Your Family

Your Family

June 2020

Need a quick and easy recipe? What about a creative craft idea for a homemade gift? Or some practical advice on everything from parenting to health, family matters and food? Your Family is the all-in-one magazine for busy, working moms. Expect tried-and-tested easy suppers, the best advice on family health and wellbeing; not to mention expert tips on organising her home and saving money. Your Family – it’s about simplifying and balancing her day, so she can celebrate the best of family life.

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at our table

WE LOVE ROOIBOS Rooibos is a proudly South African product that grows in the Cederberg mountain region of the Western Cape. This evergreen bush with needle-like leaves is packed with antioxidants, is a natural anti-inflammatory and contains no caffeine. Some other health benefits include boosting your immune system, easing stomach cramps, alleviating headaches, and helping to treat skin conditions like eczema and premature ageing. Its vibrant, red colour and sweet, fruity taste makes Rooibos a fun ingredient to get creative with in sweet and savoury dishes, as well as drinks. Chilled Rooibos tea is a refreshing drink during hot weather, while a hot cup of Rooibos is soothing and relaxing, especially at bedtime. Try it as a red espresso, in lattes, red cappuccinos, or cold drinks like iced teas or fresh red…

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ways to reduce burnout

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER, so find out as much as you can about your loved one’s physical or mental condition, as well as about the resources that are available to assist you and your family. KNOW YOUR LIMITS and don’t be afraid to seek assistance and help if you need it. Try to work on DEVELOPING STRONG SUPPORT SYSTEMS. Having the ear of a good friend or members of a support group can help you feel less isolated. ENGAGE IN SELF-NURTURING ME-TIME activities, such as shopping, reading and going for a walk, which can be surprisingly restorative. If you’re concerned about your own mental health, consider CONSULTING A MENTAL HEALTH PRACTITIONER such as a psychologist, therapist, or a psychiatrist. Consider LEARNING DEEP RELAXATION TECHNIQUES and mind-body practices like yoga and meditation, which can help to reduce…

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listen up

There’s nothing more frustrating than a child who zones out when you need them to pay attention to what you’re saying. ‘We can all relate to moments when our patience has run out and we’ve resorted to shouting or giving in and doing the requested task ourselves,’ says Joanna Kleovoulou, clinical psychologist and founder of PsychMatters Centre. ‘Not listening or co-operating can create much frustration and has a ripple effect on the sense of harmony at home. But before running off for professional guidance about your “naughty” child who refuses to listen, make sure they have a hearing test to rule out any physiological and/or neurological difficulties that may need to be addressed to enable them to hear,’ she says. ‘Glue ears, for example, can affect your child’s ability to hear and…

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10 of the best… autumn suppers

curry in a hurry salad Serves 4-6 Takes 30 mins FOR THE DRESSING 125ml plain yoghurt15ml garam masala30ml olive or avocado oil1 garlic clove, crushed5ml ginger, finely grated10ml honey6 poppadoms2 sirloin steaks30ml Indian rub or garam masala45ml olive or avocado oil1 nectarine, sliced1 mango, peeled and thinly sliced5 baby carrots, sliced lengthwise into thin strips handful baby herbs handful coriander coconut shavings, to serve 1 For the dressing, mix all the ingredients together and set aside. Cook the poppadoms according to packet instructions. 2 Rub the steaks with the oil and Indian rub. Heat a griddle pan on high and sear the steak for about 3-4 minutes per side, or to your liking. Season. Remove from the pan and allow to rest for 5 minutes. 3 Slice the steak into thin slivers and arrange on a…

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reader of the month

Beaulah Kruger lives in Melkbosstrand with her husband and 14-year-old son. She’s been diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer stage 3 and is doing well with her chemo and treatment. BEAULAH’S FAVOURITE: …BOOK Animal Farm by George Orwell. …MOVIE The Usual Suspects. …RECIPE Carrot pineapple cake. …GUILTY PLEASURE Eating a whole chocolate slab at once! …WAY TO DE-STRESS Friday afternoon braai with my husband. WHAT’S GUARANTEED TO GET YOU IN A GOOD MOOD? Every chemo session! I love being in the chemo room with everyone joking, nurses singing musical theatre songs and all of us eating cake. FAMILY TIME IS SPENT Playing a Biblical board game on a Sunday afternoon with my husband and son. IN HER FRIDGE, SHE’S NEVER WITHOUT Cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce, and water. If you’d like to be our next Reader of the Month, send an email to: nolwazid@caxton.co.za…

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work smart

EXPERT OF THE MONTH Anja van Beek, talent strategist and leadership coach CONTACT ANJA Anjavanbeek.co.za, @anjavanbeek.coaching, Linkedin.com/in/anja-van-beek PLAN YOUR ‘MUST DOS’ FOR THE WEEK Instead of trying to tackle a to-do list every day that just keeps growing, make a list of what your pivotal tasks are for the week. These are your nonnegotiables. Plan your other, less crucial tasks around these important deadlines. Instagram follow of the month @healingparents This ‘conscious parenting coach’ is a lovely follow for all parents looking for more insight into why they make the choices they do, and react the way they do, to their children. The page is peppered with quotes that give introspection and beautiful family images. WORK WISE ‘Always ask for more. Women tend to underestimate themselves and ask for less than men do.’– Agatha Kulaga, founder and CEO of Ovenly…