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Evo December 2019

Produced by world-class motoring journalists and racers, evo communicates the raw emotion of owning, driving and testing the world’s greatest performance cars. Bringing together informative car reviews, vivid photography, exciting track tests and dramatic drive stories in glorious landscapes, evo is considered the bible for performance car enthusiasts.

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2 min.
ed speak

DURING THE 21 YEARS EVO HAS been celebrating the thrill of driving, the opportunities to do just that have produced some of this magazine’s most memorable stories. This month another ‘pinch us’ moment came our way. While standing in a sodden pitlane at Snetterton, Adam Towler was asked if he would like to drive an F1 car. At Spa. Over the Grand Prix weekend. You can read his reaction on page 100. What struck me from Adam’s brilliant story – and the messages we exchanged over that weekend – was that the quality of a driving experience still far outweighs the quantity of time spent in a car. A year in a 500bhp saloon or a dozen laps in an F1 car? I know which opportunity I would take. It’s this thought…

11 min.
aston martin vanquish zagato shooting brake

AS A READER OF EVO, DOUBTLESS YOU’LL be only too familiar with the irrational feelings of desire aroused by fast estates. Traditionally the preserve of Germany’s ‘Big Three’ there’s nothing quite like Audi’s succession of RS Avants, BMW’s sporadic output of M5 Tourings or Mercedes-Benz’s thumping AMG C and E-class wagons to have people like us in a frothing mess and plotting ways of sliding one by our better halves under the cloak of practicality. Well I hate to break it to you, but they are all mere gateway drugs compared to this, the Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Shooting Brake – a car which takes the notion of a humble load-lugger blessed with unholy speed and turns it on its head. It’s not quite Aston’s equivalent of Heston Blumenthal’s snail porridge…

12 min.
porsche taycan turbo s

IT’S THE NOISE THAT GRABS YOUR attention first. Perhaps because any noise is so unexpected, your subconscious having told you that any journey in a Porsche Taycan will be one of cocooned silence. But an electric car produces a wall of white noise, a low-frequency soundtrack that, while never distracting and certainly never spine-tingling nor hair-raising, is always there to remind you that cylinders have been replaced with cells, 98 RON with kilowatts. From the moment you push the Taycan’s starter button to when you walk away and listen to every one of its many systems power down, the Porsche’s soundtrack is never out of earshot. The Taycan is the result of a €6billion investment the company is putting into electrified vehicles by 2022. This has not only paid for this…

7 min.
mclaren gt

SO HERE IT IS. THIS MONTH’S NEW McLaren. I can feel some people drifting off at the back… Come on, guys! It’s a new McLaren that does 203mph and 0-124mph in nine seconds flat. Plus it’s got a carbonfibre monocoque and a 4-litre twin-turbocharged V8 with 612bhp at 7500rpm and 465lb ft from 5500 to 6500rpm. If we can set aside the fact that McLaren launches rather a lot of cars, I think we can all agree that the £163,000 GT is worthy of our attention. Yes, it’s called the GT. Which is McLaren’s extremely subtle way of telling you that this new car is a, um, GT. In fact, such is its confidence that this is a new sort of McLaren that the GT falls outside of the usual Sports…

6 min.
bmw m8 competition

INSTANT MESSAGING SHORTHAND WILL forever render BMW’s latest performance flagship the BMW ‘Mate’, but its abilities on the road decide whether it will endure as a car that will live on in evo’s pages in years to come. On recent form, that’s in no way guaranteed. The M division has made some very capable cars over the last few years, but less frequently have they been the dominant class leaders of yore. It took some massaging for the M3/M4 to become the car it should have been from the start, as revealed in Competition Package form, and the M2 only showed its best side as the M2 Competition. Tellingly, the £123,435 Mate drops to market badged M8 Competition right from the off (in the UK, at least), which makes you wonder whether…

8 min.
maximum wallacety

IT WAS AN AMAZING FEELING AFTER the run,’ reflects Andy Wallace, a new world record holder having driven a Bugatti Chiron pre-production ‘derivative’ at 304mph on 2 August this year in Germany. ‘We’ve all maxed out our cars, haven’t we, back in the day? Somewhere. I can remember having this old Fiesta, and I did a run, came back, put some synthetic oil in it and then got another 1mph out of it. I think I did 90mph!’ That’s one of the nicest things about Wallace: he may have won Le Mans outright in 1988 in arguably one of its grandest years, be a three-time Daytona 24 Hours winner, a double victor at the Sebring 12 Hours and the 1986 British Formula 3 champion, but he’s still a proper car enthusiast…