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esperanza Magazine for Anxiety & Depression Fall 2019

esperanza “hope” for depression is an award-winning consumer magazine that serves to empower people living with anxiety and depression. esperanza is packed with inspirational in-depth features on celebrities and “everyday heroes”, as well as, articles on cutting-edge issues for people striving towards their own recovery. Visit esperanza’s growing community:  hopetocope.com

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masks, mirrors and measuring up

SELENA GOMEZ, global celebrity, singer, actor, producer, fashionistaand people pleaser? No, not so much anymore. She’s put a stop to letting “people pull her in every direction.” It’s those insecure feelings and the pressure to make others happy that most women at any age can relate to and that Selena has worked hard on. And she’s had to dive deep, facing chronic illness—lupus and a kidney transplant—with accompanying depression and anxiety further fed by loneliness, stress, and those insecurities of not quite measuring up. Selena has learned to pause, step back, and reset from the demands of her work schedule and Instagram, giving hard-won advice to her devoted “Selenators” on the pitfalls of social media: “be really mindful of how it makes you feel.” Nurturing herself through therapy (which she says was like…

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letters to the editor

THE HAPPINESS CHOICE “SHAWN ACHOR: Choosing Happiness” (Summer 2019) is a great article! This rings so true! Life sometimes finds a way to bring you down and fill your head with negative thoughts, shame, etc. It is super important to find things, even if little, to stay positive and be happy about. And don’t let those self-criticisms creep in. I “train my brain” daily with my inspirational calendar to start my day off right! I think I may try a happiness journal now, too. Rosalie via I READ THE ARTICLE about Shawn Achor’s teaching on happiness with great interest. Then I watched his TEDx Bloomington talk online and saw how his presentations can positively impact everyone. His efforts to teach how to reach a healthy level of happiness are revolutionary. Although medication is…

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INSPIRED BY: People who are unapologetically themselves. FAVORITE EXERCISE: Hiking around Tennessee’s many wonderful waterfalls. GUILTY PLEASURES: Going to bed by 9 p.m. Purchasing the softest throw blankets I can find. HOW I FIND STRENGTH: Having a sense of humor (watching cat videos doesn’t hurt, either!). BIGGEST CHALLENGE I'VE OVERCOME: Getting through two college-level public-speaking classes with an anxiety disorder. TOP OF MY PLAYLIST: Thomas Rhett’s Center Point Road album. GREATEST LESSON: “Those who matter don’t mind.” BEST WAY TO DESTRESS: Disconnect from my phone, email, and social media and spend time with those I love. PROUD OF: Moving to a new state, graduating college, and beginning a successful career. CURRENT PASSION: Sharing others’ stories with the world through writing. BEST ADVICE: “If you want something you don’t have, you have to do something you’ve never done.” NEXT ON MY TO-DO…

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quick picks

Workplace harassment cited in Japan October 1, 2019, TOKYO, Japan—More than a third of women workers with certified mental health issues cite some form of harassment such as sexual harassment, assault, abuse of power and bullying as the main cause, a new government survey shows. More than a fifth of the women diagnosed with a mental disorder said they experienced a disaster or traumatic accident. Tanzania suicide prevention September 27, 2019, BUKOBA, Tanzania—Depression may be playing a part in rising numbers of suicides among young people, with experts saying prevention strategies are needed at a time when Tanzania now has the fourth highest suicide rate on the African continent. Aussie farmers' mental health crisis September 26, 2019, SYDNEY, Australia—Advocates warn farmers in this country are facing an epidemic of mental health problems due to isolation,…

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mental health news

Prince Harry, Ed Sheeran promote World Mental Health Day October 10, 2019, LONDON, UK —Prince Harry and singer Ed Sheeran teamed up to urge people to look after themselves and others on World Mental Health Day, USA Today’s Erin Jensen reports. “It’s a conversation that isn’t talked about enough,” Harry said in a video they both appeared in. “People all over the world are really suffering. “This World Mental Health Day, reach out and make sure your friends, strangers, look out for anybody that might be suffering in silence,” said Harry. “We’re all in this together.” The attached message says there’s no need to suffer in silence. NAMI launches Basics OnDemand for caregivers of young people October 1, 2019, ARLINGTON, VA—The National Alliance on Mental Illness announced a free new online education course, NAMI Basics OnDemand,…

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new research in mental health

Depression risk with injectable drugs November 1, 2019, BALTIMORE, MD —People who inject drugs are at high risk of major depressive symptoms, a new study has found. American researchers looked at data on the people involved in a community-based research project that includes injection drug users, and found those users reported major depressive symptoms at 22 percent of study visits. Emergency care, suicidal thinking, and recent alcohol or drug treatment were associated with initiating depression treatment. The authors concluded there is a high burden of depressive symptoms with significant unmet need of treatment for depression in people who inject drugs. “Our findings suggest that mental health providers should bolster connections to chronic disease and alcohol and drug treatment providers,” they wrote. The study, which appeared in the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, was titled “Engagement…