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Evo November 2017

Produced by world-class motoring journalists and racers, evo communicates the raw emotion of owning, driving and testing the world’s greatest performance cars. Bringing together informative car reviews, vivid photography, exciting track tests and dramatic drive stories in glorious landscapes, evo is considered the bible for performance car enthusiasts.

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ed speak

THE ART OF ROAD TESTING IS NOT ONE THAT EVO takes lightly. We cover thousands of miles on road and track to pull together the fairest and most thorough tests we can. On occasion, when a car goes pop (yes, it does still happen) or pulls a sickie halfway through a test, we’ll wait until we can do the test again rather than fudge it with what we already have. And evo has never been one to try to figure a new car down a motorway slip-road during a launch event, just so we can be first with a half-hearted result. And we won’t send someone to collect lunch in a car and then ask them to write a road test off the back of it, either. This is why evo’s…

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‘WE WANTED TO MAKE THE car very agile, to design a car that was The Ultimate Driving Machine, with true BMW genetics – an ultimate, no-compromise, almost extroverted design.’ BMW’s head of concept design, Marc Girard, is talking us through the thinking behind the Concept Z4. Sitting under the lights of a studio on the outskirts of Munich, it certainly appears compact and aggressive. It also closely reflects how the production version will look when it makes its debut next year. What we have here is, according to Girard, 80 per cent of the eventual production car. It’s also the first fruit of BMW’s collaboration with Toyota, the Japanese firm using this platform to relaunch the Supra. The Z4 is a model that’s often suffered with an identity problem – the…

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leaner, faster, 4wd m5

BMW HAS RELEASED ITS FIRST official images of its all-new M5, along with confirmed specification details, ahead of the car’s debut at the Frankfurt motor show. Designated F90 and based on the latest G30 5-series, the sixth generation of the M5 goes on sale next year, priced from £89,640. As we already know, and indeed have sampled for ourselves on track (evo 236), the F90 is the first M5 to feature all-wheel drive. However, in much the same way as the Mercedes-AMG E63 S, it can also be switched to purely rear-wheel drive, via the iDrive interface. BMW is calling the system M xDrive, and it essentially offers three modes. In the standard setting, the M5 is at its most all-wheel driven, albeit with the front axle only coming into play…

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ferrari shuns california for portofino

BEING GENEROUS, YOU might say that the Ferrari Californiaof2008onwards is far from our favourite product to have slipped through the gates at Maranello. To call it the modern-day equivalent of the Mondial would be a touch harsh, but even so it’s never looked like a thoroughbred Italian supercar and the current ‘T’ version doesn’t drive as well as its stablemates – or most of its rivals. There is hope, then, that its replacement, the Portofino, will be far more worthy of the badge so many pay so much for. Certainly, first impressions are good. It actually looks like a Ferrari for one thing: there’s a hint of F12 mixed with 488 GTB about its nose and a pair of tightly tucked-in hips ahead of the rear arches. Ferrari’s design team has…

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evo track evening: 18 august, rockingham

IN ASSOCIATION WITH THE EVO TRACK DAY TEAM descended once more on the banked oval of Rockingham for our third track evening of the summer. As attendees gathered in the paddock the rain held off, and as the klaxon sounded, the pitlane was opened. The obligatory plethora of Porsches, from old 911s to Cayman GT4s, were a welcome sight. So too was an Italian duo: evo’s long-term Giulia Quadrifoglio and a GTV6 bookending the last 40 or so years of Alfa Romeo production. The warm mid-evening temperatures provided pleasant respite for those roaming the paddock. On track, negotiating the sevendegree- banked Turn 1 – throttle pinned – was a riveting feat for many. Perfecting, or otherwise, the braking point for the tight Turn 2 often set the tone for the rest of the…

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continental gt: remastered

IN FOUR OR FIVE DECADES’ time, long after new petrol vehicles have been consigned to the history books and remaining examples of the 2018 Bentley Continental GT are parked on lawns in Villa d’Este and Pebble Beach, curmudgeonly old millennials will peer through its slim side glazing to glean a taste of how GT cars used to be. When they do, they won’t be faced with the disappointing black mirror of a long-obsolete infotainment system, like they’d seen in the nearby McLarens and Aston Martins. Instead, they’ll see three small analogue dials: one an outside air temperature gauge, another with its needle pointing to one of the cardinal directions, and the last a stopwatch. Back in 2017, the owner of a new Continental GT can choose to show either these dials, a…