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trilogy of fame

What was the common thread and vision when shooting Bryce Harper, Anthony Joshua and Naomi Osaka? The focus for the three shoots was connection, intimacy and personality. We wanted to capture a connection between us and the athlete and have an intimacy with them that you don’t usually see. It’s also important for us to see each of their personalities come through in the imagery. How did the shoots vary, beyond the obvious of them being three unique athletes in different sports? They all had such different personalities. That kept us on our toes! Also, each shoot was in a different city with different scenarios: Anthony in a small studio in Portland; Naomi on an outdoor set we created on a tennis court in Boca Raton; Bryce in a big black-box studio in…

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popularity mechanics

I stared long enough at the spreadsheets for World Fame 100 that I could see contests emerging among the various platforms that launch athletes toward supercelebrity. The biggest divide was between stars with younger and older fans, who often track their favorite athletes in different ways. When athletes break out, searches for them spike; if they build on initial success, their social media following grows exponentially; if they sustain popularity even after their on-field peak, they keep racking up endorsements. Blend leading, current and trailing indicators and you can include Ninja, Messi and Tiger in the same index. MORE ON PAGE 39 60 DAYS REQUIRED TO CREATE THE PHOTO ILLUSTRATIONS FOR THE WORLD FAME 100 ISSUE AND DIGITAL PRESENTATION, NOW LIVE ON ESPN.COM “This list is massive, so I’ve chipped away at it…

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Hello, my name is Mallory Morris. I am a 24-year-old teacher’s aide at the Zoo Sprouts Childcare Program at the Sunset Zoo in Manhattan, Kansas. I am also training to run the 100 meters, 400 meters and 4x100 relay at the Special Olympics World Games in Abu Dhabi in March. That’s 7,700 miles away from home, which seems like a lot. But then, I’ve already come a long way. I guess you can say I was born fast. I was delivered on July 10, 1994, three days before my three sisters and brother. We were the first quintuplets born in the state of Kansas, but because we arrived three months prematurely and weighed between 1 and 2 pounds, we presented all sorts of challenges for the doctors and nurses in the…

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the truth

Now that it is over and Manny Machado and Bryce Harper have their money and their jobs, the beginning of baseball’s real season—the border war between owners and players—can begin. Major League Baseball’s CBA expires in 2021. There hasn’t been a strike since Aug. 12, 1994, when Barry Bonds was in the second year of a record six-year, $43.75 million deal and when Harper was 21 months old. There are no active players who were playing in 1995, when owners unilaterally imposed a salary cap on the striking players and then opened spring camps with replacement players. Only a handful—CC Sabathia, Fernando Rodney and Ichiro Suzuki, to name three—were playing in 2002, when baseball last nearly shut down. But while the past 16 seasons have commenced without the threat of strike…

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1 milwaukee’s best

+9.1 The Bucks’ 2018-19 net rating is by far the NBA’s best. They’re also the only team to rank in the top five in offensive (3rd) and defensive (1st) efficiency. 2nd Milwaukee ranks second in made 3s per game after ranking 27th last season. That’s a bit of improvement! +13.0 Get easy shots. Prevent easy shots. Easy game. The Bucks rank third in ppg in the paint (54.2) and second in opponent paint ppg (41.9). 650 Giannis’ total shots at the basket this season, by far the most in the NBA. Even better? He makes 73 percent of them. 75.3 Milwaukee leads the NBA in contested shots per game, with nearly eight more than the Warriors (67.4). 84 If you still cling to the belief that the Warriors are the NBA’s best team, consider: In the teams’ first game this season,…

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2. games of the weak

March is the time for Madness … but can we get some love for March Badness too, please? Here are two can-miss games to watch (or not) this month. AAF Memphis at Salt Lake (March 16, 4 p.m. ET, B/R Live) Shocker: Mike Singletary has not been able to coach up QB/ historically bad NFL draft pick Christian Hackenberg for East Division cellar dweller Memphis. But hey, West-worst Salt Lake’s Dennis Erickson and QB Josh Woodrum ain’t exactly looking like Belichick-Brady either. MLB Tigers at Twins (April 13, 2:10 p.m. ET, MLB League Pass) Bad news: Combined, the Twins and Tigers are 99 games under .500 since 2015. Good news: That number will not get worse on this day! All Big Ticket stats through March 3.…