Yoga Journal September/October 2020

Yoga Journal offers all practitioners—from beginners to masters—expert information on how to live a healthier, happier, more fulfilling life both on and off the mat.

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editor's letter

LETTER FROM THE EDITOR It’s hard to think of a time when the world has been more in need of collective healing. Many of us, and our loved ones, have been affected by COVID-19, racial injustice, unemployment, and the sheer stress of the unknown. There aren’t quick and easy cures for any of these problems, but taking a few minutes to meditate, play with my kids, or go for a hike provides some ease when I feel anxious about the state of the world. When I seek out these restorative moments, I am better able to show up for myself, my family, and my community. We hope that this issue can provide some similarly healing moments. “Standing Tall” (page 76) is the perfect example of how our darkest points can also offer potential…

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actor mena massoud discovers a whole new world in plant-based meals

Mena Massoud, who stole our hearts last year in Disney’s Aladdin, knows a thing or two about eating vegan on the go. With his latest endeavor, a cookbook/travel guide hybrid that hits shelves in September, the actor melds his personal journey toward meat-free living with heart-felt stories, advice, and recipes from some of the continent’s best restaurants. Evolving Vegan: Deliciously Diverse Recipes from North America’s Best Plant-Based Eateries—for Anyone Who Loves Food serves up delectables, such as Spicy Dan Dan Noodles and Boston Cream Pie-Cake, that are easy to re-create at home. We checked in with Massoud about the wellness items that keep him feeling energized—whether he’s in the kitchen or on the big screen. YOGA BY THE NUMBERS 32 studies reviewed and analyzed by the British Journal of Sports Medicine demonstrated…

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for karma or cash

FOR KARMA SYM ADAPTOGENIC COFFEES Instant coffee has graduated from last resort to special treat. Developed by a former roaster and avid outdoorsman, Sym offers a lineup of fair-trade, health-focused adaptogenic coffees that are more like high-end lattes than your regular cup of joe. They're made creamy by coconut-derived MCT oil powder and infused with 2,000 milligrams of herbs and mushrooms that help the body navigate everyday stressors, such as ashwagandha, a shrub used for hundreds of years to treat ailments from arthritis to anxiety, and reishi mushrooms, which deepen the coffee’s natural earthiness while enhancing immune function. There are six blends in all, including chocolatey cacao and Keto-friendly collagen varieties. At $25 per 14-serving container, it’s not cheap but worth the energy boost without the typical caffeine crash. FOR CA$H COPPER CLOTHING PAJAMA…

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we tried dopamine fasting and it helped us appreciate the present

On a normal day, my brain moves fast. Amid a pandemic, it’s traveling at warp speed. I told my mentor I was having dreams at night that zipped through my brain as if they were a video cassette fast-forwarding, a nonstop time-lapse show of images and emotions cherry-picked from my daily life. When she pointed out that I just don’t stop moving, that I’m constantly obsessing over my productivity and the next writing assignment I can snag, I realized it was possible that my mental health was taking a hit from my constant need to be go, go, go. Back in March, I retreated to my mother’s house for a few days for a family funeral, only to find myself there indefinitely to ride out the coronavirus pandemic that had become…

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is partner yoga the new couples therapy?

No pair is immune to the challenges of coupledom. While counseling may be the typical go-to resource for guidance, some counselors with yoga backgrounds are taking sessions to the mat, encouraging people to bolster their relationships with asana, pranayama, and meditation through partner yoga therapy. During sessions, couples may synchronize their breathing, assist each other with asana, or link their bodies together to create one pose. Given the therapy’s cooperative nature, partners are forced to rely on each other, which makes communication necessary and builds trust in the process. Where traditional talk therapy relies on gaining perspective through conversation, somatic-based techniques put the mind and body in concert to address well-being through prescribed movement, awareness of physical sensations, and, in the case of partner yoga, various poses. It’s a scientifically backed approach:…