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Evo May 2018

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ed speak

VOLKSWAGEN WANTS TO TAKE THE chore out of driving. It also wants to build buses, establish a viable car-sharing business with a focus on autonomous driving, and evaluate flying cars. Not particularly inspiring news to hear on the eve of the Geneva motor show. A car company that doesn’t want you to drive is hard to swallow. After all, it’s not as if VW is still making cars as inept as the Mk3 Golf. Why, then, after decades of investing vast sums in brand building, is Volkswagen hell-bent on throwing it all away overnight to gain some column inches and Google traffic? Yes, stakeholders, shareholders and financial institutions want to know where their next dividend and equity return is coming from, but to openly declare the whole business of driving is…

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mercedes-amg gt 4-door coupe

1 ENGINE & TRANSMISSION Perhaps the most notable engine option is Mercedes’ new 3-litre in-line six, badged GT53. It develops 429bhp and 383lb f t, but a s with the new CLS53 (see page 46) it also utilises hybrid technology, an electric motor capable of adding up to 21bhp and 184lb ft when required. The GT53’s 0-62mph dash takes 4.5sec; top speed is 177mph. From there, the range steps up to the GT63, which uses a 577bhp variant of the ‘hot vee’ 4-litre V8, with no hybrid assistance. This slashes the 0-62mph time to 3.4sec and lifts top speed to 193mph. The range tops out (for now) with the GT63 S, which ha s 630bhp and 664lb ft at its disposal, trimming a further 0.2sec from the 0-62mph sprint and adding 3mph…

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bmw m8 gran coupe concept

“The M8 Gran Coupe’s credentials will put it right in the thick of the high-performance-limousine action” 1 MECHANICALS BMW is remaining tight-lipped about what lies beneath the skin of the M8 Gran Coupe, but we’re not expecting any surprises. Powering the production version should be the 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 from the new M5, with just shy of 600bhp and a similar figure in lb ft for peak torque. It should also use the M5’s four-wheel-drive system, complete with the ability to be rear-drive only if you select the appropriate driving mode. Such credentials will put the M8 right in the thick of the high-performance-limousine action, with rivals including Porsche’s Panamera Turbo, Mercedes-AMG’s GT63 S (see page 14), and Audi’s next RS7, which is said to offer both conventional and electrically boosted power trains. 2…

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ferrari 488 pista

1 ENGINE The 488 GTB’s twin-turbocharged 3.9-litre V8 has been enhanced, with power now 710bhp at 8000rpm, up from 661bhp at 6500rpm, and torque increased by 7lb ft to 568lb ft, still at 3000rpm. Changes include the 488 Challenge racer’s turbos, plus reprofiled cams and a diamond-like carbon coating for the pistons. Titanium con rods, a lightened crank and fly wheel, carbonfibre intake plenums and Inconel exhaust manifolds contribute to an 18kg weight reduction for the engine alone. 2 CHASSIS The Pista is 90kg lighter than the GTB overall, which, in combination with numerous suspension tweaks, should boost agility. The dampers are remapped and the springs are ten per cent stiffer, while an all-carbonfibre 20-inch wheel is an option. Ferrari’s sixth-generation Side Slip Control is joined by the Ferrari Dynamic Enhancer, which tweaks…

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lamborghini huracán performante spyder

1 BODY & AERODYNAMICS A stiff carbonfibre and aluminium structure means torsional rigidity isn’t too badly affected by the loss of a fixed roof, but the addition of the folding roof mechanism, plus chassis strengthening, means the Spyder is a hefty 125kg heavier than the Performante coupe – although it is 30kg lighter than the standard Spyder. Active aerodynamics, including the huge rear wing, are retained, and sculpting of the buttresses behind the cabin aims to reduce wind turbulence. 2 ENGINE There are no real changes here, with the Spyder getting the same naturally a spirated 5.2-litre V 10 and seven-speed twin-clutch gearbox, plus the same titanium valves, dry sump and revised exhaust and inlet manifolds as the hard-top. It develops 631bhp at 8000rpm and 442lb ft at 6500rpm. Despite the extra mass…

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rimac c two

1 MOTORS & TRANSMISSION Rimac’s Concept One already developed comfortably more than 1000bhp, but the C Two almost doubles that, putting out 1888bhp courtesy of a motor at each corner. Even more remarkable is the torque: a combined 1696lb ft (a Bugatti Chiron develops 1180lb ft, while even the Koenigsegg Regera tops out at 1475lb ft). These outputs are harnessed by the ability to employ full torque vectoring. Each front wheel has a single-speed transmission, and there’s a pair of two-speed, carbon-clutched gearboxes at the back. Enormous 390mm Brembo CCMR carbonceramic rotors fill each wheel rim and are gripped by six-piston calipers. 2 BATTERIES, RANGE & PERFORMANCE Rimac’s batteries are developed in-house, and those in the C Two hold 120kWh of energy – more than any other current production EV. That allows the company to…