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esperanza Magazine for Anxiety & Depression Summer 2018

esperanza “hope” for depression is an award-winning consumer magazine that serves to empower people living with anxiety and depression. esperanza is packed with inspirational in-depth features on celebrities and “everyday heroes”, as well as, articles on cutting-edge issues for people striving towards their own recovery. Visit esperanza’s growing community:  hopetocope.com

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on happiness

One of the ways to expand happiness in your life is to embrace moments of positive emotion, such as joy, serenity, pride, amusement and awe. So we asked our writers to share such a moment with us: “The last time I remember feeling deeply content, as if time stood still, was during a walk in a 27-acre old-growth forest near my house,” says Robin L. Flanigan, who wrote our feature story on happiness. “The oak and hickory trees are so thick and tall, and the trail meanders in enough directions that the walk never gets stale. It’s a quiet, contemplative respite from work deadlines and home responsibilities, and afterward I feel much more calm and ready to take on what comes my way.” And from Denise Mann (“Everyday Heroes: Posed for Success”):…

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kibitzing with katniss

Jennifer Lawrence is the first to admit she’s got first-world problems. Actually, “the 1 percent” problems. After all, she’s among the world’s highest paid actresses. And she’s downright gorgeous. But she’s not immune to issues like sex discrimination (even if her salary runs into the millions), insecurity about her body—and lifelong anxiety. As a preteen, she worried constantly about the most random things. “I would read the newspaper and be like, ‘The world is ending! The stock market is going to crash!’” she recalls in “The Lowdown on JLaw.” (JLaw—a play on JLo, of course—is a nickname she got in seventh grade.) Just like the rest of us, the actress turns to coping tools—medication, her dog Pippi, humorous acceptance of her panic attacks. And sometimes, channeling her anxiety into a cleaning…

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letters to the editor

MICHAEL PHELPS RULES I FOUND THIS ARTICLE (“Michael Phelps: Heart of Gold,” Spring 2018) to be inspiring and I could not put it down. Michael Phelps is well-known for his athletic achievements and the bad behavior that followed that. It was a public display of all of our vulnerabilities but of course the public delight in the bad side of things did not help. I was a little skeptical when I read it, but was taken in by the genuine honesty I saw in the presentation. We all can take something from his list of items. Not wholesale, of course, because we are all individuals. I have seen people in the local [support] group I am in read this article with interest, a nice piece of encouragement. Thank you for publishing…

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the fraternal twins of mood disorders

ANIXETY Anxiety is a normal reaction to stress. It helps one deal with a tense situation. But when it becomes an excessive, irrational dread of everyday situations, it has become a disabling disorder. Who is affected? Anxiety disorders affect approximately 12% of adults in a given year. Types of anxiety disorders Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD): chronic anxiety, exaggerated worry, and tension, even when there is little or nothing to provoke it. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD): recurrent, unwanted thoughts and/or repetitive behaviors. Panic Disorder: unexpected and repeated episodes of intense fear. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): persistent frightening thoughts and memories of a terrifying ordeal. Social Phobia, or Social Anxiety Disorder: overwhelming anxiety and excessive self-consciousness in everyday social situations. Signs and symptoms All symptoms cluster around excessive, irrational fear and dread, but each disorder has different symptoms. GAD: worries accompanied by fatigue, headaches, muscle…

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OCCUPATION: LIFE COACH & WRITER FOR THEPROBLEMWITHMOTHERHOOD.COM LOCATION: CHARLESTON, SC AGE: 39 DIAGNOSIS: POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION (2013), PTSD (2014), ANXIETY (2015) * * * * * NICKNAME: “G” FAVORITE DOCUMENTARY: Dark Side of the Full Moon, about maternal mental health. BOOK I'VE GIFTED THE MOST: The Crossroads of Should and Must by Elle Luna because it changed my life. FAVORITE HOBBIES: I love to cook, LOVE IT. Also, painting and quilting. MOST UNUSUAL TALENT: I can sing all the words of a song after hearing it once or twice. SOMETHING SURPRISING ABOUT ME IS: I’m an introvert. I’ve got a big mouth, so people miss this fact about me, but being around people is usually draining for me. CURRENTLY, I'M MOST PASSIONATE ABOUT: Mothers and mothering. It is my life and my work. BIGGEST GUILTY PLEASURE: Reading cheesy romance novels while eating Ben…

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mental health news

New Zealand panel on listening tour July 4, 2018, CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand —A panel conducting a national mental health inquiry has been hearing “frustrations, anguish and pleas for help” from people with mental health challenges, their families, health care workers, and members of the justice system, Radio New Zealand reports. Long travel for inpatient care in UK June 26, 2018, LONDON, United Kingdom—Many Britains continue to be sent hundreds of miles for inpatient mental health treatment despite government ministers calling the practice damaging and unacceptable. The British Medical Association said the huge distances rule out regular visits from friends and family at a time when their support matters most. Anxiety, depression in Irish workers June 20, 2018, DUBLIN, Ireland—A considerable number of Irish workers report worrisome levels of anxiety, depression and stress, a new survey…