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esperanza Magazine for Anxiety & Depression Fall 2018

esperanza “hope” for depression is an award-winning consumer magazine that serves to empower people living with anxiety and depression. esperanza is packed with inspirational in-depth features on celebrities and “everyday heroes”, as well as, articles on cutting-edge issues for people striving towards their own recovery. Visit esperanza’s growing community:  hopetocope.com

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we're all in this together

Anyone who watches The Big Bang Theory knows the character Amy Farrah Fowler says exactly what she’s thinking—even when it would be more socially graceful to stay quiet. When it comes to living with depression and anxiety, actress Mayim Bialik does the same. Inspired by other celebrities “who were being brave about being stigma-free,” she’s sharing lessons she had to learn the hard way: Depression can be a life-and-death matter. Stick with the struggle to find the right help. Of course, the actress is more than her depression. She’s a devoted mother of two, a person of profound faith, and has a PhD in neuroscience (something else she has in common with the character she plays). But as she points out in “Ask Amy,” none of that makes her immune to…

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letters to the editor

JLAW KEEPS IT REAL ALWAYS A GOOD reminder that the media presents an unreal image when someone like Jennifer Lawrence (“The lowdown on JLaw,” Summer 2018) whose life looks so “perfect” from afar has her own struggles with anxiety. Anxiety can crush you and it’s my hope that her openness will continue to help others—especially the youth. Thanks, Jennifer, for keeping it real. —Merecedes J. I CAN DEFINITELY relate to a lot of [this article]. I find it very inspiring [that Jennifer Lawrence] overcame her fears or found an outlet to deal with them. —N.C. via facebook I CAN RELATE to [Jennifer Lawrence] not liking school activities in elementary school. I’ve had social anxiety since I was about that same age. My parents started piano lessons for me about that time and the…

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AGE: 51 LOCATION: SALT LAKE CITY, UT OCCUPATION: STAY-AT-HOME DAD, AUTHOR (DOUGLASCOOTEY.COM) DIAGNOSIS: ADHD, MAJOR DEPRESSIVE DISORDER, CHRONIC TIC DISORDER (TOURETTE'S) YEAR DIAGNOSED: HYPERKINESIS 1966; DEPRESSION 1992; TOURETTE’S 1995 * * * TOP OF MY PLAYLIST: Gabriel & Dresden remix of Andain’s “Beautiful Things.” I’ve listened to it 246 times. INSTRUMENTS I PLAY: Tin whistle, soprano recorder, 4, 5, 6 & 12-hole ocarina, harmonica, fife, and I fiddle around with the chromatic harp. I dream of owning and playing uilleann pipes. TO DESTRESS I LIKE TO: Go for walks at night. BIGGEST INDULGENCE OR GUILTY PLEASURE: Haribo Sour Gummi Bears. I'M GRATEFUL FOR: My obstinate perseverance and my zany imagination. MY BEST RESOURCE: Anything written by Ned Hallowell, MD (ADHD expert). GREATEST LESSON I'VE LEARNED: Kindness is not weakness. I'M PROUD OF: Writing Saying NO to Suicide, my first book. I'M INSPIRED BY: Jesus.…

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mental health news

Long waits in New Zealand September 17, 2018, AUCKLAND, New Zealand —Young people in desperate need of help for mental health problems in New Zealand are waiting too long for even an initial appointment. A shortage of support workers, counselors and psychologists is being blamed for waits for help that can be months long. South African suicide rates need strategy September 14, 2018, DURBAN, South Africa—This country’s suicide rate is the sixth highest in Africa, a problem that requires a comprehensive, multi-sectoral suicide prevention strategy, the World Health Organization said in a new report. It said 79 percent of suicides occur in low- and middle-income countries. Singapore pre-screens for problems September 15, 2018, SINGAPORE—This city-state has robust measures to detect and help pre-enlistees for mandatory service in uniform with mental health issues, but officials admit…

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new research in mental health

Workplace risk factors for major depression identified November 1, 2018, PORTO ALEGRE, Brazil—A new study has identified what its authors say may be job-related risk factors for developing major depressive disorder. Brazilian researchers looked at data from a national health survey involving tens of thousands of people. The study found occupational factors associated with a higher risk of major depressive disorder were working less than 20 hours a week, stress at work for both genders, workplace violence, intense physical activity, exposure to noise and chemicals among women, and prolonged exposure to sun among men. Stress and violence at work were particularly strong risk factors. Prevention policies oriented toward workplaces might help to prevent depression in the workplace, the authors said. The study, which appeared in the Journal of Affective Disorders, was entitled “Occupational factors associated…

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the fraternal twins of mood disorders

Anxiety is a normal reaction to stress. It helps one deal with a tense situation. But when it becomes an excessive, irrational dread of everyday situations, it has become a disabling disorder. Who is affected? Anxiety disorders affect approximately 12% of adults in a given year. Types of anxiety disorders Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD): chronic anxiety, exaggerated worry, and tension, even when there is little or nothing to provoke it. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD): recurrent, unwanted thoughts and/or repetitive behaviors. Panic Disorder: unexpected and repeated episodes of intense fear. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): persistent frightening thoughts and memories of a terrifying ordeal. Social Phobia, or Social Anxiety Disorder: overwhelming anxiety and excessive self-consciousness in everyday social situations. Signs and symptoms All symptoms cluster around excessive, irrational fear and dread, but each disorder has different symptoms. GAD: worries accompanied by fatigue, headaches, muscle…