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ESPN The Magazine is for the NEXT generation of sports fans who want to stay on top of the athletes, teams, topics and upcoming events in their own sports world. The Magazine celebrates not only sports, but the cultures and lifestyles that are an integral part of them - all with ESPN's unique personality and authority.

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20 for 20

1998 6/29 1999 8/9 2000 5/29 2001 10/1 2002 12/23 2003 3/31 2004 3/1 2005 8/15 2006 7/31 2007 7/16 2008 10/6 2009 10/19 2010 1/11 2011 10/3 2012 9/3 2013 12/23 2014 10/13 2015 12/21 2016 11/28 2017 4/10  The Mag has delivered 607 covers over the past two decades, with indelible design and riveting images. So who better to select our favorites from each of the past 20 years than the talented folks in our art and photo departments? From Tiny Jordan and Big Aristotle to a man with Burgundy and a kid in Dodger blue, we give you our best looks. TO BUY ANY OF THESE COVERS, GO TO ESPN.REPRINTMINT.COMANDREW D. BERNSTEIN/NBA PHOTOS; GREGORY HEISLER (2); MICHAEL O’BRIEN. MARC BAPTISTE; JIM FISCUS; CLIFF WATTS; MICHAEL MULLER; DANIELLE LEVITT.…

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  BREAKING DOWN WHO’S BEEN FEATURED ON OUR COVER, BY GENDER (AND BY SPECIES!) Concept covers 1.8% Male horse 0.1% Women 11.6% Men 86.5%  MEN AND WOMEN ATHLETES WHO HAVE BEEN ON THE MOST COVERS  11 LeBron James  5 Serena Williams  TOTAL NUMBER OF ISSUES PRINTED OVER 20 YEARS 489 Issues 607 Covers  LEAGUES MOST FEATURED ON COVER  NUMBER OF ATHLETES WHO HAVE BEEN ON THE COVER OF THE BODY ISSUE 59 “My first 10 covers are framed on the wall of my office. I often seek their inspiration while thinking deep thoughts like, Wow, we really put Lincoln Kennedy on a cover?”—TIM KEOWN  WRITERS WITH THE MOST COVER STORY BYLINES 1 Tim Keown 482 David Fleming 313 Tom Friend 294 Ric Bucher 204 Seth Wickersham 20 “I was so nervous for my first cover shoot in 2006. I never heard of the kid I was shooting. But…

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when winter never ends

Ichiro has stripped his life of everything but baseball—and now lives with the consequences of that choice.   “There is timing in the whole life of the warrior, in his thriving and declining, in his harmony and discord.” MUSASHI MIYAMOTO (CIRCA 1584-1645), SAMURAI AND ARTIST   DAY 1: FEB. 4, 2018Ichiro Suzuki steps out of the cold into the small restaurant that serves him dinner most nights. It’s winter in Kobe, Japan, where he once played professional baseball and where he comes during the offseason to train. His wife, Yumiko, is back home in Seattle. He is here alone, free from the untidy bits of domestic life that might break his focus. Every day, he works out in a professional stadium he rents, and then he usually comes to this restaurant,…

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loss leaders

ROYALS IN 2011 CUBS IN 2012 ASTROS IN 2013 ROYALS IN 2015 CUBS IN 2016 ASTROS IN 2017 It’s got to be the process. The Royals, Cubs and Astros all went from bottom dwellers to World Series champs within five years.  The first game of the 2013 baseball season was in Houston, hosted by an Astros team that had finished in last place the previous year and was going to finish in last place again. It was nationally televised—the Astros had just moved from the National League to the American, earning them baseball’s showcase time slot—and in the sixth inning the booth called down to ESPN’s Buster Olney for an interview with GM Jeff Luhnow.“I’ve heard from some…

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weird free agency

  MLB-WIDE PAYROLL CHANGE By percentage, through Feb. 10  JOB INSECURITY 68 Only 68 free agents out of 166 declared had signed by Jan. 31, compared with an average of 103 in the nine previous years.   NO MORE BIG MONEY Only four players have signed deals of at least $100M in the past two offseasons, down from 11 in the previous two.  OFFSEASON FA MONEY COMMITTED ■…

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three for one

  THE SCOUT CARD | BAKER MAYFIELD You look for the guy who can stand up to criticism and is confident enough to pick up his team. He’s that guy. You don’t want to see the [cockiness], but you want a guy who always competes. He’s got to learn the difference. You wish he was taller. He’s going to need to understand throwing lanes and getting the ball out. You wondered during the season if he would let the ball go before the [receiver’s] break. It seemed like he only let it go if guys were wide open, but there’s no defense in the Big 12. He threw plenty of short stuff and didn’t always take care of his feet because he didn’t have to. He has to set his feet and…