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Yoga Journal July/August 2020

Yoga Journal offers all practitioners—from beginners to masters—expert information on how to live a healthier, happier, more fulfilling life both on and off the mat.

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edit letter

“Live in the present” is one of the most basic yoga tenets, but magazines are created months before you read them, so writing this note is always an exercise in looking to the future. Usually, past experience makes that a relatively easy task: To write about summer during spring, we recall how our lives and practices shift each year as the days grow warmer and longer. This year, it’s hard to imagine what life will be like in a few months. Fortunately, yoga offers lessons to help us navigate this uncertainty: It teaches us that change, although rarely as seismic as we’re currently experiencing, happens all around us, all the time. It’s only by embracing this impermanence that we find ease, growth, and healing. This issue—our energy issue—is packed with sequences and…

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yoga brought kala macdonald strength when she lost her brothers, now she offers those tools to others who are grieving

When Kala MacDonald’s brother Jordan was murdered in 2013, the then-24-year-old channeled her pain into taking every workout class she could afford. While others were burning calories, MacDonald found herself trying to burn off emotions. For years, yoga had been just another form of exercise to her, but in the aftermath of her brother’s death, heated vinyasa quickly became a vital part of her self-care routine in a way she hadn’t experienced before: On the mat, MacDonald found healing. “I wasn’t there to focus on the external shape of my body anymore,” she says. “I was there so I could get out of the house and be around people and be told to breathe.” But the financial burden of regular instruction posed a challenge. MacDonald found creative workarounds to deepen her…

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for karma or cash?

FOR KARMA ALPHA BRAIN BY ONNIT: THE GOODS TO BACK UP THE BRAVADO A caffeine-free supplement claiming to boost focus and memory, Alpha Brain by Onnit is hailed by athletes and celebrities—and the research-backed ingredients perform. The blend includes Alpha-GPC, which converts to choline, beneficial for certain physical and mental tasks; club moss extract, which contains a learning aid; and an anionic phospholipid—all of which have shown promise in Alzheimer's studies for improving cognitive function. But at two capsules per day, the 30- and 90-count bottles (for $35 and $80) go fast. FOR CASH NERD ALERT BY GOOP:JUST BUY YOURSELF A MATCHA LATTE Meant to minimize brain fog, Nerd Alert is a blend of caffeine, sugar, and L-theanine, an amino acid found in green tea that can reduce tension and anxiety. Sold in 15- and…

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yoga by numbers

Shopping for a mat now? Consider these picks from some of our favorite teachers. SUGAMAT RECYCLED WETSUIT YOGA MAT “As a surfer, it is so heartening to know that we are saving space in landfills by creating a sustainable yoga mat.” —Eoin Finn, founder of Blissology; $79, MANDUKA PRO YOGA MAT “It doesn’t move, stretch, smell, or wear out like many other mats. This is my steady platform that I practice on daily.” —Rod Stryker, founder of ParaYoga; $120, JADE TRAVEL MAT “I love how it’s beautifully light and easy to pack—I can just throw it into an outside pocket of my suitcase wherever I travel and have it handy.” —Beryl Bender, E-RYT; $65, PHOTOS CLOCKWISE FROM TOP RIGHT: COURTESY OF SUGA YOGA, COURTESY OF TARGOPHOTO/MANDUKA, COURTESY OF JIM GREIP, COURTESY OF GOOP (2),…

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actor melissa l. williams shares the must-haves that fuel her busy life

Melissa L. Williams is a woman on fire. The Oklahoma City–born star made waves on Tyler Perry’s hit BET drama The Oval before scoring her own BET+ spinoff, Ruthless, which premiered this spring. In March, Williams made headlines when she distributed gifts of $100 to fans who were struggling financially amid the COVID-19 outbreak. In her downtime, the actor de-stresses with heart-pumping workouts and plenty of hugs from her French bulldog, Ray. We asked her about the health and fitness favorites that power her life. TOP PHOTO: GREG KADELPHOTOS FROM LEFT: PAGADESIGN/ISTOCK, COURTESY OF CELSIUS INC, COURTESY OF NIKE, EVA-KATALIN/ISTOCK…

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trending question: can i optimize my circadian rhythm?

The latest sleep craze to catch a buzz: circadian rhythm optimization (CRO). Proponents claim that tinkering with their circadian rhythm—the body’s natural daily cycle, dictated predominantly by exposure to light—by following a precise pattern of sleeping, eating, and exercising boosts mental clarity and energy levels. But the reality is that there’s little healthy people can do to enhance the activity and function of the brain’s biological clock, says Sat Bir S. Khalsa, PhD, an assistant professor of sleep medicine at Harvard Medical School and director of yoga research for Yoga Alliance. Still, going to sleep when it’s dark, waking when it’s light, and practicing healthy habits in between can help you feel better. Other ways to keep your rhythm dialed: Use special filters or glasses to limit the amount of…