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ESPN The Magazine

ESPN The Magazine 07.30.18

ESPN The Magazine is for the NEXT generation of sports fans who want to stay on top of the athletes, teams, topics and upcoming events in their own sports world. The Magazine celebrates not only sports, but the cultures and lifestyles that are an integral part of them - all with ESPN's unique personality and authority.

United States
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3 min.
finding strength

I remember where I was when I saw Raisman speak at Larry Nassar’s sentencing hearing in January: sitting on my sofa, glued to the television. Afterward, I texted a few of my female friends, all of whom were equally riveted by her speech. When I started working on this story, I rewatched her statement, then went back and asked those friends why Raisman’s words had resonated so deeply with them. Everyone I spoke with pointed to the beginning of the speech, when she stares directly at Nassar and tells him that he’s “nothing.” Women across the country were inspired by that striking, powerful moment. MORE ON PAGE 36 Raisman was one of 156 women who delivered victim impact statements at Nassar’s sentencing hearing. OTL reporter Tisha Thompson on the aftermath of a…

4 min.
the truth

In his six full seasons in the big leagues, Mike Trout has never finished lower than fourth in the American League MVP balloting; he’s won twice and come in second three times. He was the 2012 Rookie of the Year and the MVP of the All-Star Game in 2014 and 2015. By pace, he is ahead of Mays, Aaron and Mantle in one legendary career category or another. By old-school metrics and new, he’s the best player in baseball and one of the greatest ever. He is also dangerously close to becoming the president of a club no one wants to join, as one of the greatest, least impactful players in history. Despite his staggering numbers, Trout is not a presence outside of Gene Autry Way. Tom Brady, LeBron James and Steph…

22 min.
dead man walking

The police camera clicked. Click. Click. Click. Each snap shattered a silence brought on by Houston’s suffocating summertime heat. The lens pointed into a waist-deep hole. At the bottom of the freshly dug grave lay a man in his late 40s with what appeared to be blood running from a gunshot wound to his right temple. More blood trailed from his nose. The man, clad in nothing but his underwear, had his arms pulled beneath his back as though he’d been bound. Detectives from the Montgomery County Constable’s Office already knew his identity: Ramon Sosa, one of the best-known boxing trainers in southeast Texas. A former professional fighter, he’d taught pros and Olympic hopefuls how to spar the fast-paced Puerto Rican way. Dozens of kids from gangs and troubled backgrounds…

8 min.
fear and floating in the caribbean

THURSDAY, 3 P.M.: GEARING UP It’s a fine April afternoon in the Bahamas, and I’m at the checkout counter inside Sunn Odyssey Divers, receiving equipment for a nerve-jangling assignment: help an NFL star cross “shark encounter” off his bucket list with guidance from Discovery’s Shark Week team. It’s a tall order for me, a guy who wakes up afraid most mornings, and I’m second-guessing my life choices as Rob Gronkowski barges through the glass doors. “What’s up, Sam!” exclaims the ever-exuberant Gronk, who’s been whisked straight here from the airport. The Patriots tight end looks carefree, per usual, like a guy who lives the life we would all want to live if we were rich, 29 and had a six-month offseason and the guts to crush it, even if that entailed scuba…

1 min.
booking a fowl

OLD BAY ROTISSERIE CHICKEN BANC OF CALIFORNIA STADIUM COST: $14 ESTIMATED CALORIES: 800 LAFC is all swagger and shine, with a sparkling downtown stadium and fresh cuisine to match. Executive chef Matt Eland talks local flavors, crosstown rivalries and LA’s daily special … traffic. How does Old Bay Rotisserie Chicken reflect SoCal culture? We’ve found up-and-coming local partners for our concessions, guys who slung burgers and beers in K-Town, guys who started doing barbecue in Compton 15 years ago. They drive our creativity. What’s up with the pickled red onions? You want to add explosions of flavor; pickled red onions add the acid to make it pop. Does LA feel like a soccer town? Months before the stadium was completed, we had 100 to 300 people standing in front of the stadium, singing and playing drums. The…

3 min.
freeze fall

MIKE FOLTYNEWICZ, BRAVES PITCHER: It was a new contest we started doing at home games. [The Freeze races a fan from foul pole to foul pole; the contestant gets a five- to 10-second head start.] That race put The Freeze on the map. ALEX ARROWOOD, THE FREEZE’S UNSUSPECTING OPPONENT: I talked to The Freeze in the tunnel beforehand and asked, “What is this all about?” He said, “Just run, man, and hopefully you can beat me.” I was just hoping to not catch a cramp. THE FREEZE, WHOSE MANAGERS AGREED TO THIS INTERVIEW ONLY IF WE DIDN’T REVEAL HIS REAL NAME EVEN THOUGH YOU CAN GOOGLE IT IN, LIKE, THREE SECONDS: I always shake my competitor’s hand as I line up beside him. Then there’s someone behind me who tells me when…