdown look. These Baukjen relaxed cargo trousers and Clarissa top fit this style perfectly. Teamed with my Vionic espadrilles, I’m ready to work from home in comfort. And the best bit of your body? My face. PATRICIA JONES, 49 Tell us about your look My friend gave me this jacket as her partner thought she looked like BA cabin crew. The jeans…

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‘i need to be outside and always on the move’

While many of us have battled with the unwelcome isolation of lockdown, Kate Humble hasn’t really noticed the difference. ‘Running makes me feel good for the rest of the day’ The 51-year-old TV presenter – who lives with her husband, Ludo Graham, on a farm in Monmouthshire – reveals her Animal Park co-host and good friend Ben Fogle rang her up at the beginning of lockdown saying, ‘You’re the one person I’m not remotely worried about because you never see anybody anyway. You just hate people, so you’ll be fine!’ Kate laughs, ‘I don’t hate people, but we do live on a beautiful Welsh hill with all our animals. We’ve been lambing and now we’re calving and there are lots of jobs to do, so I’ve been really busy – it’s all been…

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tales from the riverbank

Kingfisher With a large head, dagger-like beak, and electric blue and orange feathers, the kingfisher is a jewel-like bird. Hard to spot (other than a glint of blue), it emerges from its dense waterside cover to dive for minnows, stickleback and shrimps. Nesting birds will tunnel into sandy banks, laying a clutch of six or seven eggs. Once hatched, the adult has to catch up to 120 fish every day to feed the hungry chicks. Water shrew With a pointy snout and velvet-black waterproof fur, the water shrew weighs little more than a £2 coin. Yet it is a ball of furious action, constantly in search of prey or defending its territory against other shrews. It hunts along the riverbed for shrimps and insect larvae, or the occasional small fish. Nocturnal and solitary,…