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Issue 328

Yours is the UK’s best-selling fortnightly lifestyle magazine for women over 50. We offer targeted, trusted and useful advice, whether it’s to help readers look their best, to stay healthy and active, enjoy their free time or to manage their money better. We celebrate 50-plus women overcoming difficulties or achieving amazing things. We like to look back with our readers and listen to their views too.

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Until recently I had never understood the myth of cats getting stuck up trees... that was until I met Misty! This little mischief maker came into our lives a few months ago and she makes us laugh every day with her crazy antics. We’ve always had pet cats but never one quite like her. She’s so full of curiosity and feisty energy; frequently getting herself into scrapes and endlessly pouncing on us (or our guests) from under sofas, behind doors, up trees... In fact my husband has nicknamed her Cato, after Inspector Clouseau’s manservant who, if you recall in the Pink Panther films, used to lie in wait and attack the detective. I also wanted to say welcome to any new readers who have bought Yours for the first time this week to…

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the view from yours

KING OF THE CASTLE Bamburgh in Northumberland has been ranked as the UK’s favourite seaside village, loved for its stunning beach and historic castle. TWIGGY’S BOOKSHOP PLEA The star has joined a host of famous faces including Michael Palin and Richard E Grant to speak out in support of independent bookshops. Twiggy is taking part in an ad campaign across the London underground encouraging people to make the most of their local bookshop even if it’s just to buy one book or gift. TRADITIONAL SKILLS COMING BACK We might have learned embroidery and knitting at school but for a long time there’s been a fear such skills are dying out. Now a survey has revealed that young adults aged 22-38 are starting to revive a string of traditional skills, from calligraphy to origami, woodwork to…

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lovely lidos

From beautiful art deco buildings to huge pools, Britain is home to some magnificent lidos. To celebrate these iconic outdoor swimming places, lido enthusiasts Emma Pusill and Janet Wilkinson have written a fascinating new guide book. Drawn together by their shared interest in outdoor swimming, they wanted to produce a guide to help others discover the delights of lido swimming. The Lido Guide features around 130 pools in the UK and Channel Islands, with each entry detailing what makes a particular pool unique, accessibility and what swimming there is like. With their heyday in the Thirties, after the Second World War many lidos never reopened and some fell into disrepair. But today, largely thanks to the dedication of community projects and armies of volunteers, many are thriving again... Right, swimmers enjoying the cooling waters…

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the photo i’ll always treasure

✒ I love this photo taken in 1960 of me and my girlfriends from Woolworths in Blackpool at a works' party. We were all aged 15 and 16 and I am pictured fourth from the left. So many fond memories. I remember nervously stepping behind the jewellery counter as a Saturday girl – no qualifications needed, just a quick training session on the old-fashioned till! As closing time approached we’d look forward to collecting our 15 shillings wages. It didn’t take me long to spend it! Christine Malone, Lancaster…

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‘HYMNS AND ALTERNATIVES ALL BRING COMFORT’ I was interested to read the recent story about traditional hymns being squeezed out by pop songs at funerals. As a Lay Minister in the Church of England it has been a great privilege for me to conduct funeral services for the last 28 years. I don’t think it has to be either/or but can be both. People’s taste in music changes. I find different songs are played on entering and leaving the church – but hymns are usually sung during the service. I’ve never had a problem with the choice of song. I remember one family chose ‘Ernie – the fastest milkman in the West’ as their loved one had Our star letter will receive a stunning The Elegant Rose and Freesia bouquet with chocolates from…

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meeting place

Pet plea to landlords I live in a rented flat and I would love to have a rescue dog (Renting with Rover, issue 323). So many landlords seem to be only interested in the rent and not caring about people. Why not allow pets and introduce a small returnable deposit for any pet damages? Not only would it ensure pet owners were responsible but also ease the problems of struggling animal charities. S Burrage, Stirlingshire Wonderful Whittaker! ✒ I enjoyed reading about Roger Whittaker in a recent Where are the now? feature in Yours. I was a teacher at the school in Nairobi where Roger taught. He was never happier than when playing the guitar and singing. Along with other members of staff we went to a nightclub to hear him and he even wrote…