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Evo July 2017

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ed speak

I HAVE SOME GOOD NEWS REGARDING AN ITALIAN car manufacturer that doesn’t reside in Maranello. It would appear that, 12 months on from its international launch, Alfa Romeo’s Giulia is doing the numbers in the showrooms. According to recent figures released by JATO Dynamics, the four-door saloon ranked fourth in Europe’s Jan-Feb 2017 sales charts for the snappily titled Premium D-Segment. Its 12 per cent market share put it behind only Audi’s A4 (18 per cent), BMW’s 3-series (22 per cent) and Mercedes’ C-class (31 per cent). Of the 31,254 total sales in this segment, 3900 were Giulias, the Alfa leapfrogging more established models such as Jaguar’s XE (9 per cent), Volvo’s S60 (4 per cent) and Lexus’s IS (3 per cent). Although, when you include estates and coupes in the…

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too good to be true?

NEWS • NEW METAL • ALAIN PROST • MOTORSPORT • WATCHES IF IT’S BETTER TO BURN OUT THA N to fade away, then Neil Young would have appreciated MG Rover’s efforts to sustain itself before finally running out of cash back in 2005. In the preceding years the ailing brand dug enough pennies from the cracks of a Longbridge sofa to turn a bunch of geriatric saloons and hatchbacks into a surprisingly appealing range of sporting models, culminating with the barmy Mustang-engined, reardrive ZT and the ugly but rapid SV coupe. The brand’s reintroduction to the UK in 2011 as MG Motor, under Chinese owner SAIC, has proven less successful. China’s roads are full of new-age MGs, but outside its home country you’d be forgiven for forgetting the brand exists – fewer…

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alain prost

You have much less feeling in modern F1 cars than you had in the past Howdo you divide your time between the needs of Formula 1 and Formula E? Formula E is more work than you’d think, because the series is growing and we’re already planning for the changes this year. F1 too this year is going to be busy for me – I think I will eventually have to choose either one or the other. Could Formula E become the more important sport? We need to keep the concept and the magic of Formula E, such as the city circuits, while welcoming more constructors and keeping budgets stable – and always put the money into the development of the technology. If we do that, the sport will always grow. F1 is different. As…

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exhausts: the aftermarket

EXHAU STSAND THE aftermarket: why bother? Manufacturers now expend tens of thousa nds of hours and millions of pounds developing their performance cars to a high state of tune, and the exhaust system is critical to that process. Can the aftermarket really do better? Well, the aftermarket exhaust industry has come a long way since the days when it simply created nice shiny systems out of stainless-steel tubes, said they’d last forever and give you lots more horsepower, and ensured they made plenty of noise to drown out the sound of often empty promises. Reputable aftermarket firms today have to comply with EC regulations concerning sound levels, exhaustgas emissions and manufacturing standards, and employ universityeducated engineers to operate sophisticated design software to create their products. The goal of any aftermarket exhaust system…

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city concours stars revealed

AMOUTHWATERING CAST of cars for a new concours event in central London is taking shape. Visitors to the City Concours, to be held on 8-9 June on the lawn of the Honourable Artillery Company and in association with evo’s sister-magazine Octane, had already been promised a successful Le Mans D-type from 1957 and one of eight Touring Superleggera Disco Volante Spyders. However, we now know that many more treasures from road and track will put in an appearance. As you’d expect, the 1960s will be well represented, with a Lamborghini Miura, a Ferrari 250 GT Pininfarina Coupe and the ultra-rare trans-Atlantic mash-up that is the Iso Grifo (V8 by Chevy, mechanicals by Bizzarrini, styling by Giugiaro) among the entries. Cars from the following decade are no less impressive, and a Porsche…

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watches: reissues

Hamilton Intra-Matic 68 Price: £1930 From:hamiltonwatch.com Back in 1968, in the dying days of its pre-Swatch Group era as an American manufacturer, Hamilton launched a pair of chronograph watches imaginatively called Chronograph A and Chronograph B. The ‘A’ had a white dial with black subdials, the ‘B’ the inverse, and it’s the latter model being reprised here. It’s been modernised, too, its case growing from 36mm to 42mm in diameter and its automatic movement offering an impressive 60-hour power reserve. Le Jour Mark I Price: from $2000 (c£1600) From:lejourwatches.ch Before it disappeared without trace in the mid-1980s, French firm Le Jour sold a number of handsome chronographs. They were in fact made by Heuer, and in many cases were identical to Heuer models but for the logo. Now Le Jour is back with a new watch that…