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Evo November 2018

Produced by world-class motoring journalists and racers, evo communicates the raw emotion of owning, driving and testing the world’s greatest performance cars. Bringing together informative car reviews, vivid photography, exciting track tests and dramatic drive stories in glorious landscapes, evo is considered the bible for performance car enthusiasts.

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2 min.
ed speak

‘RACE ON SUNDAY, SELL ON MONDAY’ can trace its routes back to a time when race cars were little more than road cars with numbers stuck to their doors, but the adage remains true today. We may scoff at F1’s relevance to road cars but by the end of next year Mercedes will present Project One, an F1 car with enclosed wheels and a roof. Around the same time Aston Martin will deliver the Valkyrie, a road car designed by Adrian Newey with not an insignificant amount of input from his colleagues in Milton Keynes. Today’s damper technology owes so much to the World Rally Championship, and ultra-high-performance tyres wouldn’t be the remarkable things they are without years of development on track. Endurance racing has a lot to be thanked for when it…

5 min.
track attack

AS THE AUTOMOTIVE WORLD RACES headlong on an electric path, Lamborghini is remaining loyal to the internal combustion engine that has served it so well these past 55 years. It’s acutely aware that one day it will succumb to the pressures of producing hybrid and EV power trains, but until battery powered motors are able to deliver the emotive engagement of a howling V 10 or demonic V 12 there will always be a multi-cylinder, petrol-fuelled engine attached to the aluminium or carbon tubs of Sant’A gatabuilt sports and super sports cars. Which is great news, because nothing spikes the hair on an evo writer’s neck like a Lamborghini engine at full chat, as James Disdale explains on page 42 after exposure to the Huracán Performante Spyder. And now there’s another…

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bugatti takes an unexpected turn

‘THE DIVO IS MADE FOR BENDS’ IS HOW Bugatti president Stephan Winkelmann describes its latest hypercar, which was unveiled at Pebble Beach. Based on the Chiron but with significant changes to its aerodynamics and chassis settings, the Divo – named after the French WWI fighter pilot turned mechanic and racer Albert Divo – trades top speed for cornering prowess: it’s lapped Nardò 8sec quicker than the Chiron. Only 40 will be made, at €5m (c£4.5m) apiece. All have found homes. 1 AERODYNAMICS Intakes at the front of the car create air cur tains to smooth the air flow along its sides. Front and rear spoilers and a diffuser contribute to a 90kg increase in downforce over the Chiron, making 456kg in total possible. Additionally, each brake has its own cooling intake, while…

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audi’s race relation

‘THE PB 18 NOTABLY ESCHEWS AUTONOMOUS FUNCTIONS’ AUDI SAYS ITS PB 18 E-TRON CONCEPT – also revealed, as its name hints, at Pebble Beach – is ‘destined to push boundaries’. While we’re unlikely to see its kind on the road any time soon, it’s indicative of the brand’s desire to leverage its huge experience in endurance racing and increasing involvement in electrified power trains to develop its future product line. Low, wide and flat, PB 18 features several technic al details first seen on Audi’s Le Mans-winning racers, and notably eschews autonomous functions – an internal working title of ‘Level Zero’ was used to differentiate it from the Society of Automotive Engineers’ well-publicised autonomous driving ‘levels’. 1 DRIVETRAIN PB 18 pairs a single electric motor up front with a brace of motors at…

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infiniti and beyond

INFINITI CONFUSED AND DELIGHTED in equal mea sure at last year’s Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance with its Prototype 9 – a sleek, hand-built and cigar-shaped roadster inspired by 1930s racing cars. This year’s offering is more conventional, with a speedster body, but continues a push towards electrified vehicles. Infiniti design director Karim Habib suggests the firm is keen to look at ‘lighter, leaner’ vehicles and modular technology. 1 INSPIRATION Overseen by Infiniti’s Japanese design centre, penned in the United Kingdom and produced in physic al form in San Diego, USA, the Prototype 10 takes its visual cues from ‘early Californian speedsters’ – and offers an enticing indication of the design themes we may see on future production Infinitis. 2 PERFORMANCE Infiniti has chosen not to describe the details of the Prototype 10’s electric drivetrain.…

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new bmw z4 breaks cover

IT SEEMS LIKE WE’VE WAITED AN AGE for a new Z4, but finally BMW has rolled out its all-new roadster – so far only in flag ship M40i M performance form. This is the third-generation Z4 and by now you’ll no doubt know that it has been twinned in development with the incoming Toyota Supra. Spreading the cost of developing a niche model has meant that the previous Z4’s pseudo - GT vibe has been replaced with a more aggressive, back-to-basics approach, which we’re hoping will have a positive effect on the driving dynamic s. The new Z4 goes on sale next year. Here’s every thing you need to know. 1 ENGINE & GEARBOX Only the M40i M performance variant has been revealed so far, featuring BMW’s 3-litre TwinPower turbocharged straight-six with 335bhp. Thus…