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esperanza Magazine for Anxiety & Depression Spring 2018

esperanza “hope” for depression is an award-winning consumer magazine that serves to empower people living with anxiety and depression. esperanza is packed with inspirational in-depth features on celebrities and “everyday heroes”, as well as, articles on cutting-edge issues for people striving towards their own recovery. Visit esperanza’s growing community:  hopetocope.com

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more precious than gold …

As a swimmer who comes from generations of swimmers, I’m not sure if the sport is just a family thing or hardwired into our genes. We love the water, need it, live by it. We actually have “swimming personalities”; we appreciate the clear, focused attention and freedom that swimming laps can bring. Needless to say, I’m in awe of Michael Phelps’s devotion to swimming and the discipline that kept him going back to the pool again and again. Known as the greatest swimmer and most decorated Olympian of all time, with 28 medals from four different Olympic Games (23 of them gold), Phelps truly is an American champion. But his legacy will endure both in and out of the pool. Not only has he changed the sport and business of swimming…

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letters to the editor

JOHNSON ROCKS I LOVED ‘DWAYNE JOHNSON Opens Up About His Depression’ (Winter 2018)! I had no idea someone so strong on the outside would have to suffer at all on the inside. This article goes to show that you can never compare your insides to someone else’s outsides. After reading, I was left very inspired! Brooke H. LOS ANGELES, CA IT IS ALWAYS so good to hear celebrities talk of their mental illnesses so honestly. It helps bring mental illnesses into the spotlight and gives us hope that we, too, can achieve through this struggle. K.J.S. via ‘THE ROCK’ is exactly that, a rock-solid inspiration of how all of us can rise above our failures, defeats and setbacks to fulfill our goals. He truly is a gentle giant, and it is so wonderful that he…

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FAVORITE MORNING RITUAL: Snuggling with my 5-year-old—with coffee! BOOK I HAVE GIFTED THE MOST: Harry Potter, because it contains so many of our culture’s best stories, wrapped in loveable characters and flawless plotlines. MOST UNUSUAL TALENT: Painting wall edges, freehand, without tape. FAVORITE HOBBIES: Gardening, playing guitar, singing, knitting, and reading. SOMETHING SURPRISING ABOUT ME IS: I sometimes swear like a sailor. I'M INSPIRED BY: The moms I know who are fierce advocates for their kids with behavioral and mental health challenges, who are exhausted and overwhelmed but still show up with love every day. PROUDEST ACHIEVEMENT: Writing articles (that have gone viral) about parenting and mental health that help others feel less alone in their struggles. MY BILLBOARD MESSAGE: You never know what others are going through. Be kind. FRIENDS WOULD DESCRIBE ME AS: Authentic, messy, and…

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mental health news

Bill mandates that educators be trained to spot kids at risk April 3, 2018, DES MOINES, IA —School personnel in Iowa will be compelled to do more to prevent suicides with the signing of a mental health bill by Gov. Kim Reynolds, SouthernMinn.com’s Eric Vansickle reports. Reynolds said the bill, along with another one designed to help with the mental health of adults, represents her government’s “collective commitment to treating Iowans facing mental health challenges with compassion and dignity.” The school mental health bill requires training for educators to recognize the signs of a mental health crisis and to refer those children to the appropriate services, and requires suicide prevention protocols be established. “No parent should suffer the loss of a child to suicide, and no child should feel such pain and helplessness that…

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new research in mental health

Mental health benefits seen in smokers who quit May 1, 2018, BOSTON, MA—People who quit smoking after being hospitalized quickly see mental health benefits, a new study has found. American researchers looked at more than 1,300 people recruited for a smoking cessation trial at two hospitals in Massachusetts and one in Pennsylvania and compared quality of life among those who managed to quit and those who didn’t. Improvements in health-related quality of life were evident at one month following hospital discharge among those who quit; at six months post discharge those who quit smoking were 19 percent less likely to screen positive for psychological distress, the study found. The authors said hospital-initiated smoking cessation is associated with rapid statistically and clinically significant improvements in a range of health-related quality of life measures, providing an…

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the age of acceptance

What a drag it is getting old.” When Mick Jagger and Keith Richards penned the opening line to “Mother’s Little Helper” in 1966, they were brash 22-year-olds not yet at the top of their game. Around that time, my father—who was a Rolling Stones fan from the other side of the generation gap—predicted that turning 30 would be the worst thing to ever happen to them. I was nine and had no idea what he was talking about. Now that I am 60 and Mick and Keith are pushing 75, I have a better understanding of what he meant. But he was wrong: Living until 30 is no big challenge. It is the years after that take their toll, especially if you don’t address your psychological issues. I was lucky to get most…