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Evo February 2018

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ed speak

PRECONCEIVED OPINIONS CAN BE dangerous, leading you down questionable routes to numerous wormholes you can’t back out of. Porsche’s new 911 GT2 RS nearly had us tunnel-deep underground with no way out this month, and not because of its widow-maker reputation. Surely this was the 911 with too much? Too much power. Too much aero. Too much focus on a single lap time. Too much of too much, and not enough of what makes a 911 – any performance car for that matter – something to enjoy, something that will stir the emotions we crave when we have the right car on the right road. The GT2 RS had us concerned the moment it was announced. Porsche has never been a power chaser or headline grabber just for the sake of it.…

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we’ve been expecting you…

ASTON MARTIN VANTAGE • VOLKSWAGEN POLO GTI • BENTLEY RACE CAR THERE ARE DAYS WHEN IT CAN feel as if Aston Martin is never out of the news. DB11, Valkyrie, new showrooms, a new factory, submarines, final-edition Vanquish S models and Formula 1 – every news sector covered, no sleep for the product, marketing and PR men and women. The arrival of the next Vantage is a different story, though. A much bigger story. This is Aston Martin’s most important new car for years. The outgoing version sold over 16,000 examples during its 11-year life, more than any Aston that had gone before and a number that is only expected to be eclipsed by the DBX SUV and this, the all-new twin-turbocharged V8 Aston Martin Vantage. ‘The new Vantage’s styling, both inside and…

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why this is vw’s real hot hatch

YOU WOULDN’T WANT TO launch a new small hot hatch, not right now. The next Fiesta ST is just around the corner, while Audi’s S1, Mini’s John Cooper Works and Peugeot’s 208 GTi by Peugeot Sport provide stiff competition that you can buy today. The upcoming Polo GTI will have its work cut out, then, and given that previous versions have been rather lacklustre, you might not hold out too much hope for it. But this time it seems there’s plenty to be optimistic about. Firstly, the car’s chassis has been signed off by VW’s head of chassis tuning, Karsten Schebsdat – the ex- Porsche engineer responsible for the spectacular Golf GTI Clubsport S. We’ve also been reliably informed that he’ll be interrupting his succession of Golf R company cars so…

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track beckons for new continental gt

IT TOOK BENTLEY A DECADE TO GET its original Continental GT out of the paddock and onto the track, but a GT3 racing version of the new Conti GT (driven on page 28) will line up on the grid at Monza in 2018 within a couple of months of the first road cars being delivered. And it has a lot to live up to. The original Continental GT3 race car racked up 528 races, 120 podiums and 45 wins during its short, four-year life. And with GT3 racing becoming evermore competitive, the new Bentley contender can’t afford the smallest confidence lift on its way into the first corner. To create their second-generation GT3 racer, Bentley’s motorsport engineers and Malcolm Wilson’s M-Sport – the race team charged with running the cars – started…

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the naked truth

SO THE NEW, ‘PURIST’ 911 CARRERA T (Briefing, evo 242) is just 5kg lighter than an entry-level Carrera with no options fitted, yet with true Porsche irony is almost £8000 dearer? I could drive naked and save 5 kilos. Wouldn’t it be great if, instead of being offered models like the T, we could specify a rear-wheel-drive 911 ‘in white’, with little more than an engine, and then add only what we really wanted while watching the kg and £ values increase? Want only one seat, sir? Of course. That will be just 25kg and £600. No leather fusebox cover? Certainly… That way you could get a truly lightweight 911 – and not pay extra for the privilege. The Letter of the Month wins an MHD watch The writer of this month’s star letter receives…

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letters@evo.co.uk @evomagazine @evomagazine Going straight Compared with the swoopy McLaren 720s, the fussy new TVR, the overwrought Lexus RC F and the somewhat odd XJR575, something about the delightful white Audi Quattro 20V in evo 242 struck me: isn’t it time car designers picked up their rulers and rediscovered the joy of crisp, tight and perfectly executed straight lines? Then I looked at the new Volvo/ Polestar [above] and realised that someone had got there already – and carried it off very nicely. Bruce Woodhouse, Skipton, North Yorkshire GT or not GT? I loved seeing the Ford GT [above right] glowing against the Norwegian skyline in your amazing drive story (evo 241) – vicarious thrills indeed. However, I felt the article failed to answer one of the questions it asked: what’s the car like over long distances? I’m…