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Esquire March 2017

Esquire is a funny, informative, connected magazine that covers the interests of American men—all the interests of the American man: Politics, style, advice, women, health, eating and drinking, the most interesting people of our time. All that and it’s the most-honored monthly magazine in history.

United States
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9 Issues


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the inspiration board where we’re coming from

In this issue, we continue our long-standing tradition of celebrating Hollywood mavericks—those courageous, unorthodox, and truly independent-minded spirits of the industry such as Dennis Hopper, whose wellearned maverick status spanned his career, from Rebel Without a Cause to Easy Rider to Blue Velvet. “I don’t want to read about experiences,” Hopper told Esquire (below) in 1970 while filming his cult classic The Last Movie. “I want to have them; you know, go out in the street, man, get it on.” For more great moments from our archives, go to classic.esquire.com.…

1 min.
bmw’s ’70s-inspired screamer comes packed with power

Fact: Motorcycles hit peak styling in the ’70s only to devolve into hyperaggressive plastic bodywork. BMW changed all that with its new R nineT Racer. Taking its design from BMW’s Nixon-era R90S superbike, the retro-inspired sled pairs an air-and-oil-cooled 110-hp flat-twin-boxer engine with modern tech such as standard ABS. The resulting ride can rip through back roads on weekends but would get a nod of approval from all your favorite antiheroes. —Jon Snyder Starting at $15,095; bmwmotorcycles.com…

1 min.
your new monk shoe

Until now, monk-strap shoes were a known quantity. They came with one or two straps (sometimes three, though that feels like overcompensating—like a guy who wears a belt and suspenders) and were a smart alternative to the average lace-up: something for the man who’s already stocked up on the basics. Then we saw this, something we call the switch-strap monk. It’s a brushed-leather cap-toe with minimal broguing, but the focus is on those straps, which overlap (whoa!) and interlock in an oddly soothing, geometric way, like two pieces of a puzzle. It’s a rare shoe that gives a guy a sense of completion, but here it is. Leather Briol monk-strap shoes, $725. Presented by Bally.…

4 min.
upside down, on the ceiling

Few days go by that I don’t steal a few minutes away at my desk—along with millions of other people around the globe—to watch the latest installment of Carpool Karaoke. My wife got me hooked more than a year ago, when I walked into the house one night like a man who needed a swig of something strong to stay standing. “This is even better,” she said. “You’ve got to see it!” She quickly pulled out her iPhone to cue a video of Rod Stewart and James Corden tooling around L.A. in a Range Rover with suitably flash white leather interior. Stewart, wearing a louchely knotted kerchief around his neck, appeared to be as yet unaware that this was worth his time. Then Corden flipped on the radio and “The First…

4 min.
the sweet spot trip

I used to take pride in being a crafty budget traveler— booking a seat on the overnight train instead of a hotel room, that kind of thing. But grown-up me really likes clean pillows. Now the ultimate victory is paying three-star prices for a five-star trip—like my recent stay at Sheen Falls Lodge in Ireland, a stately old place where I could do things my younger self thought only guys with G6’s did, like hawking. Really. Like getting a bird to hunt for you. Crazy. Your time off should be better than real life, right? For a taste of the rarefied, I paid about $180 a night. How? I went during what’s called shoulder season— those weeks between high and low when the weather’s still fine and there are fewer tourists…

1 min.
trump’s right hand vs. trump’s alt-right hand

REINCE PRIEBUS Official title: Chief of staff Unofficial title: “Mr. Switzerland” (per Trump) Résumé: Chair of Wisconsin Republican party, RNC chair Personal life: Married to high school sweetheart Style icon: Alex P. Keaton Mission: Broaden the GOP base Motto: “I haven’t started pouring Baileys in my cereal yet.” STEPHEN K. BANNON Official title: Chief strategist and senior counselor Unofficial title: “The Leni Riefenstahl of the Tea Party” (per Andrew Breitbart) Résumé: Naval officer, investment banker, Breitbart executive, Trump campaign CEO Personal life: Divorced three times, contentiously Style icon: Nick Nolte Mission: “Bitch-slap the Republican party” Motto: “Honey Badger don’t give a shit.”…