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Evo March 2019

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ed speak

FIFTY THOUSAND POUNDS IS not an insignificant sum of money to spend on a car. It would be churlish to suggest otherwise. But evo has always been a great advocate of the man maths approach to car buying, and we suspect a large percentage of you are too. In 2019 £50,000, give or take a few pennies, will get you into some very tasty, very thrilling and very evo machinery. The reason for such thoughts right now stems from Toyota’s new Supra, finally revealed five years after the FT-1 concept was presented and which will land in showrooms later this year with a circa £48,000 price. Again, not an easy chunk of cash to lay your hands on, but accessible with some clever male mathematics applied to a PCP deal. The Supra’s…

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TOYOTA LIKES MAKING US WAIT. The production GT86 took nearly six years to come to fruition after the FT-86 concept was shown at the Detroit motor show in 2007. Now, in 2019, five years after the FT-1 concept first signalled a potential Supra revival, a new production Supra is finally here. Question is, will it have been worth the wait? You may already know that Toyota paired its development for the Supra with BMW’s work for the new Z4. You may also know that this Japanese coupe shares much of its mechanic al hardware with the German roadster, yet this is no badge-engineered variant. It’s also no grand tourer like Supras past, but instead is Toyota’s expression of the ‘ideal sports car’. As such, compromise has been made – but not in…

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huracán evo guns for 720s

LAMBORGHINI HAS REVEALED A HEAVILY revised replacement for its entry-level fourwheel-drive Huracán. Called the Huracán Evo, it takes its powertrain from the more potent Huracán Performante and gets fettled styling and a raft of new chassis technology. The aim is to improve the model’s standing against rivals such as the Ferrari 488 GTB and McLaren 720S, not to mention intense new competition from lower down the supercar ranks, such as McLaren’s 600LT. Ultimately Lamborghini is hoping the Evo will benefit from some of the engineering magic that makes the Performante such a thrilling machine. With new tech under the skin – and new-age electronics controlling it – the Huracán Evo may just realise that goal. ENGINE AND GEARBOX The Evo gets the Performante’s version of the 5.2-litre V10, free-flowing titanium exhaust system and…

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600lt spider: mean and roofless

AFTER THE 600LT SWEPT TO VICTORY AS our 2018 eCoty winner, McLaren has wasted no time lopping off its roof to create the 600LT Spider. Designed to offer the same scintillating driving experience as the coupe but with increased exposure to the elements, the package doesn’t deviate far from the recipe of McLaren’s other Spider models. Complementing the 600LT’s (literally) fire-breathing 3.8-litre V8 engine is the same electric folding hard-top arrangement as found on other open-top Sports Series models. On sale now from £201,500, production will commence in March this year for a limited 12-month period. ENGINE AND GEARBOX The 600LT Spider’s powertrain is identical to that of the coupe, featuring a 3799cc twin-turbo V8 producing 592bhp at 7500rpm, with a rev limiter at 8500rpm, plus 457lb ft of torque between 5500 and…

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LUGGAGE Paul Stephens Clubsport holdall £695 paul-stephens.com Keen to establish itself as a more widespread luxury brand, Paul Stephens has released a holdall in a bespoke houndstooth fabric, matching the trim found in its own cars. It’s not exactly cheap, but then neither is a Paul Stephens-modified 911. HI-FI Native Union PR/01 wireless speaker £699.99 nativeunion.co.uk As wireless speakers become more a part of in-home hi-fi, it’s becoming increasingly important to invest in the right one. Native Union’s compact PR/01 is a beautifully designed unit that you’d happily have sitting in your living room. MODEL BMW M1 #111 Le Mans diecast £99.95 racingmodels.com We’ve seen the class winners and the Andy Warhol art car, but before it was an icon, the M1 Pro Am was a racer. The MK Motorsport M1 from the 1986 Le Mans 24 Hours is probably an…

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Marchand Tourer marchandwatches.com £199 Marchand’s latest piece is available with a choice of two dial designs that both combine tasteful dress watch styling with sporty chronograph elements. Citizen Tsuno Chronograph Racer citizenwatch.com £695 The Tsuno (it’s Japanese for ‘horned’) channels Citizen’s classic 1973 bullhead models but adds a thoroughly modern-sized 45mm case and Eco-Drive solar-power tech. Oris Williams FW41 Limited Edition oris.ch £3230 Inspired by the 2018 Williams FW41 F1 car, this Oris features a carbonfibre case, while the zero position on its chronograph subdials is where an idle rev-counter needle would normally rest.…