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Evo July 2018

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2 min.
ed speak

SENNA, SWIFT, RS, A110, ST, URUS… all six came along to drive at once this month and, in the case of Alpine’s new A110 coupe, to test against key rivals for the first time. Starting months go, deputy editor Adam Towler and road test editor James Disdale have been pooling their logistical skills to pull together six of the key drives of 2018. They even sent Dickie Meaden to the Isle of Man and the Nürburgring to make sure he had a proper drive of Porsche’s 911 GT3 RS. His verdict? ‘Yeah, it’s OK, but it’s no 964 RS…’ You can read his genuine reply on page 58. In a world that is constantly telling us that the car enthusiast is doomed, that the fine art of driving and the thrill that…

3 min.
pole position

‘SO WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE CAR?’ David Brabham’s question catches me of f-guard. It’s all too easy to become jaded by the constant influx of glitzy supercars and track-focused hypercars these days; most of them fall far beyond the reach of mere mortals, and more than a fraction simply never see the light of day. I’d been sceptical about Brabham’s new BT62, too, but perhaps I shouldn’t have been. It’s still early days, but Brabham looks set to offer something genuinely unique in the track car market – not least an enviable 70 years of motor racing heritage since David’s father, Jack, started building Midget racers, before going on to become the only man to win an F1 title in a car bearing his own name. If all goes well, there…

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david and the goliaths

McLAREN P1 GTR, FERRARI FXX K, ASTON Mar tin Vulcan – just a small selection of the track-only hypercars to have hit the market in recent years, with several more on the way. To compete is no easy task, but there’s a lot to be said for an evocative name – Brabham Automotive, for example. At the BT62’s official debut, we sat down with David Brabham to find out a little more, from the car’s raison d’être, to future road cars, and a crack at Le Mans… What makes now the right time to build a car such as the BT62? It’s a combination of factors. There seems to be an appetite for cars like this right now, but ultimately it’s about what I wanted the car to be like, a kind…

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db11 amr earns its stripes

ASTON MARTIN COULD BE FORGIVEN for leaving its DB11 on the back-burner after the launch of the new Vantage, but instead it has unveiled a new flagship variant called the DB11 AMR. This is the third product under the AMR (Aston Martin Racing) banner, after the previous-generation Vantage AMR and the very limited edition V12 Vantage AMR Pro. Utilising a subtly upgraded version of the 5.2-litre twin-turbo V12 from the standard DB11, power has been lifted by 30bhp to 630bhp. This makes the DB11 AMR the fastest Aston Martin on sale, reaching 62mph in 3.7sec (0.2sec quicker than a standard V12 DB11) and ableto hit 208mph (8mph faster). A more vocal exhaust system is also fitted, emphasising the AMR’s role as a sporting coupe, rather than a more relaxed GT. The…

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limited-run evo elise

LOTUS IS MARKING ITS VICTORY in the sports car category of last year’s evo Car of the Year competition with a limited-run Elise Sport 220 evo Edition. Based on the Sport 220 that won said award, it has a kerb weight of just 904kg and is powered by a 1.8-litre, 217bhp supercharged engine. Limited to just 15 examples, the evo Edition is available in two colours – metallic orange (in homage to the Series 1 Elise that appeared on the dummy ‘issue 000’ of evo 20 years ago) and metallic black. The Sport 220 won our hearts for its real-word performance and its modest dimensions. As Colin Goodwin concluded: ‘The Lotus Elise Sport 220 shows not only how it used to be done, but how it should still be done.’ What marks out…

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concours to showcase 100 years of motoring

evo and its sister title Octane will return to the Honourable Artillery Company’s HQ on Thursday 7 and Friday 8 June to host the second City of London Concours, where a gathering of coveted road and race cars will go on display. In a similar fashion to last year’s event, a collection of performance cars dating back more than 100 years will feature, including the Pagani Huayra, the Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing and the 135mph 1911 Fiat S76. These cars embody the exhibition theme ‘A Celebration of Speed’. When all the exotic and rare metal starts to overwhelm, you can retire to the pavilions or marquees encircling the five-acre green to find food and drink vendors, while elsewhere on site there will be upmarket retailers selling apparel, art and watches. Tickets are on sale…