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Essentials South Africa JULY 2019

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Essentials magazine is a ‘practicals’ lifestyle monthly packed with savvy solutions and stylish twists. Expect loads of tips and advice on fashion, beauty, health, food, consumer issues, decor and real-life reads. It targets real South African women, putting them at the forefront of the content - and on the cover - every month.

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welcome to essentials

Hello! As you page through this very special issue of Essentials you may notice that we’ve had a bit of a makeover. Why, you might ask? Well, Essentials has always been about YOU, our fabulous readers, and giving you more of what you need to live a happier, healthier and easier life. And because we know that you’re the type of woman who likes to be in the know and take a hands-on approach to just about everything, we’ve packed our pages with more expert advice and practical ideas than ever before, plus more health and home content. Something that definitely hasn’t changed is our promise to fill Essentials with real-life stories, expert advice and brilliant tips to make your life easier than ever. So whether you’re looking for ways to create…

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we’ve been...

TRYING NEW LOOKS WHAT’S HOT NOW? Our fashion editor Xolani Gumede shows us how to wear prints like a pro. SHOPPING NEW SEASON #STYLEINSPO Tiny sunglasses, statement earrings and animal print on everything... We’re mad about these new-season buys from MRP. MEETING CELEBRITIES HERE’S CARA-LISA SHAM Our inspiring cover star chatted to us about her journey to living a healthier, more balanced life. TASTING CLINKING GLASSES! Sampling the brand-new Japanese import, Roku Gin. Yes it’s a tough job but someone has to do it, right?…

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hot right now...

TUCKING IN MARVELLOUS MUFFINS Chilly weather calls for comfort food so we’ve rounded up the very best muffin recipes to satisfy every sweet tooth (p72). DRESSING UP CHIC FOR YOUR SHAPE Self conscious about your hips or upper arms? No need! We’ve found a gorgeous dress to suit every shape and size (p38). SWEATING IT JUMP TO IT 30-DAY CHALLENGE Our experts show you how you can tone your entire body using just one move... really (p46)! GETTING CRAFTY THE SIMPLE WAY TO GET SORTED These easy DIY projects will actually make you want to be more organised (p98).…

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‘it’s so important to slow down’

Although Cara-Lisa Sham, 31, had childhood dreams of becoming a prima ballerina, she went on to get an MA in industrial psychology from the University of Witwatersrand, before joining the corporate world. In 2014, after two years of working in HR, she quit her job and started her own lifestyle and wellness brand, Caralishious. She now has a new brand, called The Cara Collective, which is an online wellness platform. Cara-Lisa lives in Atholl, Johannesburg, with her boyfriend Nicholas Dunn, 28, and their Pomeranian, Cielo. From the time I could walk, my whole life revolved around dance. I did ballet, jazz, tap and modern dancing and I dreamt of becoming a prima ballerina. I took it so seriously that I began to connect the other dancers’ waif-like bodies with their success,…

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should you splurge on kids' parties?

Christina Savvouri, 40, is a photographer. She lives with her seven-year-old daughter, Isabella. Discovering I was pregnant at 34 was a complete shock, but also a wonderful surprise. I had cancer when I was four years old and had chemotherapy on and off for years. Doctors warned it could affect my fertility, so I’d grown up thinking I’d never be a mom. When Isabella was born in 2012, it felt like something to celebrate. Over the years I’d watched as my friends settled down and had lavish weddings. I’d not had a big day, so I decided that Isabella’s christening would be our chance to shine. I hired a venue and caterers for 200 people, and bought Isabella and I pink dresses. It cost a fortune but was worth every cent. 'You…

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‘our bodies are amazing’

NO TWO BODIES ARE THE SAME. FOUR WOMEN REVEAL WHY THEY’VE LEARNT TO LOVE THEIRS… ‘We shouldn’t focus on our size or shape, feeling good about yourself is all that matters’ Helen Smith, 53, lives with her husband Martin, 58, and they have four children. I can remember how I felt sitting in that doctor’s office in November 2007. Finding out that I had the faulty BRCA1 gene was one of the worst days of my life. I was 85% more likely to get breast cancer than the average woman. I would need a preventative double mastectomy, and I was devastated. An A-B cup, I’d always been self-conscious about the way my boobs looked. So in 2003, I’d had surgery to take me to an E cup. It had given me so much more…