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Evo June 2020

Produced by world-class motoring journalists and racers, evo communicates the raw emotion of owning, driving and testing the world’s greatest performance cars. Bringing together informative car reviews, vivid photography, exciting track tests and dramatic drive stories in glorious landscapes, evo is considered the bible for performance car enthusiasts.

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United Kingdom
Dennis Publishing UK
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2 min.
ed speak

HAVING NOWHERE TO GO PRESENTS YOU WITH AN awful lot of thinking time. Time to ponder the what ifs, the what nows and the how abouts that bubble to the surface from time to time but disappear just as quickly when your train pulls in or the traffic lights turn green. So, is Ford’s decision to can development of a fourth-generation Focus RS a good or bad thing? Has to be the latter for me. I understand the business case as to why the project was shelved, but rather than these being barriers, was this not an opportunity to showcase the ingenuity of the engineers and their ability to address and get over these? A Focus RS customer isn’t going to buy a Puma as an alternative, so rather than spend…

10 min.
mat stratos

I’S HARD TO IMAGINE A PROJECT THAT taps into the prevailing mood more perfectly than the new Stratos. It at once conjures the spirit of an untouchable icon, remixes a supercar that exists in that sweet spot where analogue and digital worlds were merging to spectacular effect, and satiates the longing of the superwealthy to attach themselves to something bespoke. Part unobtainable concept car, part Ferrari, bristling with evocative Italian coachbuilding tradition, and with an intriguing backstory full of twists and turns, this remarkable car has all the makings of an iconoclast and cult hero. Left field, but irresistible. Think Lancia Hyena or Alfa SZ, but with Ferrari blood running through its veins. So what exactly is the MAT Stratos? Well, the short version is that it’s built by Manifattura Automobili…

9 min.
porsche 718 cayman gt4 clubsport

IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN SO DIFFERENT. BY now, the first rounds of the Porsche Sprint Challenge should have been completed. The first pots handed out on the podium, the first mouthfuls of warm fizzy wine tasted, possibly the first exchanges of paintwork, and certainly the first lost splitter or six, all marking the start of the newest race series for those looking to make their first tentative steps from club racing to something a little more serious, but without the expense or commitment required for a championship such as Porsche’s own Carrera Cup. This is where the new 718-based Cayman GT4 Clubsport comes in. Replacing the previous-generation (981) GT4 Clubsport that raced under GT4 regs and in series such as the Nürburgring’s VLN championship, this new car still remains eligible for…

6 min.
bmw m235i xdrive gran coupé

OCCASIONALLY A JOVIAL POST SPREADS throughout social media prompting you to come up with a line that, should you ever end up kidnapped or in some kind of trouble, would alert the outside world without drawing undue attention from those holding you hostage. It has to be something that sounds feasible in isolation, but out of character to people who know you. For me I reckon something along the lines of, ‘I’m really starting to go off Caterhams,’ or maybe, ‘Thinking about it, Pastor Maldonado was pretty underrated,’ would do the trick. Anyway, I mention this because I’m beginning to think some of BMW’s junior designers are being held against their will. Perhaps the recent spate of misshapen designs and George Foreman grilles isn’t simply misguided styling, as we’ve all suspected until…

7 min.
the evo blueprint steering

GREAT DRIVER’S CARS ARE THE RESULT OF GREAT engineering talent. An ability to design, engineer and tune many elements to create dynamics that are capable, intuitive and rewarding. And no element is more crucial to a great driver’s car than steering. But what is required to deliver it? We asked the engineers responsible for the steering on some of our favourite cars. What are the key characteristics of great steering? Matt Becker, chief engineer, vehicle engineering at Aston Martin: ‘Great steering is a mixture of three key elements: steering input, vehicle response and feedback through the wheel. When we steer we turn the steering wheel through an angle and also apply some force [torque], and it’s the latter that is very important to great steering. Around the centre it needs to feel…

7 min.
jean-pascal dauce chief vehicle engineer, alpine

‘I COLLECTED SMALL MATCHBOX AND Dinky cars from the age of two or three. I was fond of cars and only cars. I had a Scalextric Porsche 906 Carrera in white and a Ferrari – a P2 or P3 I think. I remember playing with them a lot. Today I am buying a lot of model cars such as Alpines, Ferraris and Porsches. My wife is afraid it will never end! The first time I actually remember seeing a sports car was growing up in Marrakesh, at the Rallye du Maroc [Rally of Morocco], which was a world championship event at that time. When it came to the city at night they had to do some servicing, and were taking over the garages that were in the city. What sticks in…